Healing Love

  • I am new to this sight.I am a pisces and true to form.Although, I feel like a fish out of water now in this time of life. I am preparing to sevor myself from another relationship with a woman I have two children with. More than anytime in my life because I am awake to life and feeling the pain of another relationship gone by the wayside.Not totally! I believe in hope and the process of life and how cycles repeart themselves only for us to heal the inner wounds or be able to face our selves in our true light of who we are.My hope now is facing this pain w/o drugs or any adiction I have used before to only face what I am in the midst of again.I am strong and just reaching out .Please share ideas.....

  • I had a drug addicted man and father of my daughter....I was constant on him, giving him energy, love, hope that he can be better and draining my own energy and patience. But it worked, he now has 3 years of being "clean" and all because he decided that drugs where not gonna control his life any longer, that he would. And that meant getting back on track and dealing, actually "dealing" with his emotions from the past that brought him to those drugs in the first place. He realized that, he couldn't possibly control what happened to him as a child and as a teenager or even as a young man, he was alone in this world and he had to fend for himself, completely leaving drugs (which was a very hard and long break-up for him)....and he came out clean. He always says that there are days where he craves the drugs, but then remembers his daughter and slips away into a childhood because of her being, and becomes a big kid himself and forgets that adults make foolish decision and too be happy like a child, is the #1 feeling. I helped him see this, but he did it all! Good Luck and strong will to you, god bless you, his child!

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