Seeing a person in my meditations/spirit journeys and dreams...who are they?

  • For some time now, i've seen this person in my dreams and while i meditate. It is a man about average build and height. He has shoulder length dark hair and blue eyes. He never speaks, and sometimes he doesn't acknowledge me at all. But mostly when i see him he is looking at me, as if he is trying to communicate something to me and can't. I feel differently about him from time to time, but I am always drawn to him. Whether im afraid of him or saddened by him or whatever, i feel like he is "home" for lack of a better explanation.

    I have tried to read my own tarot cards and figure out his significance or whether or not he is symbolic of something else, but the best i can come up with from the tarot is that he is not this "safe" place that i have come to think of him as. In fact, the tarot has indicated on several readings for me to beware of him and to avoid him where possible. When consulting the I Ching I am also advised to refrain from contact with him. All things seem to indicate that he is or at least symbolizes something negative, but if he is bad, then why do i feel as though i should reach out to him? Instinctively i feel as though i should seek "him" out and to make further, more extensive contact with him.

    Needless to say, I'm torn. I feel the need to reach out to him, and I don't feel threatened by him not does he appear threatening, yet it seems as though im being strongly advised to stay away. Who could he be or what does he symbolize?

  • Hi Cinemaqgirlxoxo

    Normally I do not reveal anything about my physic feelings (used get told I was crazy & when what ever what ever I told them happen the person(s) would get freaked out ) but the feelings that I get with this man is not safe. you need to banish him. Evil comes knocking under a pleasant guide; when meditating make sure you have your spirt guides with you to protect you.

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