Who do i love

  • well, its very awkward to mention but bother me a lot. i like four girls and am pretty confused about whom i love. when i try to prioritize and differentiate, the others seem better than the one i contemplate on. can numerology say something about it? my date of birth is Oct, 10, 83

  • Oct 10...That means you're a Libra.Libra's have a really hard time making up their mind about things.Do you know all of their sun signs at least?I might be able to help.

  • Yes. You are definitely not a Scorpio! Where did you get that from?!

    My sister's birthday is 10.10 as well and she is ALL Libra.

  • lol i am libra too and I am constanly in that position..

    if you feel so inclined, give yourself a reading with normal playing cards.. its quite fun..

    what you do is separate the 4 queens from the deck, lay them out and have each one represent the girls on your mind.. ask the cards a question like 'who loves me more', 'who will contact me first' etc..

    then shuffle the cards and when ready deal out the remaining cards face up, laying them out one at a time on or below one of the Trumps, proceeding across all four and returning to the beginning if required.. once you get a card that matches the trump of the queen it is below then that is your answer!

  • i am so sorry. so sorry indeed. it was a mistake. i typed 10 instead of 29. my dob is 29/10/1983.

    any insight?

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