Is there a future for us?

  • I was born October 24th 1980. Recently I was in a relationship that was going really well and then it just fell apart. I still love him and would like to be able to work it out. But would that be a waste of my time and energy? What lays in the future for us. He was born July 26th 1982.

  • Lordz,

    But would that be a waste of my time and energy? Yes.

    What lays in the future for us: running away from your identity.

    He was born July 26th 1982: either he is fearful of everything, especially being alone, and will do everything in his power to make sure he is surrounded by people who admire him. He is sociable and enjoys good stimulating conversations. Or he is reclusive and appears to need no one. In truth, he is just as afraid and always has one special person that he attaches himself to. Besides that it can mean an inner fear of death or change and this explains much of his behavior. However, he is well endowed with many natural abilities and gifts. He can be exceptional in business and with people, preferring to work in partnership rather than alone. There is much protection surrounding him and he has much to be grateful for. If he simply recognizes the abundance in his life, this will help him to dispel his underlying fear that can do so much damage.

    Because of his rare blood type, Gaffney was selected

    to be the donor for an English king who had been

    seriously ill.

    The first transfusion helped enormously. A second

    brought the stricken monarch back to consciousness.

    The third was in progress when the king jumped up in

    bed and shouted, "The hell with the King of England!"

  • "The h e l l with the King of England!"

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