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  • im new to this website and only 15 years old

    i cant say im experienced with all this sorta thing but recently over the past couple of weeks ive been having dreams, but really vivid ones that for some reason i feel the need to tell my freinds about as they are so funny/random.exciting/weird

    obviously ive had dreams all my life but its only been recently that ive told my freinds about them and this is why...

    A couple of weeks ago i had a long complicated dream involving a boy i like and one i barely speak to, random things happen which atm are of no significence but at one point i dream ive come home from a camp and a family who some close freinds of mine are arch enemies with turn up at my house, at the time in the dream im thinking WTF why are they here, and the lighting is dim as its late in the evening.e thoi

    i wake up thinking nothing of it but 3 weeks later i arrive home from my freinds house and there this family are!!! who ive had no contact with in months wearing exactly what i dreamt and with the exact same dim lighting!!!

    ive alos had dreams where i have a lesbian taxi driver... soon later i end up with a transgender woman-man:P

    and last night i dreamt of facebook inboxing this boy who i know of but barely speak to, we end up chatting/flirting quite a bit in the dream and i end up at his house

    last night randomly this boy texted me saying: "hey its ..... from school" 😮

    Iknow so far nothintg to earthshattering has happened but i do feel its slightly strange how my recent dreams one way or another unfold in my real life, not always exacly how i dreamt it but still mysteriosuly similar:P

    could i potentially be psychic??

    btw my mum visits psycics and mediums from time to time they say the house im currently living in and have done for the past 7 years is "bad vibes" and we need to move, they are correct as this house has brought nothing but stress and unhappiness and money problems to my family however we are not in the right finacial state to move at the moment:(


    ah well please give me some feedback:)

    much love<3

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