Limit to 5 readings each~

  • If you can take another reading - I would appreciate it. Was wondering if I will be receiving money I am expecting today. Thank you for your time and energy!

  • Hi Mikyo, thanks so much!! i'll let u know how things go for the next couple of months!!

    Much love to you!! xoxo, HD

  • Hi Mikyo,

    I am new to this site and would love to know what you see in my future regarding love, family and career. I have recently separated from my husband of 10 years and am raising our children on my own with no financial support from him right now. I am blessed with a successful career right now but worry if it will be enough to support myself and the kids. I worry about my future and my kids future and what it holds for us. I want them and myself to be happy and I want them to know how people in love are suppose to treat each other. I have met someone at work but dont know if there is a future with him.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing what you see.

  • Hello Mikyo,

    I was referred to you by another reader on this site. She was unable to assist me but was hopeful you could. I am wanting some insight into my relationship (and potential marriage) to my mate of 4 years. I am Leo Female DOB 8/10/1959 and he, Cancer (07/01/1969). If you would be so kind as to provide a reading I would be ever so grateful.


  • BTW Mikyo...... I forgot to tell you my DOB is 6/25/68 and the work fella's DOB is 8/19/76.

    thank you so much. I am tired of my roller coaster ride of emotions that have been playing out with my heart and family.

  • Mikyo? I am still hoping for find someone better. I want a woman, who will love and value me...not use me. I do not want a deceptive false hope.

  • You are correct!!! I do not take engagements as a joke. have me down pat.

  • Hi everyone question can still be summit in but I will answer all the questions by tonight~~ =} sorry for the late reply~

    @Thor9, hmm it is true that ppl are use to get hurt from emotions~ I read about wat u have wrote~ indeed a nightmare~ my working environment I do hear alot of relationship stuff too~ sometime I do have a fear of marriage~ it is really heartbreaking to hear someone go through all this thing~

    @Happy doc~ haha, do take care of yourself~ and remain contact with each other~~ =}

  • Leobella I am glad to give u a reading.. Btw kiba is a he~~ haha~~ I was inform by him that he refer you to me~ I will do a reading for u in the night~ mind to give a little more info about ur guy and ur birth place and time so I look up more info see wat I can advise u~ I am quite new to astrology u see~

  • Hi pilot007, haha of course u can't take engagement for a joke~~ lol~~ if u do it will be a trouble~~ do take care of yourself~~ =}

  • hi mikyo - would you please do a reading for me? i'm stuck in love. need some guidance and a glimpse into the future with the guy i like.

  • what is "ppl"?

  • hey mikyo, was wondering if you could do me a huge favor and give me a reading. im falling for this girl, who keeps her true self from me. could you give me some guidance as to what moves i should make next?

  • Hey Mikyo!

    Just would like to update you on my situation for the first 2 weeks...

    week1 : you said there would be no change in my situation and you were right - no change at all...

    week2: you said I would learn something about my love life (maybe in regards to the guy I am waiting on)... yes there were some changes this week. I noticed some slight changes in the guy I enquired about (his behaviour was a bit different), yet I didn't acknowledge him and I regretted this, so I sent him a text message later in the day and let him know that I appreciated seeing him and always did... he didn't reply, but I didn't expect him to anyhow...:-)

    So hopefully, what you predicted to happen for week 3 will happen (new beginning you said), which should be next week....

    I will let you know how things go for the next 2 weeks...

    thanks so much! You've definitely got a talent keep it alive 🙂


  • Mikyo

    Can you give me your insight on a guy (Sagitarius) that I've been talking to for 15 years on the computer?

    Thanks, Toni (I'm a libra)

  • hi roseyjetson, sorry was unable to get back to you on that day cause the time and your time is a big difference haha.. Maybe if u have another question u may post it up again~ =}

  • hi ccol625, I would say that u are somehow struggling to handle the children and work at the same time.. I wonder If this has cause a major problem in your life right now as it is not easy to handle two things at one.. especially when came to career it is really hard to cope between family and career.. although I see that there is no more secrets or hidden things in your life right now which is a good sign for u.. things is that U are thinking of how to make things better by sacrificing a certain thing in ur life.. it may be between two things career or family.. and I personally felt that ur painful moment will soon be gone~ of course in future U prefer to let go of the past and start a new life again and I can tell that u are slowly recovering from it..

    ok between u and this guy that u mention.. I would say that he is a kind of person who doesn't like much of a changes in life and hence he has a very stable foundation.. I would say that there are upcoming project which u and him needs to deals but at a certain time he doesn't feel much appreciate toward the matter.. it is a good news to hear that he may be a hardworking and a passion one but u musn't forget that he might not have the intention of a family yet.. he is still young and much of a dreamy unrealistic one.. good thing is that he don hang u in suspension..

    right now in the present, i would say that things aren't that easy to maintain and for the fact that he is younger definitely there is people who will have a little affection for him.. U would ended up getting tired and hurt of maintaining a relation with him regardless of friends or lover.. Things aren't that simple as it goes and I believe if this continue u may lose ur balance and become infocus of what U have done.. still there is choices for u whether to maintain as friend or start as a relationship..

    in future for u and him, I would say that there will be no risk taking as I already mention that u have gone through a painful past and u don wish to sacrifice ur children just because of guy.. I think U would be remain as a friend with him rather than jumping into something that is much of a risk~ my advise is try to be more stable and consistant in what u want and what u can do for ur children.. I would still think that piority is still ur children.. hope this helps and do give some feedback~ =}

  • hi cappylove, ths guy that u like is kind of a secretive and u often felt that there is something beyond what he have say and do.. U can't guess his move and hence u don dare to make any move like tellng him that u like him.. aIl would say that u are being trapped in the situation and don't even know what to do~ regard about ur current situation I would say that it is a bad choice to put yourself into that situation.. good thing is that U know how to go somewhere far away from hm to avoid.. but the thing is that being a friend is just nice, stepping into the relationship is harder as I felt that he is more of a quiet type doesn't open up to people..what u fear of is that things does't turns out well.. you may felt that what u have done isn't worth doing.. and right now I would say that there is no emotions involvement at all.. it is only part of what u think.. ur future u might be taking a break from him as it cause alot of emotional stress from him.. what I would advise u is to learn to know how is a person before takin any step further.. often people don't learn and get themselve stress up and lost themselve.. hope this help and do love to hear your feedback~ =}

  • hi Thor9, ppl is people.. hahaI have been using too much shortcut.. =X

    @ Plutomoon, thanks for giving me feedback and update me.. Do hope that things turns out well for u~ 😃

  • hi kiddpisces, u mention that she hides her true self and I personally think that maybe she's trying to protect herself from something she has exprience before.. she might have done something in the past and makes her rememebr and regret about it.. I would say that things aren't that simple to solve the matter.. i felt that she is someone who doesn't have much of emotions and care for u.. that may be because she has once care for someone she likes and this perosn betrays her.. I would to say that it might be a person who knows how to talk, let her have hope of being together but ended up smashing all the hopes in the end.. maybe U can slowly try to get her talk to you more often and I believe that this situation might change.. what u need is patience and care for her.. I hope this helps and do like to hear feedback from u~ =}

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