CharmedWhich Bente, could dyou please do a reading for me?

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    I hope you are doing well. I could just have a few minutes of your time, I need to have clarification/ closure on a relationship ending very abruptly and dont understad why. This is the first man I have even began to open myt heart up too for many, many, years...It has been a month sinse I last saw him and I am still crying. I tried to ask some ones else here and he says nthe guy I was dating was married and I believe he is wrong, it does not make . Is he marriedor seeing some one else? Or seeing some one else? We were only dating for a couple months and In the last couple weeks we were dating every thing seemed perfect. I was falling hard, I thought he was too... His voice mails and phone calls and time we spent together, certainly led me to believe that . And over night it went from one extreme to the next. He only gives vague answers as to why, that make no since. Now wont even answer my texts or emails even tring to be friends. Did he gat scared of the feelings he was having ? Or was I just convenient.? He told me on the phone the last day I saw him that love is a dangerous thing ...and when I asked what he meant.. He said "Nothing...just kidding". Did he mean dangerouse for me or for him? Is he really the careless, heartless man he i s trying to make me believe he is? if is out of fear ofr love...will he come back to me if, I go and see him in person?

    my bd is July, 20, 64 his is Oct. 13 /65

    Thank you so much for your hellp?

  • CharmedWitchBente Also I left another reply on your VENTING stirng,

    I hope you are doing better:)

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