CharmedWitchBente.... some insight please... please...

  • Hi, sorry to bug you... I need some insight...

    I have an ex (DOB Oct-6-1973) which I loved very very much... I thought we would get married and live happily ever after... but it didn't happen...

    we were sort of friends with benefits for two years until finally I decided to move on... he has attempted to see me three times already but I haven't accepted it... does he truly loves me?

    and started another relationship (2/2/1982)... we have very different cultural backgrounds not sure if there's a future between us... do you see anything with this relationship??

    and I need to find a job when i finish school and relocate and I'm between choosing 1) teaching college, high-school, elementary...


    1. continue doing research and teaching at university level? although not sure I measure up to do the second option

    but where should I look for that job? any idea of what the city looks like?

    Thanks so much, i need help, I hope u could help me out a bit. Cheers, HP

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