Requesting a reading please!!

  • im having relationship problems & problems with what direction i should be traveling in life. would like a free reading if necessary. your help is greatly appreciated thanks. 🙂

  • Can you tell us something about yourself and your particular situation?

  • Number one; Now I know why the Magician and the lovers came up based of your question here.

    You cannot have a relationship if you are confused about your life and have no sense of trust and would allow another to influence you direction in life. You are not ready.

    Blunt the magician and Lovers card are saying this;

    Claim your personal power; you have all the tools within you to manifest along with the lovers card please assess your values and beliefs and set goals then use the Magician energy to manifest~!

    Your Situation is 10wands-On the subject of collecting ourselves, the body language seen holding all the wands together is symbolic of harvest and/or girding the loins as we continue on our path. When those ten wands waggle before our sight in a reading, it may indicate a time to gather up our lessons and recollect ourselves for the next phase life offers us.

    Your Cause of this;8cups-focus on the accomplishments we have made. This card indicates we've reached an achievement of sorts (symbolic of all eight cups proudly erect in their fullness) - it's simply time to embark on another journey into fulfillment.

    Furthermore, as we move into new adventures, we turn our psychic focus on the elegance of each step we take into ever higher atmospheres of awareness. When we take our spiritual eyes off the path (focusing on the future, or overly goal-oriented) we inevitably waiver.

    Stop worrying about future you will be blind to the present opportunities to create your future; future is created and much by your application (Magician) and choice (Lovers) based of values and beleifs.

    Do I have the faith, focus and patience to gently allow my path to unfold before me?

    Is this the right time to make a transition? Am I properly geared for the journey?

    Can I move out of a desolation while I'm still clinging to the pain of the past?

    Better yet, how can release the past to facilitate my growth?

    Your Current Focus- 7 Cups-Choice










    SO again seek inner truth and pay attetnion to your life and assess your path so far, notivce patterns and experiences..............................How do my life events serve as oracles?

    What if I approached every choice as if it were always the right one?

    What would my life be like if everything I require for my every success is always available to me?

    If my life were a giant pool of water, what kind of reflections would I see in it? (Consequences of choice)

    Am I distracted by the diversity before me? If so, how can I obtain clear focus?

    Best course of action-SUN-A BREAK THROUGH- So often we go through the motions of our lives, wondering if we'll come out of the dark, curious if all our hard work is ever going to pay off. The Sun card is a clear message, that yes, indeed the proverbial flowers in the garden of life that we've painstakingly cared for are about to come in full bloom. When the vibrancy of the Sun card shines in a reading, everything is coming up roses.

    How do I begin remove blockages in my life?

    Is there an area in my life I need clarification?

    What would it take for me to expose my true self and the beauty I represent?

    Do I turn my face to things of truth, beauty and vitality or do I mire in the mud?

    Outcome-4 Swords(this would be required to honor the cards you drew : Magician and Lovers)

    through a time of battle (hence, the armor). It beckons us to retreat within our deeper selves for recuperation. We can do this by diving into our dream worlds, where we are nourished by the loving motions of our highest energies and life-giving imaginations.

    Do I have enough faith to drop my action, and take a passive/meditative stance in this situation?

    What is the focus of my prayer life, and is my physical life aligned with that focus?

    Am I battle weary? What methods of recuperation can I explore to heal myself?

    Does my inner vision match my outer reality? What can I do to get a better match?

  • Tarot cards only give us a segue into the areas of life we need to seek adysmal truth which also raises are vibration. Tarot can elevate awareness to which subconscious and conscious truth and decisions are oinfluencing our current situation; asnwers are not in tarot and your energy can change a reading by the day. This spread I did is an immediate outcome if you choose to stop jumping around and abandoning yourself; its speaking to your higher self so your choices can have fullfilling permanance................

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