• Hi FireFly01

    First off i want to than you for cutting through all the BS on the thread started by lildolphin. Maybe JUST maybe you she will LISTEN to and NOT continue her whines. I reckon you CARVED it OUT in HUGE letters what all the rest of us has said in the last past few days.

    I connect to you, because i sense you´re like me. You know in cutting through the BS mirror before their eyes blunt reality truth. I was also amased by you cool calm collectedness in which you refused to be influenced by other readers who had tried to help me help her.

    I still however doubt she will rest n keep asking n seeking, however you did a splendid smashing job there, and its because of that i request a reading from you. If you decline i understand completely.

    and now the issues:

    Cwb the Nuttu Macademia march 10 1972 born

    My q´s are among a few:

    Which man, charlie cancerian fireman( june 25 1941) or alden writer libra (oct 4 1937) is for me? ye ye i know of the diff in age LOL

    Relocation in the town i am now or different country?

    how if different country?

    Who helps me relocate?'

    What work / education will I be doing?

    Pregnancy, when

    Who is the dad`?

    Which man do i marry if i marry at all?'

    I say this because i have no prob not marrying if they aint interessted.

    What mood is Alden in toward me?

    What mood is Charlie in toward me?

    A reader said within 14 days ( a month ago now LOL ) Charlie would come to me here in denmark, can i rely on this?

    And last my health, what is aisling me with this stomach diarheaa food poisoning thing? what will tests show?

    when i was shown my kids faces n who they look like, is that written in stone?

    N last whatever else u see feel get that the spirits wants me to know, n i know i may not recieve reply to any of it this time but something entirely different which i need to focus on for the being.

    Sweetie FireFly01 n i say this as it has no rush, except the health one. that one worries me immensely. thank you

    cwb the macademia nut

  • Dear Charmedwitchbent:

    Thank you for the compliment. However, I make a personal rule to NOT read any responses before I answer a question. It would not be fair to be influenced by others opinions when my senses are telling me something very strongly. In this case, I had no doubt the woman only wanted to hear the positive.

    Interesting that you should ask me about your health because I AM in health care! Food poisoning usually strikes with vomiting and diarrhea and should not last longer than 24 hours. If it does, you need to see a doctor. Dehydration is a cause for concern as is the bacteria involved. Some types of bacteria linger in the body and have to have the right medication to rid your body of its presence.

    Shigella is a type of carrier hand-to-mouth bacterial dysentery caused by people handling food who have not washed their hands. Fecal matter contaminates the food. An antibiotic will get rid of it, but it is highly contagious. You will need to scour the bathroom with Lysol--even the towels have to be washed.

    Regardless of the cause, use disinfectant on all bathroom surfaces, towels, tub, sink, toilet and floor. It can only help. No point in re-infecting yourself. That could be part of the problem.

    I see you with the more elderly man. You are very content with him. You love to do for him and he appreciates all that you do. Be thankful he is in your life and respect his decision if he should decide not to marry.

    I did not know you were in Denmark, but it sure answers an inner wondering why I kept feeling cold.

    As for your other questions, I simply see you smiling and happy.

    Blessed Be

  • any inkling if ifts alden writer or charlie fireman? both r older lol n thanx

  • Which one reads a lot? Lot of hair? Not bald. Likes the color red? Wears red plaid shirts? The one who has his own home and land and something different about his philosophy of life?

    I'm thinking it must be the one who has these characteristics because they were in my mind's eye.

  • Alden rents his home, Charlie fireman cancer owns his own homes. so i think it must be him n yes fireengine reds lol philosophy on life yeah u get a specia one as a fireman. thanx

  • i forgot to mention charlie is in divorce or is finally divorced i sense the latter , whereas Alden claims he is married still LOL

    oh n i wanted to invite u to the HIGH HEELS CLUB, Roman Decadence, WHEEP WHINE CRY Club etc u´re most welcome

  • i could al´so ask is it the who replies my emails n talks to me on thge phone or the telepathy talking non email replying man?

    sorry im such a nag LOL

  • You should not be overly concerned about which man will be more supportive. Don't stick around with a man who claims he is still married. When the time is right, the right man will be there for you.

    More importantly, how long has the stomach problem been going on? If problems persist, DO go see a doctor.

  • if i count the time of my last period 15 plus days, BUT my body selfcleanses like that on n off along periods. if i count when i noticed something was off 9 plus days. ive spoken to my doc last friday n she said await weekend n if not letting up call monday. i did n she asked me to pick up 2 glasses for testing what bug has my bowels in uproar. IF im lucky ill know by tomorrow. if not then 2 to 3 days from today tuesday.

    im not overly concerned but IF u would b sooooo kind see if u cant sense on the last post i made regard alden writer email n charlie fireman phone or telepathy n astral

  • Hi again Firefly01

    Question , MY Charlie has his rental for view on youtube n one has a song by Van Morrison called SOmeone like you. Now these vids was posted nov dec 2009. n YES i KNOOOOOOWWW im SLLOOOOOWWWW, BUT after listening to the lyrics i STRONGLY feel he posted n CHOSE that song with me in mind FOR ME to hear find n TRUST.

    In case u need the lyrics :

    Van Morrison - Someone Like You Lyrics

    I've been searching a long time

    For someone exactly like you

    I've been travelling all around the world

    Waiting for you to come through.

    Someone like you makes it

    All worth while

    Someone like you keeps

    Me satisfied. Someone exactly

    Like you.

    I've been travellin' a hard road

    Lookin' for someone exactly like you

    I've been carryin' my heavy load

    Waiting for the light to come

    Shining through.

    Someone like you makes it

    All worth while

    Someone like you keeps

    Me satisfied. Someone exactly

    Like you.

    I've been doin' some soul searching

    To find out where you're at

    I've been up and down the highway

    In all kinds of foreign lands

    Someone like you... [etc.]

    I've been all around the world

    Marching to the beat of a different


    But just lately I have


    The best is yet to come.

    Someone like you... [etc]

    plz tell me what u think feel n get plz plz plz plz plz

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