Destiny and Fate? Or chances and choices....

  • So, I know curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back....... 🙂

    I want to know please what people's opinions are on life...

    Do you believe life is planned/ pre -determined or everything is already going to happen no matter what?

    I have been between the two and a mixture even and would like to know what you all think?

    Is out life already mapped out, or with the power of free-will are we able to make out own destiny????//

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  • wow I have thought something similar to this before. it makes alot of sense. And I can see patterns in my relationships too concerning this.

    thanks for your opinion! much appreciated.

  • WATERGIRL, i liked the way you put that...i also believe,i have lived in a different life.

    i think it was in one of Sylvia Browne's books,that i read if we haven't learned what we were suppose to learn in each of our life times we keep coming back..if that makes sense..



  • kezza your topics r great, it really helps me to think...some times thats scarry lol..




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  • It is interesting to read wat u guys have commented~~ I personally felt that we all learn by the hard way.. If things don happen will we still learn to get smart and get to know the mistake? I doubt so even for myself.. Sometime fate let things happen got a certain reason if manage to know what's going on I bet there is certain things that can be avoided too.. I believe that each of us control our own fate.. If we know what roles we are playing and catch the pattern of your fate I believe things will work out eventually.. Like myself, I ever tried to test my luck before and I came to realise that i can make my luck works in a certain way I want except gamble~ i would say it is fanscinating~~ love this topic~~ 😃

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