I will do 5 one question readings today.

  • Hello Libramonkey,

    Casual is best for you even into the first half of 2011. If this man is a calm, patient man and one that understands you come with emotional relationship baggage than yes this will blossom into a love relationship. You need to work on your emotions and find some inner peace and love before you proceed into another relationship. You need to STOP drawing men that mess over you and begin to drawn men that know how to treat the woman you are becoming.

    Blessing To You

  • Hello Jenever7,

    You left the relationship because he was not fullfilling you and now you feel like you will end up alone if you don't go back to him. He has some feelings about your leaving as I feel you did it quickly, he was a bit stunned. However, he seems to have a full life and that keeps his mind busy. He does care on a level that may not be deep enough for you. He is an Aries or Sag as they think independently. They don't have a deep need like a cancer such as yourself does. I do feel that there is another man on your horizion. He is blond or sandy hair and green or blue eyes, tall and lanky is what I see. He is a water sign and will suite your needs much better than the man you left. Look for him around the holiday season in a crowd of people is where you will be introduced.

  • Hello Shuabby,

    I just wanted to say that i feel you are a very talented at what you do and i send my Love & Light you're way!

    I can see you have helped a great many of people and even if they do not like or acept what you have to tell them hopefully they will see that you are indded corect in you're Readings.

    Love & Light


    Have a Great Day!

  • Hello PlutoMoon,

    I feel fairly blank with this man meaning not much connection is going on with him. He is married? As I feel there is something not being said by him for some reason. He may not be ready for the commitment you are seeking.

    You are a Capricorn and one of the strongest signs in the spear, you will survive with your backbone through most anything . I feel like you deserve more when it comes to a man that will be there and wants a heart connection the same way you do. Know that you will not be alone and I strongly suggest that you move forward and open your heart to another fellow that will be coming around soon. He feels Southern to me and has the charm to go with it, just a delite to be around. Lucky You

  • Hello Shuabby,

    Hi ...I'm not sure if your still doing readings but if so, I would love a love reading...or anything else you pick up work or otherwise...thanks in advance:0)


  • Dear JenarP123

    Thank you for your kind words. I have been at this for over 15 years and have schooling from taking classes at methaphysical churches and also reiki attuntments that really seem to release psychic intutition for me. I always ask for people that reseninate to me to be sent or just plain the ones that I can help.

    Have a good day as it is raining cats and dogs here today and that is why I'm online now.

  • Shuabby when you are not busy with your family; could you please look at my question on Pg.#8.

    Thanks In Advance:)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Could you please, please, please look into my question about the aries man born on 3/27/78. Please! my dob is 12/2/79. my original question is on page 8. If you do not feel comfortable with it, I understand. I would be happy with any insight that I am suppose to have about that person and or that situation. Thank you.

  • thank you so much Shuabby!

    Wow, you are very accurate about the guy I enquired about, and yes he is definetely not ready for anything with me..... He is kind of elusive, gives me mixed signals.....

    Anyway, I am more interested in knowing about the southern guy! Would you be able to tell me more about him? By 'southern' do you mean south european? When do I meet him and how will things go with him...

    Pls take your time, I understand that you're very busy....I am very grateful for your help with this!

    thank you soooo much!

    Best wishes,


  • PicadillyKim

    Dear Shuabby

    I asked a question on page 9 and did not go into detail. We were together since 2000 and have 4 kids we are a Brady bunch family but Im the only mother his daughter 12 know and he is the only dad my boys 12 and 13 knows. We share an 8 year old son and started our divorce in febuary. I thought it's what I wanted and moved out. But Im missing my family and see what's it doing to the kids. He is trying to hurry the divorce and is partying now has a girlfriend and does not want to try to work things out now. I do. I don't want a divorce I wanna save my family. I love him and my children. Do you see any insight to this matter. Im a Scorpio 11/03/1976 he is a libra 10/03/1976

    please help. Thank u


  • Dear Shuabby,

    THANK YOU! I know that we are all responsible for our own happiness, but sometimes we need someone to help us see the "light at the end of the tunnel" when we cannot see it or do not believe that there is any light left in our lives...

