Nedd info on different tarot decks

  • I think the title says it all. I have never had a reading. I am interested in learning. I guess I need a good book reference to start with 1st.

    Suggestions ?

  • Dear Taurus7:

    So, you are interested in mastering the mysteries of the Tarot? Good choice.

    When you begin to browse for a deck of cards, choose either/and/or the Rider-Waite deck and/or the Mystic Tarot. Both give unparalleled insight into the choices people make and their probable outcomes.

    These days, the cards come with a book of instruction. However, only Mystic Tarot comes with a full volume to use and will set you back about $25-$30. The Rider-Waite books and cards have the most accurate--but confusing--definitions. Only with practice will you begin to understand the concepts.

    For beginners, choose the Dummy's Guide to Tarot. It has more information, more choices of types of readings and more concise definitions. The Mystic Tarot uses Greek mythology as its precept and is quite useful in determining meanings of cards in their upright positions. However, most of the cards have reversed meanings, except for 5s of any suit. Upright, 5s show adversity and in the reversed position, 5s show a favorable outcome.

    You will also need a book on numerology because the meaning of numbers plays a huge role in interpretation.

    Good Luck and let us help you when you do readings. Post them for additional insight.

  • Thank you and I will start checking into the info you have given me.

    here is a question, I am really only interested in this for my personal self. Like, I would like to do my own readings. Is that a bad way to look at it ??

    I figure, I know myself better than anyone and I would get the clearest knowledge behind what I discover.

    Or is that a bad way to think ?

  • Dear Taurus7:

    It is an excellent way to begin.

    First of all, once you purchase your new deck of cards (and book(s)), you will need to mix up all the cards as in 78 card pick-up before storing them. Examine the cards and their meanings. Read the "how to" section and make a reading journal for yourself with a spiral notebook. This will help you more than you can imagine.

    Place the card that represents you on top. Choose an item, such as a scarf you have worn, and keep the cards wrapped and out of sight. Do not allow others to handle your cards as the cards pick up the vibrations of the reader.

    Allow the cards to "rest" for at least 24 hours before attempting your first "serious" reading. Then, choose a "what if" question, such as "What will happen if I choose to go out tonight?" You will find the answers to be MOST rewarding and you will see immediate results.

    However, if the reading is at all negative, do not leave home. The cards are a warning to beware of particular situations that you cannot control, such as the weather.

    Daily one card readings will give you an idea of the kind of encounters you will have. Lower arcana cards show everyday routine and Major Arcana show major events. Each card has upright and reverse meanings, except for 5s. All reversed 5s are positive. Some cards meaning does not change much even when reversed. In time, you will understand why.

    If you have questions, please post them in the forum for additional insight.

  • May I suggest an excellent book for beginners?

    It is called Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt.

    You can get it on Amazon used for next to nothing.

    Susan is the SF Bay Area's most popular and respected Tarotist and Astrologer.

    I'm pleased to say that she's also my dear friend, Teacher and Mentor.

    I learned from the best, you should too.

    Check out her book.

    Blessings, Taurus7

  • Thank you all !! i am really excite to begin this new journey !!

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