Limit to 5 readings each~

  • hi laetitiali, if u ask me what he felt about u i would say that what he felt now will never change.. as far i read about taurus even i myself as a taurus we are a fixed sign and most likely the decision that we made seldom change unless we want to.. for ur taurus guy we would rather cut all ties with u and don contact u.. he might think that that's the best way to make u forget him and I would say most likely it is over for both of u.. cause the situation will still go by the usual way of breaking up.. my advise is even things may screw up in ur life right now try to see it as a life experiences instead of end of world.. i believe u will find someone better than him~ do hope to hear ur feedback and take care~ 😃

  • hi blackladydiver, i'm fine thanks for the concern. 😃 I would split two parts for u one is regardless ur bussiness another is about ur love life first i will start off with ur business..

    I believe that before starting study in this field I would say that this field often left u with alot of question for u to think and often u are not really so contented with the answer and often search for more than that.. U also wants every step to be plan and make correctly which is why u would often check that this bussiness is it able to set up or there is alot of this business in the market.. I would say that this subject u are study gets u ready to set up and things are turning for better..

    for ur current situation.. I would say that this business there is far more beyond and there is alot of unknown and mysteries regard with ur job.. i wouldn't say it is bad as it is a very stable job and soon u will recceive good news.. i believe this business u doesn't need to fork out alot of money and hence u have nothing to worry about whether this business will turns out ok or will not.. also i can see that this is one of ur dream business.. rest is definitely hard for u and of course u will not go poor in this business~

    ok in ur future i would see that u will always get yourself out of the situation and see the big picture instead.. not bindng by the current situation and hence able to maintain a balance out of it.. but even u can maintain there is still things getting out of hand.. u often try to use different methods to solve ur problems but not in the intellect ways.. I would say through certain methods that U don wish to use at times.. there may be a times when u lose ur hope but still keep it going as there is alot of things for u to learn more about in this field.. my advise is try to do things fast enough and more practical~ 😃

    now for ur love life.. may i ask if something bad has happen to u terrible which cause u to change and become what u are today? i would see that there is alot of unpleasant stuff happening around and yoou just not able to see what kind of person your partner are and hence jump into a wrong relationship..

    i would say in your present life u don feel complete without a partner, and u always caught yourself in a situation and often don know which one of them u should choose.. it might be because due to your past expereince with your love life.. right now what u need is a care and u might have a thought of being a mother..i would say that sometime things doesn't ends up as what u would want to be and might often not listening to ppl around u giving u some advise..

    in ur near future I can see that things are going more realistic in ur love life and there might be entering into a down time but somehow u able to maintain ur situation but using the normal way that what u would do.. i would advise u that try not to judge that the rich are always good or poor are always bad.. also find someone who can support u would be the best.. hope i am clear~ 😃

  • Good Day

    If you decide to do more than just the 5 readings, I would love a reading. I am especially interested in my love life.

    Thank you very much

  • thanks Mikyo for my reading!

    I will let you know how my 4 weeks go as they happen....

    take care.... 🙂

  • Good Morning Mikyo,

    If you decide to do any more readings, I would like to know what is ahead for me in Love... I am a Capricorn.

    Looking forward to hearing from You 🙂

    Love and Light,

    December Girl

  • hi justakoolkat, I wonder if u have been involve with a person or does u know this person who is very passsionate about thing? Maybe u are waiting a call from this person which u haven't heard for quite sometime? mainly this person is quite young I would say.. as from your love life I would see things are ever changing and always have alot of happening stuff surround u.. i would say at this point of your life maybe a new relationship isn't right to enter in ur life yet.. my advise is try to have a little more patience and I would bet that U would have a relationship started soon~ 😃

  • hi DecemberGirl, I wonder if u have been trying to make things go as per wat u want in your love life? sometime let it go by its own and see what will happen is better than controlling the situation.. I believe that u have using ur intellect and knowledge about love life expereinces in ur current situation for ur love life which is good.. 😃 even u made a wrong choices but i believe a new path will open up for u and give u alot of opportunities in ur love life.. I advise that don let the person bored u down instead try to find a way to spice things up again.. I am sure this might helps in your love life.. 😃 do glad to hear feedback from u~ 😃