    Because of your kindness in responding to my query, my heart is full of joy and I am smiling as I write this. Your answer was what I wanted to hear, but I think we all know that NOTHING is ever certain, regardless, I am going to make the effort EVERYDAY to make someone's life a little brighter by some kind act or word. A ripple effect of kindness....

    May God Bless YOU Everyday of Your Life.

    Love and Light 🙂

  • Hi Shuabby,

    Saw your post too late. Is there any chance that time would allow you to do another one question reading or other type of reading? Thanks so much.

  • Dear Shuabby,

    Could you please, please, please look into my question about the aries man born on 3/27/78. Please! my dob is 12/2/79. my original question is on page 8. If you do not feel comfortable with it, I understand. I would be happy with any insight that I am suppose to have about that person and or that situation. Thank you

  • Hi Shuabby - Thanks so much for the reading. The man in question is a Virgo, but may very well have some Aries or Sag in him. Certainly it makes sense that he probably doesn't have the deep needs that I do. Your prediction of another man on the horizon sounds very much like an old flame of mine who actually came back into my life not so long ago. He lives in another state but is quite determined to keep me in his life hoping that we can rekindle some romance. He is a watersign (Scorp), sandy hair, green eyes and quite fit. I am on the fence as to whether there is still something there for us, particularly with the distance between us, and I have a long history of unhappy relationships with Scorps (he is on that list, but we were only teenagers, so probably not fair to hold that against him.). So my hope is that this "someone" coming into my life is brand new and perhaps a nice Pisces or Cancer man. Never dated a Cancer. Despite all the frightening stories on the forum, I think I'd take that on before I'd go for a Scorp again. Lol.

    Thanks for doing the reading. I appreciate it very much!!

  • Shuabby,

    I don't know if you are still answering questions....

    I am seeing this man that I've known since December. We had a discussion about what our needs are just last week and things were fine until this Monday we he requested 'down time'. I am giving him his space and leaving him completely alone. He said I didn't offend him and that after a few days he should be ok. I had an ex-bf who tried to do the same thing but was starting a relationship with someone and was stringing me along just in case it didn't work out. Can you tell me what's going on? I don't want to stick around and wait for him to remember I am here if he's seeing someone else.

    in love, light and peace

  • Hello Shuabby,

    I was wondering if you saw my request on Pg. 12 for a reading could really use some insight on it .

    Thank You For Your Time


  • Happy to say I finally discovered a post on a social networking site that she already has a boyfriend. Funny it was never mentioned in the midst of all this confusion and stress! But now that it is obvious, I am greatly relieved. I just wish my fiance and I never had to go through this awful mess in the first place. Neither of us knew!

  • Thank u for wanting to do readings for us . my question is should i go back to my husband of 7 years or stay with my boyfriend that i live with? husband dob is 5 30 82 . my boyfriend dob is 11 21 72 . my dob is 4 18 79. where does my happiness lay?

  • Hello & Namaste Shuabby,

    I wrote you back on page 8, and since my situation is complicated and stressful I thought I might try again... My man (dob: 4/26/1981) and I (dob: 9/9/1980) are in a long distance relationship (he's in FL & I'm in OR), and on a recent visit he proposed & I said yes. We have decided to spend more time together in person before announcing anything. I am going back in September to visit again & I am considering moving back across country to be with him. Our communication has been a bit off lately, and I would like to know if he has any reservations about our relationship &/or honestly ready to be engaged before I deal with the hassle of moving back to that side of the country. I must say part of the complication is that I've been trying to be on this side of the country to help my mother (dob: 2/10/1956) through a rough divorce. I know he lives with his father to help out.

    Thank you for your time,

    Light & Love.

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