Limit to 5 readings each~

  • hi Sellstar, I ry my best to help if possible..

    From ur current company I can see that it might be ur company are not really doing well with the trading recently not only on your side.. there may have some issue arise if I am not wrong.. one thing that u always believe that things will turn out fine as always even u knew that this is not the outcome.. I am not sure whether ur this company will last a not but I pick a card 9 of swords which is a nightmare card.. I believe that if u continue too stay there may really be unpleasant stuff going on.. and u might suffer from it too..

    The new company that ur mentor recommend I would say that U will stop struggling yourself about whether do it do well or not.. instead U can be mmore focus if u join ur mentor company.. I would say that good news is u don need to use much of intellect in ur mentor company~ I would rather say that U might already be familiar with the job.. one thing I would need to warn u is this company might le u to a situation where u need to choose either one path.. you may not be able to see clearly where u are heading to by these paths..

    my advise is if there isn't any good news on the way why not try out a new path? U caan see what's going on around and compare.. something it is good to try out.. hope that helps~ =}

  • hi Woman922, I would say that this risk that u are taking are much of a worth it.. although u mention that ur life is in a complex it may be because U are risking ur time and effort for this guy u think that it is worth it.. I know he is a very smart guy and at the same time risking also just like u.. but in a way that U need to look at matter a little more simple rather than u view it as a complex way.. complex is actually made up of simple stuff.. the only thing that it gets complex is because too many things came by ur way.. try finding the roots of the matter.. u might see things even clearly..=}

    In ur current situation i would see that u are trying ur best to learn and understand each other and that's why u have so much patient of waiting for him.. good thing is that U don force matter go by ur way.. u rather let it happen itself.. but things are just keeping changing.. may i ask if u are on a far distance relationship? if u are that might be the reason why U are thinking whether u should wait or shouldn't.. As for u fear that things might remain the same as it was and everything that u realy hope for the future might nnot pick up.. I would see tha u are not satisfy with the current situation u are in.. that might be because u want a real relationship rather than he called u everyday.. u need someone by ur side.. in ur near future I would say that if u keep waitig.. U might ended up hurting yourself again.. my advise is from the start of this relationship no one will be using their logic to judge whether is it worth it a not.. love is blind.. I would advise u to give a thought about it using ur intellect and I believe u will know what to do from there~ =} hope this helps do like to hear from u again~

  • hi pilot007, haha do we? I don find myself cute.. maybe Kiba is cuter than me.. LOL~ ok get back to your question.. I can see that U are undergoing a stable lifestyle right now and I believe that u have met a person who u think is stable and able to give u wat u want.. correct me if i am wrong.. but often the starting is always sweet.. when i reached to further stage things might not be the same anymore.. it is the matter of how U look at it.. but I got a feeling u would not get engaged this year.. in relationship wise there is still aot more for u to learn.. engaged is something which I believe u will never take as a joke.. hope this helps~ =}

  • hi Fishy76, I believe that there is alot of things U never consider in this relationship.. aas always I believe that relatonship needs both party to make it happen.. but right now I culd see that u have the intention of letting go of this relaationship.. u have been trying to listen and make a wise move.. but that doesn't really help in ur current situation.. also u tried all sort of methods to maintain this relationship but everytime problems will always arise and never ending.. which I believe why u suddenly want to withdraw.. U fear that U will be keep hanging in suspend in problems and matters.. right now i could see that the efforts that u put into this relationship might not be getting any return.. in your near future i would say that U would rather prefer someone who is caring for u and able to start a family with u.. my advise is if u thing that continue makes u enter a nightmare.. there is always alot of choices for u.. hope this helps and like to hear from u~ =}

  • Hi Mykio

    Im sorry but im not sure what you meant by your reading but i am more positive about my prospects in the future you think my ex will ever man up and apologise for the crappy things he has put me and his son through?

  • Hi Mykio

    Im sorry but im not sure what you meant by your reading but i am more positive about my prospects in the future you think my ex will ever man up and apologise for the crappy things he has put me and his son through?

  • Hi polarity, sorry if I confuse u.. My English isn't that good.. ><.. wat I meant is that u need alot of patient before u can actually see the prospect of your future of course a better future for u~ i feel that most likely this man will not man up and apologise..

  • thank you very much for your insight. Will his family be good to me and my boy? I will try to have more patience and let thens unfold with a new partner if its meant to happen. Do you see the other areas in my life going ok? My business is worrying me as the resession has only just affected our community recently. Thanx so much again, 🙂

  • Dear Mikyo..

    I would love if you could giving me a reading regarding my relationship with this man I'm in love for 2 years.He suddenly stop talking to me and not respond to my calls and msg's for the past 4 months and only he send me 2 text msg' let me know that he is alright and not to worry about him and 1 msg last week to wish me happy birthday and that he will send me a present soon...when i tried to text him back, he did not respond.I don't know what to make of it...I'm confused. He's giving me this little hope that he will come back to me. Is he playing a game or he wants to surprise me?

