New Tarot Card reader is confused...

  • Hi Everyone!

    I'm new to tarot readings and I've been having a hard time understanding my readings as of late as they seem to give me conflicting advice.

    I have been asking about a relationship with a man who I was involved with and am now not. We had both just gotten out of serious relationships and I began to develop feelings for him but he was still taking to his ex girlfriend. I am not seeing him now but I can't stop thinking about him.

    The most recent reading I did was as follows:

    Self: 8 of Coins

    The loved one: 10 of Staves

    Situation: 2 of Staves

    Advice: Death

    Potential: King of Staves

    I understand the Death advice, but it seems to conflict with the King of Staves in potential. I'd love any advice as to how to reconcile this.

    Thank you

  • Hi AmyL23,

    Doing readings for oneself may be difficult even for an experienced tarot reader, because we usually can not face the truth. In the book "Tarot For Your Self", mary suggests we write down the interpretations and go back to the reading later to get better insight.

    As for your reading, can you tell me what deck are you using? It is very important to interpretation.

    Hope this helps.


  • Dear AmyL23:

    Since I've been doing Tarot readings for more than 30 years, I can tell you that this reading is incomplete.

    The Death card indicates the situation with this person has undergone an enormous change and something ended that left you reeling in despair.

    The King of "Staves" is actually the King of Swords and the answer lies in his hands.

    Do a full 10 card Celtic reading, choosing a significator prior to reading (a Queen that fits your coloring and personality).

    The 8 of pentacles is actually telling us you are a novice and the 10 of Swords tells us you are in extreme state of anxiety about this issue. There will be a time of grieving for what was. He is still in your future but be wary of his actions. This is a man who has little control over his anger and temper is an issue with him.

    When you do your reading, post here on the forum to get more insight.

  • Hi Sorow and Firefly01,

    First of all thanks so much for your advice. I agree Sorow that I'm finding it very difficult to objectively read for myself right now. I think I'm too emotionally invested in the situation. I'll definitely check out that book, it sounds like something I could use. I did a new reading, an 11 card celtic cross spread, using the Rider-waite deck and I got the following:

    Me - Wheel of Fortune

    Situation - The Lovers

    Challenges - The Emperor

    Background - King of Cups

    Recent Past - Page of Coins

    Higher Power - Queen of Wands

    Near future - Queen of Swords

    Issues - King of Coins

    Loved one - High Priestess

    Advice - Eight of Wands

    Long Term Potential - Ace of Cups

    From what I can tell the advice and long term potential point to a promising outcome, but I'm confused about the two queens, especially the Queen of Swords in the near future position. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Thank you so much again!

  • Dear AmyL23:

    This reading is about a man you have been involved with and he has another woman. There is a great deal of jealousy involved and on a subconscious level, you are aware that nothing can come of this relationship. My sense is that you've known the answer all along.

    You need to develop a greater sense of being firm in your dealings with other people, as the Emperor seems to indicate. The Queen of Swords in the near future shows you will be left alone at a time when you expect him to be with you.

    You did not state if any cards were reversed, but I get the sense that he is involved with someone else, possibly even married.

  • Hi AmyL23,

    I see this spread a little different from Firefly01. It may be true that he has another woman,but I think that you and the man will just fall in love. The eight of wands is called the " fall in love "card, and the ace of cups can be seemed as indicating a new love,while the wheel of fortune can mean a new chance. Considering all these cards, I am quite sure that you two will fall in love .

    But also, as the Lovers card indicate,there may be some obstacles between you and the man. And from the five court cards we can say there is someone else involved in this situation,so It may be just as Firefly01 said, he is involved with another woman. I think this woman is what the Queen of Swords mean,she may show up before you in the near future. And about the Queen of Wands, it may be someone else or the same one Queen of Swords indicate,whoever it is ,she has some sense of control over the man,and the situation.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Sorow and Firefly01,

    Thanks for your advice! I haven't been using reversed meanings yet, though I imagine that might add more depth and clarity to my readings. You're both right, there is another woman involved, his former girlfriend. I really appreciate the advice on interpretation. I think I've been getting very caught up in my head just looking at the spreads alone without any perspective.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi AmyL23

    I am very glad that i can help you.


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