Please could someone shed some light?

  • Hello everyone....i have recently left a new topic in TAROT....about cards for my mum and the horrible anxiety,how to deal with it?but wasnt particularly sure where to place it as i think it could have settled in here too...i could really do with some advice about my mum,and long term dreams and how to deal with would be great if you could please let me know what you think...can anyone tell me if you sense that i am being over sensitive as it is a subject to do with aloved one,and maybe i have my blinkers on??...or am i being prepared for something around the corner?......

    Thankyou for taking the time....

    Light and love...shells..xxxxxx

  • Hi Shell, I believe in having surgery to repair a problem. I also understand how you feel. I don't know what your mom's general health is like, so I don't really know if your being overly anxious. Remain positive for your mom. Let her know that you love her (I'm sure you do.) And you'll have my prayers tonight.

  • Hi ,i wanted to react because i do the Tarot since long and many years over 25 years and the cards are not there to freighten you but to warn ,if you have seen lesser positive cards then you could understand them wrongly or you get real messages but its not so negative as you think?

    Even the card :the death ,you would think how awfull but mostly it is a sign that means that its the end of something ,even something from the past and the beginning of something new.It is in combination with other bad cards like the swords ten ,and the nine of swords or the spades in a normal deck .So before you panic think about our fears and how much these things we are afraid for really happens ,it is a habit that we have that when everything goes good we worry allready for all the bad luck we could get ,mostly because you had some bad times .So stay positive and think about all the things we worry about and all the things that could go wrong ,its allways something sudden that could happen so try to enjoy the good times so you are ready for the sometimes hard times in life ,blesses and i hope you can think about your loved ones one day with a smile and not grieve and pain ,so in time the pain is gonna get lesser but you are gonna keep on missing them ,thats something we have to accept in life

  • As you were told sometimes we have a tendancy to take things literally. And that may be a misunderstanding on your part. Like you were told it could be the end of something. Partnership, friendship, hard times. When we get messages most of the time we don't have anyway of knowing when they will happen. There isn't time on the otherside. Don't set and worry. Just take everyday as a gift and wait and see, don't antisipate. Remember....Laws of Attraction.

  • If you sense these things it can be your own fear that can hunt you ,especially when something happend allready and you did not expect to get bad luck and then when things are going good ,then you cant relax because you allready think about everything that could go wrong and did you hear about projektion ?Your own fear makes you a victim and someone that starts to believe he or she is never really happy and there is allways something until you start to believe that you never have any luck and that you were born to suffer ,like that you projekt your feelings on your current life and you allready start to think like someone that never can win because he cant believe he can win !!

    You will sucseed just keep on trying every day to live your dream,at least one of them and start to think like things cant get any worse only better ,when i have a bad day i go to bed early and go to sleep and think by myself tomorrow is gonna be much better then today and it allwys is ! keep the spirit and your hope high but we have to create our own happiness never ever wait for someone else to come and save you and make you happy ,this does not work in real life ,we have to stay detirmend and stay real with our expactations so there is no dissapointment ,lots of love and light and happiness will come to you if you want to believe in it that even you deserve to have a good life ,fear is a very bad advisor ,so try to free yourself from it because it really does not help ,i had the same problem that i started to think about all worst-case sceneraio's and were nervous in advance so right now i tell myself that when the problems come ,then i have time enough to worry and i should enjoy every day without to many bigger issues,

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