  • Hi Mikyo,

    If you decide to do more readings I would like to hear your insight about my love life.My birth date is 12/25/1967

    take care, Ida 40

  • Hi Ida41, i have just done a reading for u.. I could see that from ur past, U have enough of break from wat u are doing and began to move on to ur love life. U are not a person who like to sacrifice and don wish to be alone.. I would say that u are trying ur best to make up things and began to work on your social life..most of the time u had a hard time making a choice as U think that they might not suit u.. often ur expectation is high too..

    I would say that in ur present situation U are still not in a relationship yet and still considering which one u would choose.. U still hoping for the one who is right for u and I would say that going out with some of your suitors and knowing them more is hard for u to manage a balance in life and u might feel tired soon..

    in ur future I would say that finding someone to settle still have a long way to go and often U tend to look back to the past expereince often.. there might be alot of changes in ur future love life and this changes would make u grab ur chances tightly and i believe from all the expereinces U will learn to find a correct one for u.. my advise is try to maintain a stable and constant mindset of what kind of person u are looking for~ do give me some feedback~ 😃

  • OMG Mikyo! You are right on girl ! I broke up with the love of my life 2 years ago. Haven't heard a single word from him in almost 1 and 1/2 years. Every single day I hope that I will hear something from him. Do you think I will hear from him soon?

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  • Hello Mikyo, if you are still doing these I was wondering if you can please give me some insight on whether or not I'll meet new people once I move? Friends, boyfriends, doesn't matter. I'm hoping this move is one that represents a fresh start and new opportunities. Thank you 😃

  • Hi Mikyo - I do not want to overburden you. If you have time and are comfortable, I will ask you a question. Please - if you are tired and overwhelmed, I understand. You said 5 people so if you have had enough -please let everyone know you need a break and cannot answer anymore! you are kind enough to have answered several inquiries already.

    my birthday is 3/14/1958. There is someone I feel connected to and am wondering if there is more in store for me with that person in the coming year and what soert of activity or connection that might entail. this person's bd is 11/16/1965.

    Thanks very much. TD

  • hi justakoolkat, I believe there is some kind of bond between u and him.. this bonding with him is strong and i believe it is hard to break that's why you had a hard time forgetting about him.. although in this point of time u have been waiting for and i felt that it is unfair to u as he might have not enough of reason to break of with you that's why u are so persistant.. i believe that u never considering much about what has happen between u and him, and at times u might feel that u have some kind of lost in hope.. but the ultimate ending I believe u will hear from him again as I can see that u have been putting in alot of effort and try to do ur best to get this relationship back.. all the best to you~ 😃

  • hi dmick59, regard about ur career wise i would say that U got a well planning ahead of u and i am pretty sure that U are holding a high position in ur job.. U know how to make full use of the resources but there is always a point where u need to be extra careful with ppl.. one mistake might cause a downfall in your whole empire.. as I believe there is many ppl who are trying to be mischief and often do something bad.. in ur current situation I believe that u do have heard alot of heartbreaking news until you are totally immune to it.. if i am not wrong u have gone through alot to reach this post.. the positive of u is u don have a certain way of doing things and often inbalance which causes ppl hard to guess and think what u are trying to do in your career.. only you know what is going on for it.. but bad thing is u are not a risk taker.. sometime in career there is a certain risk involve and often u need to take a certain risk and on your guard so that u will be able to success.. what u fear of is always trading.. if i am not wrong ur career does deal with some kind of trading stuff and often trading stuff are the most difficult to negotiate.. and what I can see is that U might have been doing things that ppl find it pointless.. you are often caught half way in a situation.. in your near future I would say that things that U never see clearly from the beginning, it will start to reveal bit by bits and u will see clearly where u stand and what is the outcoming in your career.. my advise for your career is that there is a certain risk that u need to take in your career and u must do things carefully using your intellect.. I believe that if u put in a little more effort u will be able to make it.. Hope to hear feedback from you and good luck~ 😃

