Want to start school but intimidated..is it the right time??

  • Hi everyone:

    I have been strongly wanting to go to college. Im 32, a litttle late I know but now I see the importance. Im thinking I would like to try pharmacy tech. Everytime I think about REALLY starting I feel intimidated and a little scared. What my questions are:

    The fact that Im intimidated and scared sometimes makes me think this isnt the right time, is it??

    Is pharmacy the right field for me??

    Will I do well??

    Will it improve my life the way I would want it to?

  • JJon,

    What intimidates you ? A fear of failing ?

    Yes I feel you should go back to school, but I dont feel pharmacy tech

    may be fully for you..

  • Dear JJon:

    First of all, I would like to apologize for not being more available. Psychic readings are very draining and I find this is something I cannot do every day or even every week.

    In this case, I get a very strong feeling that you are unaware of the details concerning the pharmacy tech position. Primarily, it means whole days of standing and very little physical movement beyond walking three feet and bending over to look for a particular medication.

    As in any vocation, you must first ask yourself if you have any physical condition that would limit your ability to perform all of the functions required for this type of position. Mathematical ability is a strength, as is attention to detail. Multi-tasking is a term I despise because NO ONE can effectively do two things at once. Either all of your attention is focused on one task at a time or you may find yourself making costly mistakes. I sense this is one of your anxieties that you are questioning yourself about.

    As for going to back to school, that is a definite YES. However, focus on a subject in which you have strengths and stay away from areas that are not well-suited to your personality. A bachelor's degree will take you much further than an Associate degree will, and in today's market, employers want the best for the least amount of money.

    In focusing on which area to pursue, it MUST be something you are totally and utterly passionate about or you will become disappointed in yourself and disillusioned about the job market and its pitfalls. Seek to pay as you go and forgo the temptation of a school loan. Even a little schooling is better than none at all. Try to choose subjects that interest you and from there, you will find a clearer path.

    It is far better to taste the joys of education in small steps rather than committing to a path you are unsure of being able to follow.

    I hope this answers your inner feelings about this issue.

  • Dear J.J.

    I am not a reader but saw the post and wanted to share my experience. I did not have proper guidance through H.S. so barly made it through, I was around 35 when I finally had the oppertunity to go to college. I felt the same fear and intimidation you are feeling. First of all, there are many people who get a late start for many reasons.,. you aren't and won't be alone.

    Start very slow even if its just one class to acclimate your self to studing , writing, and testing, so you are not overwhelmed, and thlen go from there according to what you can handle.

    Don't ger fooled by the convenience of internet classes; they entail a lot more reading and writing to make up for the actual class time and lectures, they are very demanding, I spent at least three times more time on the internet course than in the classroom.

    Firefly is so right about making sure that you are truly interested in what you persue.

    The first step is the hardest.

    Good Luck! JJ

  • Hi J.J. - My feeling is that you should just sign up and start. If you become disillusioned with the class you can drop out and get your money back. Life is a risk. Good luck. Let me know how you do.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for all the advice! It all makes perfect sense, I think trying to make a decision now on which career to choose is so overwhelming to me. It might be a big part of the anxiety. Im so afraid of making the wrong choice only to find myself 40 and have waisted time to get nowhere. I will just start general study, one or two classes at a time and take time to choose which direction to head. Ahhh, that sounds so good (releif of pressure). As far as payment goes, paying as I go would be exactly what I would seek. And lastly, I am afraid of failure, but I do believe in myself. I know when I do start I will put my all into it, I just need to make that first step. Totally easier said than done!! Thanks guys for all your support!! If anyone else has anything to add I would love to take all the advice I can get on this subject....

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