Limit to 5 readings each~

  • Dear Miyako

    Genki desu? Watashi wa daigaku de nihongo o benkyoo shita! 🙂

    I would greatly appreciate a reading if possible. I am fond of a guy at work named Matthew. Not sure if he is interested. Anything you see here?

    Domo arigatoo gozaimau.


  • Thankyou very much. Yes for some reason he is terrified to commit to a relationship. We never argue, get on brilliant, laugh together and have fun and are very passionate. I have been just leaving him alone to think about what he wants but this has been 3 weeks now and he rings to meet me then dosnt want to talk, it confuses me. Just when I think I will be Ok I see him and Im back to where I started. I feel as if I have had concrete poured around my feet and I cant move backwards or forwards. Yes I may lose him by sitting back but I dont know what else to do.

    You are very correct in your reading, thank you so much. Wishing you peace and happiness.

  • hi intrigued, i think the move in july is not likely to happen as there might be a finances difficulties at that time.. mostly that happen because u might need to clear debt or there is alot of money issue that u haven't settle and I would say the matter is quite serious.. all this doesn't happen in a day, in fact it is being accumulate up~ if u were to ask me i believe it also cause a certain emotionally stress which will cause u to breakdown and heartbreaking situation.. for advise I would recommend u to be careful of the outsoming new relation that u have with ppl~ I hope this helps u and do like to hear some feedback from u~ 😃

    Hi Mikyo, many thanks for your reading. As it turns out, we didn't move! My father-in-law died and left some money, so all our debts will be cleared. Funny how life turns out. Thank you for your message. Bless you.

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