I will do 5 one question readings today.

  • Hello,

    I will be glad to do 5 one question readings today. I'm reading on a clairvoyant level no cards involved. I do not answer medical questions as I'm not a medical intutitive. I will give you what spirit sends to me through my god given gift that I love sharing when time allows.

  • Hi Shuabby , thanks so much for the kind offer 🙂 I'm single and would like a love reading please ...What does spirit wants me to know about my romantic soulmate please ?

  • Hi Shuabby, thanks so much for your offer... i'm not sure how to word my question...

    I want to know if I'll find a fulfilling job by December 2010 and how would I recognize it...

    I'm not sure what area to pursue after I graduate, hence don't know what kind of job I should apply to... well I do know... it'll involve teaching because I want to have contact with young minds and try to help them reach their full potential...

    but I'm scared... what if I don't find the opportunity of once there I make a mistake?

    what if I give up? when i see that some kids are selfish and cruel?

    will I succeed?

    So insight in the professional area of my life would be of great help, thanks so so much, HP

  • Hi shuabby! I would love it if you could offer some advice. I am gonna repost to you what i have prev asked but haven't had an answer yet. if you don't mind 🙂

  • Hi, I'm new here and I saw that sometimes you answer people and try to help them out.I was hoping that you would consider me. Well, for the last 6 years I have been having a recurring dream about a guy from my past. The dreams will be diff. but the theme of the dream is the same. In my dreams I am always searching for him but i never find him. I can be driving, looking for his number, email etc. But never any contactWhen I wake up I am SAD the whole day. I was never able to reach out to this person because I was in a LTR. I am pretty sure why i have the dreams. The last time I saw this person I felt this intence attraction to him and wanted nothing more than to speak to him. I hardly got to do that because i was w/my ex. Shortly after my ex and I split for a while and I wanted to date this person but I refused to call him. Thinking I was doing the right thing by letting myself get over my ex. well, needless to say I got back w/my ex and have had those dreams ever since. Now I am FREEEEEE but this person is now living in Costa Rica and I can not a get a number for him. So I am actualy living out my dreams. Weird.

    Ok, sorry long....Do you see anything between this person and myself? Will we get back in contact soon? Thanks for any insight!

    Not sure what info you need but... I'm sarah hes Tim.. my dob is 9/2/80 and his is 01/11/1981

    also I did date this person prev as a 18 y/o kid.. both going diff directions as we were kids. did stay friends and wanted to get back together on many occa. but like i said, kids and going in diff directions at the time. we did keep tabs on eachother over the years.

    I did get advice from Captain but he described the complete opposite of who I am. So I am just curiuos to see what you guys might see. I know why i have the dreams. just wanna know if they have more importance than that? Do we have a future together? When may we get back in contact? Honstly I really just want to speak to him again. i dont even know what else i want besides that. Just to Talk! ") Thanks!

  • Thank you - I would like to ask one question: Will I be receiving some money I have been waiting on this week?

  • Hi Shuabby.

    Is there a relationship blossoming between myself and the man I amankyou in advanc currently seeing?

    thankyou in advance

    P.s I am pisces and he is aquarius

  • typo**!


    "is there a relationship developing between the man I am seeing and myself?"


  • Hello HappyDoc,

    In answer to your question: I want to know if I'll find a fulfilling job by December 2010 and how would I recognize it? I am given a red brick building flat one level that you will have an invitation to work in by December of this year if not sooner. There is an L in the name of the school. Older building not new. Stanley will be of help to you, he will be a mentor is what I'm receiving in the area of helping you to understand the children that you will deal with in a deeper way. Will you be working with 3rd and 4th grader's? You have what it takes to be a wonderful teacher as that is your life path career. Yes, you will make mistakes not overwhemling unfitable ones. They will help you to learn along the way. You also will stay at this school for at least 5-6 years and than your life course will have changed and you will make deceisions to better suite your than lifestyle. Just remember that children are self-centered and look to adults to help them learn how to share and care which I feel you will more than be able to do. There will be one little girl with long blonde hair that will touch your heart with her kindness and than of course others will follow that you will build memories from to carry in your heart forever.

    God Bless and enjoy your teaching life.

  • Hello Roseyjetson,

    In answer to your question:

    Thank you - I would like to ask one question: Will I be receiving some money I have been waiting on this week?

    There is a delay is what I'm receiveing, you will receive some money either at the end of this week or beginning of next week. Feels like you will receive the money in partial payments of two is what I'm receiveing as paperwork is tangled up here also.

    Hope this helps you dear and that you will be smiling soon.

  • Hello sdr1980,

    I feel as if though you two were in a preivous life together that has filtered threw to this one. That is why you keep reaching out but do not have the contact with him. You feel like he has all the qualties that you are looking for in a man to fullfill you on the heart level, but have you looked deeper within yourself to ask if he would fullfill your other outer needs as well?Costa Rica is a long way away at this time. You are free now to explore your self and also to find a man that will completely meet most of what you feel will fullfill you. I do not at this time feel contact between the two of you, however there is always a reason for everything and you will soon find your answer in your dreams or reality of giving yourself time to be alone and than knowing exceptly what kind of man you really want to make you happy.

    Good Luck my dear and know that you will not be alone for long.

  • Hello Kezza33,

    In answer to your question Yes there is a relationship developing. Nice combo you two make. He will seem aloof at times and this may make you question if the two of you can make it as you are more intitutituve than he is. Take it slow and easy is what I'm given and you will have this man eating out of your hand. Are you a good cook as I hear that the way to his heart just may be his stomach. lol

  • wow thank you so much

    I hope my patience pays off as I have a very good feeling about it and wanted conformation so i don't ponder possibilities for no reason.

    thanking you again.


  • yes I love cooking ❤

  • Hello Littlesparks,

    What I'm receiving for you is that you just may like to play with fire. The person has to have an element of excitement to them and can not be dull. You like to play cat and mouse somewhat too, meaning you like the chase. Before the year is out if you have not someone in mind already . You will have a chance to broaden your romantic propects with someone that is a water sign or on the cusp of a water sign. This person will teach you lessons of the heart kind on how to feel love on a deeper level. Just may be your soulmate my dear. Please write back to me when you have meet this intreguing romantic being.

  • Hi Shuabby:

    I would like to know if the relationship Im seeking with an aquarius man will ever be the way it was in the beginning or is it just done. Should I give up??


  • Shuabby will you do more today?

    If so, could you tell me if a career opportunity will come my way soon?

    April 21,1973

  • I hope you have the time for one more! I just transfered to another City with my company. I'm in new home sales. My question is; How do you see this working out for me? Thanks so much in advance.

  • Sellstar again.. birthdate is 12-01-59

  • Hello Sellstar,

    I was directed to answer your question with this answer. It will be an up hill climb as the ecomony has not recovered at this time, and has to be taken into cosideration. That said, you will sell a home right off the bat, a ranch style home that has been will taken care of and is a good choice for the buyers. You are a wonderful sales person that has done well in the past at selling real estate . Do you have an interest in art or selling exqusite art? You would do well at this also. Keep your options open at this time and know that you will be provided for as you are a gifted person in many areas.

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