    Please help me. What do you see in the near future for us? He is Aquarius and I'm a Leo, Thanks for your time.

  • Hi leo4ever, I will give u a reading soon once I get home~ if u don mind I try my best to check up the astrology between u and him~ I am new to astrology but I can try my best~ =}

  • Mikyo... hi there... i need some advice...

    I saw my ex again and a whole bunch of emotions came back to me..., I want to know how he's feeling toward me now and if we have a future together...

    I'm really interested in knowing the future romantic potential with this person J (Oct/6/73) mine is L (May/19/78).

    I have really loved him but we are separated right now and don't know if our paths will come together again... he still wants to see me sometimes but I dont know what his feelings are or his plans are regarding us... sometimes it seems he's waiting for me to finish school...

    Thanks so so much, cheers, HP

  • Good Afternoon Mikyo,

    I would like your insight on love-relationship area in my future. Presently, there is no one in the picture, except a past flame from years ago that I saw last year and can't get him out of my head. I would appreciate hearing from you at your convenience. Thank you in advance and the best to you. Sincerely, MissD

  • hi Leo4ever, wat i can see is that he might be planning out for something and it is a success in this part of his planning.. the reaason that he send u one message is because he doesn't want to be part of ur burden.. he is someone who likes to choose his freedom and not being tied down by those ppl around.. may i know that is he used to work overseas that kind? if it is he might be returning soon.. i beleve u can look forward for his return.. maybe he really want to surprise u~ 😃

  • hi HAPPYDoc, long time no hear from you~ =} how's u doing?

    Regard about ur ex, there is nothing that u feel very contented with him.. but the overwhelming of emotions that u feel might just brings back those feeling that he had never gave it to you.. at the very moment u may feel bliss ut i believe it is only a short term.. positive of this ex is that U have seen hi through.. I pressume u know what is the consequences of accepting him back to your life and U know what's going to happen next.. negative of him is that he might not treating u fair enough.. if i'm not wrong he is like someone who makes all the deision and even he is in wrong he would not admit..

    about this J like u say u are very interested in him and U plan to accept him.. it is the matter of sooner or later.. I can see that both of u have a happy time spending together.. positive of him is that u see that there is a very big possiblities of getting together.. this guy to u sounds like an ideal guy for u and a person who u wish to be with and just right.. negative of him is that they way that he sees things always very simple.. or I would say he is simple minded person.. but at times to deal with complicate stuff he might not be able to do it..

    my advise is I believe u have gone though a broken heart and U doesn't want any heart breaking news anymore.. and i guess there is ppl keep telling and advising on ur current situation and how is it affect u and etc.. If because of your ex become someone who is cold towards guys it wouldn't be fair to another guy th u are seeing.. I guess U allready know what u want.. good luck to you~ =}

  • hi missdeliteful, is it u have been trying to get him to your side recently or u have te attempt trying to call ur last flames? but that doesn't matter.. I can see that in this area U gewet to know more of oposite gender more and U have a wide range of choices and opportunites for u.. wat llies in ur future is that U may still unable to forget him and couldn't move on.. my advise is try to find someone who can be a little more imaginary way of thinking, who can know how u feel and most importantly someone older than u~ hope this helps~ =}

  • Hi Mikyo, thanks so much...

    well u can see how I'm doing... i'm confused...

    u are right I dont want to hurt anymore... I love him but I'm sure I could be happy with someone else if "J" is never going to decide anything...

    that's why I wanted to know how HE feels towards me and what does he wants??

    do you see anything about him? does he wants to get married to me and have a family?

    he know this is what I want...

    otherwise I'll just keep walking by myself... I know it's not fair for the guy I'm seeing now (S)... but I'm not cold towards him... because I'm not sure "J" and I would be happy together...

    I cant love by myself anymore... I dont want just to be me...

    what do you think?? and how have u been??

  • Happydoc~~ haha I am fine but I still think J suits u~~ just a feeling of mine~~ I think he can give u wat u want but of course still up to how both of u does~~ I think he might likes u maybe shy to say~ haha

  • Mikyo

    If you have time would you be able to do a love reading. I would just like to see if there is a future for this relationship. My inicials are CMM and my dob is may 17,1987 his inicials are LJRN and his dob is november 28,1981. Thank you in advance. If you dont have time its ok.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Please provide me an insight regarding my career and finances. I just resigned and is looking forward to new opportunities around.

    Also there is someone who owes me a considerable sum of money, it was a partnership investment and until now I am patiently waiting for him to give it back since we already ended operations last year. This has caused much emotional stress. I feel that he's not sincere in his efforts to pay me back but I'm still crossing my fingers and that somehow he'll be considerate enough after numerous follow-ups.

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