• Im a female february born pisces with a scorpio moon in a (if u want to call it) relationship with a taurus/gemini cusp male who has a moon in libra!!! help!!!

  • iTHEbeautiful,

    When frost crunches underfoot can winter ice be far behind?

    Downfall lies ahead, the ego trip has gone too high.

    You almost always

    create trouble while you are eating. This is a very

    non-loving world. You know, if you have a small

    understanding, that the worst time to create any

    conflict is while you are taking food, because

    when you are strained, tense, not relaxed, food becomes

    poisonous and it will take a longer time to digest it.

    Psychologists say twice the time will be needed to

    digest the food and the whole body suffers.

  • Hans is saying that its not a good time to start initiating other activities while digesting life conflicts and choices.....he is assessing the fact that your confused and now want to at a level of confusion start a relationship that you cannot discern as you are on here.

    I am hittin your threads because you are at a point in life that I was 7 years ago, no attachemnts and time to innquest meaning in yourself first an d faith and confidence in yourself. You can go one way or another..........................

    I hope you checked out my blog.............

    This is time for you to put an end to asking questions on this forum and claiming your life and creating your future:)!

  • Capricorn444 ur responses are so beautiful. thanx. im inspired

  • This post is deleted!

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