  • hi YoungWisdom, when u move i believe u will meet friends who will be long lasting.. things will be stable for u but still u will still feel incomplete.. I believe this incomplete might be haven't found a suitable partner~ in your current situation I believe that U are trying different ways to get a new life and that's why u choose to move to another place which most ppl doesn't do that in your area.. and good things is that U are not tied down by your current situation and can fully let go to move to another place.. but still things might not be picking up so soon for u as u still need to mix around and get settle down.. i believe that this reason for u to move is because u fear of how the friendship or relaiton with ppl who goes. u mind about how ppl view u and what they comment about u.. right now I would see that this is a big issue for u and going for a change in your life.. but in your near future U would still meet someone who is very intellect but often misuse and may cause a little trouble for u~ but a good way to learn too.. my advise is choices are up to u.. U may follow what u want or u may be driven by others in making this decision.. often important decision lies in your hand and do think carefully before u made any moves~ hope to hear feedback from u and do take care~ 😃

  • hi turtledust, i would say that the past between u and him, u both do appreciate the times they u both are being together, but there might be a reason why u feel connected to him is because this person might not be around u and might be far away.. often this person u mention tends to travel around if i am not wrong and hence it causes the relation not to be stable enough.

    in your present I could see that possiblities with him isn't that much and there might be because lack of communication and things are just not really that realistic.. I could say that things aren't going the way as u wanted to be and often things may be going wrong most of the time.. also i would see that ur emotions sometime is hard to control~ although u may feel connect to him but somehow I feel that it is just part of what U think.. it may be because ur emotions for him are strong that's why u feel that ways..

    in ur future, I would say that Ur thinking may change and u might not looking back at this relationship again.. but again U will be struggling with another person and choose between the new person or the one u have gave up.. of course U might not satisfy with the result of the new relation.. this might cause u ended up refuse to make any changes and cause u to think more on this problem and u might lost hope in everything.. My advise is sometime things might not need to be so clear as hearing the truth might hurts.. at times u might not need to know the full situation is better.. hope i am clear~ and all the best to u.. do gave some feedback~ 😃

  • Thank you very much Mikyo for your insight. You are awesome!!!

  • Hi Mikyo -

    I am a 31 year old female with a 1 year old baby who is the surviving twin, my other twin died due to birth complications. I was depressed for a while. Lately I have recovered to a great extend, but seems like the world is not the same anymore for me. I am trying, but jobs are just hard to find. I get interview calls, but get rejected after 2-3 rounds. I almost get a job and then I loose it. Whats the matter with my career. Why have things shuffled up so much that it is hard to get any normalcy in life.

    I am a hard working person with the motivation to get myself out of this situation. But something seems to stop me, or cut my wings every time I try to fly. My moon sign is Libra.

    Can you hint me what is in the near future for me. I have 2 interviews lined up...

  • hi looking4job, i can tell that recently u don have any winning situation going around u and u felt that failures is around.. but don woryr there is always a fairness in your situation.. I felt that this is your downtime for the time being.. for your current situation u have been trapping yourself in the situation much and unable to get out of it.. u couldn't take any step as every step hurts u.. one thing good about u is u don 't anyhow sacrifice things that u treasure.. but often mysteries and unknown path will lead u to more worries.. what u fear of is u unable to reach your ultimate goals and I could see that a big project or event is coming out in your life soon.. in your near future I believe that U will be much happier in your family which I myself felt very relieve for u.. although i am sad to hear that U lost another half but still I pray that u will not feel so sad about it.. my advise is that always keep your that hope ur that motivate.. I believe that this assets of yours would help u overcome ur difficulties.. it is the wish and the hope that keeps u going.. hope this helps and do give me some feedback~ 😃

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