Dream Interpretation

  • in this dream, I was somewhere inside a room talking and arguing with people, not interested in this at all. quite of the sudden I am urged to go and take pictures of the sunset. And I say it out loud: "ok, lets go and not miss the sunset and take picture of it. while saying it, I give a look out of the window, as to see where the sun was at that point.

    I see a gorgeous view of golden and green fields and hills and the sun was not yet to be down indeed, but it was not strong. it was just like an afternoon sun, slitty dim, enough to be able to see it in a quick brief. I actually did see it. and then I lower my eyes and see a path, that had a strong sun light along it very surrealistic and beautiful. like a sunlight reflection in the water. and it was in a shape of a long line going through the path in the ground that was going along the fields and hills.

    any one comments are very appreciated.

  • I feel this dream is about you not being happy on your lifepath at the moment and wanting to break away from everything and everyone you know to try and find a 'sunnier' more natural and authentic lifestyle that suits you better. You feel you are missing out on a more beautiful way of living. But you could only see a dim and slitty view which means you aren't sure of where or how to find this other lifepath. You want to take some time out from the arguments and fighting to just 'watch the sunset'.

  • Thank You a lot Captain.

    very interesting explanation.

    I have been seeing dreams that come true in the end (most of the times) like future telling ones.

    And for this dream, I got an impression that was telling me that before I see the sunset, (which I believe is the end of a phase in life) I will be able to see the light of it. But only seeing it I guess.

    But your explanation makes a lot of sense.

  • A friend of mine has been having a recurring dream of being suffocated. She has had it 4 times now within past few weeks. A man is putting plastic over her mouth then she immediately wakes up panting. She is frightened by it. Any insight appreciated. Kindly

  • It sounds like she is literally feeling suffocated by some male in her life, be it a lover or boss or friend or teacher or whatever. It may represent authority that she feels is holding her back or stifling her creativity. The covering of the mouth suggests she wants to speak up but fears reprisal in some form. But she definitely needs to make a stand in order to stop the recurring nightmares.

  • Thank you Captain for your insight. I agree.

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