Cancer/Leo Woman & Pisces/Aries Man

  • I posted somewhere else, but this is my first time here so I thought maybe this forum is better?

    I am a Cancer/Leo, my bf is a Pisces/Aries man. In many ways (emotionally) I feel like I found my soul-mate. In others (just about every other level) I feel like we're too different (or maybe even too the same!) to ever have a genuine working relationship. Though intellectually matched and emotionally equivilent, our backgrounds are so vastly different, it sometimes introduces problems into our relationship. And, I swear, they roll in and out like the tides.

    I think I want to marry him. Ironically, the subject just keeps popping up left in right in subtle ways (by neither him or me! Okay, once by me. But moreover, by his friends, my friends, just ironic little coincidences, etc...) and it really has me thinking.

    A lot of things have me thinking these days.

    How compatible are we?

    What are our biggest weak-points?

    Etc..., etc..., etc...

    I want to know lots! 🙂


  • tjbartlett26,

    How compatible are we? You are compatible in regard to your emotionality and your drinking habits.

    What are our biggest weak-points? Your strength being afraid of weakness.

    I want to know lots!: you are as if made out of steel.

    There is no question of making a

    synthesis of the untruthful and the truthful, the

    authentic and the false. You will have to drop the

    false and you will have to listen to your heart and go

    with it, whatever the cost -- it is always cheap.

    Whatever you have to lose, lose; but if you have been

    listening to the heart, you will be the winner in the

    end, victory is yours. But if you want to deceive

    others and deceive yourself, then it is a different


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