I Have A Question For The Best There Is On This Forum

  • My husband has been searching for a new job (techinal) in warmer states since Feb of 2010.

    He has a job at this time.

    My question is: Will we be moving forward to a warmer state or returning to my home state of Indiana with a job offer for him? Opps a second question has creeped in the asking here.

    Will the job be a stable , long time job for him?

  • Shuabby,

    Im not the best here lol, but i'll definetly give this some of my intuition.

    I feel like this job will be an up and down job for him..

    where the money is unstable goes good then well then not so good.

    Just enough service to get by, I dont fill it fulfills him however

    is he a multi tasked man ? a jack of many trades ? I

    feel construction, farming, he likes to be pretty busy ?

  • Dear Shuabby,

    As a psychic who senses, I feel very strongly that he is looking in the wrong direction. There are plenty of jobs for his particular specialty, but it is not in the South. The South is worse off than you can imagine.

    The best jobs are in Alaska, Washington State and states bordering Canada. I feel he would do better to seek fulfillment in his chosen profession by seeking additional education.

    Also, I get the feeling that he is not the one interested in moving. Working outdoors requires a certain type of personality and the challenge of working in an unknown environment may cause greater anxiety in the long run. His current job is stable, but I feel there are "office politics" at work and is the prime reason for the desire for change.

    Change in attitude is what is required, not a change of location.

    I hope this answers your inner needs.

  • Dear Addictdtoriches,

    Thank you for your insight, my husband is an engineer. You are right in saying he is multi-tasked as he complains about that part of his job now.


    A fellow pieces, we sure do have the six sense don't we. You were right in that there are office politics going on and my husband current job is stable. I agree with you also about the change of attitude.

  • i have a question about my job situation now. whats going to happen?

    do you need more info?

  • I feel like you may be in a downsizing at your job, or a fear of this happening. Do not fear as this is meant to be and will lead you to opening your own business in a small town feeling area. It is a shop that sells crafts and give classes ect. You can get a business loan grant if need be. This feels like it is near and will be happening in the next four months. If this is not you opening the shop it has to be a spouse or someone close to you. You will not be without what you need and you will find your way to a new path with helpful people that you will meet in a group that you will attend.I get fruit and veggies here also , could be what you include in your store or in front of the store you will be buying or leaseing

    Best Wishes Carmensaben.




  • Dear Shuabby,

    I have a feeling that you're husband is very stubburn. (like most men) tho it is not nessarly a bad thing. It makes us love our men even more when they see that we as clairvoint women are right in the end and in most cases. 🙂 you all reddy know the answer to you're question. Everything happnes for a reason. but some times you need to gide you're husband in the right derection and make him "think" it was al his idea. lol but hopefully your husband is like mine and eventualy says "You were right hunny" lol. 🙂

    Love & Light,

    I am shure he will come to his sences quite soon. Gossip should learned to be ignored, because it really dosent mater what others think of us or what we do. It only maters what we think of oure selves. 🙂

    Many blessings!


  • I really need some insight right now. DOB is 12-01-59. I have been selling new homes with the same company for 13 years. I have just relocated with them to a new City, that I like very much. Problem is, I'm stuck in a location that has many issues.. I'm not doing well at all. An old boss has also relocated to the same City, with a different Builder. She has offered me a position. My question is should I take it or should i stick where I am and hopefully ride this out? Any responses are VERY welcome!! I'm scared. Thanks in advance.

  • JennarP123

    Yes, you are right as he is so stubborn that it makes me want to leave sometimes, if he was'nt such a sweetheart in other areas I would. Thanks for your advice.

  • Hello SellStar,

    You are a star when it comes to selling. Now you are being tested in this new location. You have good sense in that you feel this location is really going to be a toughie to sell, I would talk to the former boss and ask her what the new location in which she is offering to you would have over the location you are in now or Drive around the new location and see how it resonate to you. I do believe than you will have your answer. Do not let fear set in on you, as you have not a thing to fear. I do believe you will have money flowing in to you very shortly.2 months at the most.

    Have a wonderful Day

  • Shuabby, I was sure hoping that I would hear from you!! Thanks so much for the encouraging words. I did drive the new neighborhood and I do believe that it would be a smart move for the future. Tough at first, I know. This "old boss' is a person that was my mentor and a wonderful, honest caring person that I really trust. I will be praying for you and your husband!!!!!!!!!! You ROCK!!!!!!!

  • Dear Shuabby, seeing as you are being so good as to answer questions, I am going to ask one too. I have lots of ideas for business setups but everytime I am just on the edge of getting started something gets in the way. I am working as a freelance translator at the moment but I so want to get other ideas up and running, also to increase the cash flow. What advice can you give me, stick just at translating, reach for the stars against all odds, just give up trying to start anything and just be a mommy? I would really appreciate some insight.

    xx thanks S.

  • Dear Paddifluff,

    At this time I feel that you need to stay very focus on new business ventures. I feel like one can be started in September that would be successful. You need someone else to partner with you as I feel this will become overwhelming in a good way. With children to care for also this business would be sapping to your energy. You have to follow your gut instints at this time and do what you are being urged to do. Don't do it fast or even want to, just slow and easy. I feel the South or TX area here or green grass and trees, this is the idea spot for you to begin or expand to later.

    Best Wishes

  • Thanks Shuabby for your time. Funny, we were talking only last night about the coarse North Holland manner and how sick we are of it and would it not be enough to move down south where the people are softer. I will listen to my heart and instincet and see where it takes me. TX is Texas I imagine, I live in Europe though, hence South of Holland.

  • Hello,

    I felt green grass and trees a good area for you. South of where you are now.

  • So exciting! Roll on September!

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