The Dream and The Dance

  • Good morning to each of you! It is another beautiful, sunny, HOT day here in the Las Vegas desert.

    I wanted to share a spread with you that was developed by my dear friend, fellow Tarotist and Founder/Director of the San Fran Bay Area Tarot Symposium, Thalassa.

    It is called The Dream and The Dance.

    "Shuffle and cut the deck into two packs. Turn over the bottom card of the left pack - this is the unseen but felt influences that you need to heed (The Dream).

    Turn over the top card of the right hand pack (The Dance) - this is how you coax the The Dream into the Light.

    If there are figures on the cards, visualize them dancing with each other - who's leading? Who's having difficulty hearing or moving to the music? How do you get them to speak to one another?"

    A very simple spread, friends, but one filled with great illumination.

    I have been pondering and working with my Shadow side recently and have mined some very important things.

    Too often we tend to run from our Shadows, when in fact, they need to be uncovered, embraced and mined for Self Truth.

    May your Dreams be lovely and your Dances like art...peace.

    If you'd like more information about Thalassa and the Daughters of Divination (men can be "daughters" as well since I am a member) or the San Fran Bay Area Tarot Symposium, visit them at .


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  • You did it correctly.

    And what powerful cards you pulled!

    So your Dream is the Wheel of Fortune and your Dance is the Hermit.

    Very interesting.

    Remember, Aces, Trumps and Courts Cards always represent karmic or destined situations.

    I would say you're exactly where you're supposed to be right now.

    Blessings, neighbor!

  • hi Gwalchmai60.. i just did as wat u written and I got 7 of swords reverse as my dream and king of pentacles as my dance~

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