Limit to 5 readings each~

  • Grduck, I just pick 4 cards for you see whether does this matches where u are right now~ 😃 Right now I see that u have been recovering from something u have lost and U are trying your best to forget, on the positive side there is someone cheer u up, who this person kknows how to handle the emotins that u are in and helps u to get out of there.. this person may offer u as much ideas and help to get u recover from the losses that u get.. but on the other hand there is someone who uses this authority and i believe this person is the one making u feeling lost and may try to make u to believe something that u shouldn't~~but my advise is choose what U think U should.. always believe in yourself.. those ppl who gave u the opinion is just to let you know the consequences of the path that u took.. hope this helps~ =}

  • hi Angelwings86, I believe that u need to have more patient to wait for things to reveal.. I believe right now there isn't anything u could do about your love life.. I wouldn't say that there isnt anyone would come by right now but in the later part yes.. this I believe that u need to get to know more abut the partner that u choose and deep down inside of what the partner is thinking and everything... I hope this helps as I just pick a card for u~ =}

  • hi Laara, sorry to hear that u are struggling with your relationship.. do cheer up~ 😃 ok basically his intention are trying to break up the path between u and him.. for the reason he did that is because he may not need to finanacially support u and he may get on to do what he wants with the financial wise and on the negative side he would hurt the emotions that u gave him.. what I would suggest is that this person isn't that mature as what u see in him.. mainly he may be just trying to fool around and keep dreaming~ I hope this helps~ =}

  • hi cazmayo, wat i can see is that both u and your hubby doesn't really have a strong family base support and i believe both have a rather scattered family, and there is another thing that either u or your husband may be doing something that is hurtful with each other.. i am not sure about that though but just stating out.. mainly is misuse of the smartness.. on a positive side I would say both of u keep trying hard to get what u both want due to the unsatisfaction and know how to deal with bad situation when it comes by in your life.. but on the negative both may neglect the care for each other and the sense of belonging to the family and home~ also both are stuck on a certain situation where both might have to wait and see what happen~ my advise is that before the family collaspe u might want t try to rethink what both of u may lack of and wat u both can do about it before reaching a stage where there is nothing both can do about it.. think back how both manage together~ hope this helps~ =}

  • hi cana01, hmm I believe your husband was trying his best to maintain a baance in the family.. he may have a hard time of maintaining it.. try to concern more about him a bit and he might have a hard time of juggling it himself, and all I could say is because he wanted to defense something that he doesn't want to lose.. his concern mainy came out from his action and deep inside his heart.. although he isn't that passionate one that u long for but I would say that the concern, hardwork and effort that he puts in is equally to the one that u are longing for.. I hope this helps~ =}

  • Yes I am trying to forget!!!!!! The person that I lost is trying to make me believe something I shouldn’t??? I don’t see myself having any choices at present. Will there be someone new coming into my life?

    Thanks for your insight Mikyo. Blessings!!

  • Mikyo.

    I have been dating this amazing guy for 5 month now, he is currently in a divorce process. Here is my question is there a good outcome for this this relationship. My DOB June 18, 1969, his June 1955

  • Hi Mikyo,


    just after reading your reading and spent some time pondering your thoughts.

    Yes our families are pretty poor at providing support, very much on our own with 3 very young children. My hubby was in business for years but has now lost his business. He has not been honest about the full extent, he sees this as protecting me, I see it as dishonest. Especially as he has just put his head in the sand and Im left trying to sort out one surprise debt after another. So this would be the hurtful thing one is doing to the other!!!! We are all in debt, but his actions have been reckless. I started to wonder if I ever knew him and question everything.

    I think we need to work together, rather than him put his head in the sand and me struggle on with half the facts. He promises me that I know everything now, I just hope that is the case.

    Thank you for your reading. Spot on!

    Kind Regards,


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  • Hi Mikyo,

    Thank you for the reading, I really appreciate it.

    "As from wat I see there may be too much of action going on and both may try to initiate the first move.. This also may cause leading to a burden too"

    I think you are absolutely right about that. Thing were moving too fast but in a direction that neither of us was sure about. Anyway, now we agreed to take it easy and try to be just friends. Don't know if it will work, but we'll see.

    Anyway, thank you again for that.

    Would you mind doing another reading for me? I would like to know what's ahead in the next year or so in terms of love (will I meet someone new? will it work out well?) and work (will I find a new job? will it be right for me?).

    Best regards,


  • Dear Mikyo,

    Hi, me again...I am in a bit of an odd stalling feeling...Any more info. or advice for me concering love life?

    Thanks again,

    Hobbles 🙂

  • Dear Mikyo,

    i have been dating my hubby for a year and 4 months but things have been geting pretty bad with us:/ i want to knoe if things with us will get better or not my birthday is May 29 1993 and his is November 18 1992. Thank you

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  • Dear Mikyo

    I hv this problem I just can't seem to solve on my own can u plz help me. Advice is good too.

  • I just wanted a general reading. Nothing specific....can you do a general reading??

  • I ask...because I have too many areas I want to know.

  • Sorry guys recently I have been too busy~ will get back to you all soon and thanks for all the feedback~ =}

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Hope you are doing well. Am not sure if you are still doing any reading. I would like to give you feedback after my long time disappearance.

    The scorpio guy left town in Nov. It looks like our friendship ended there too even he said that we can visit each other. I haven't have any contact from him since I have ask him what he thinks of me.

    Your prediction of the Artistic guy was true. I was so blink into this Scropio guy I dismissed it so much. I also felt it was not right to begin anything with this Artistic guy. It always start or end with argument. I have made it clear to him that I only want to be friends.

    I think I will leave relationship matter to aside although I really want to know what it has in store for me this year. If you have time could you please give an insight to any change for my career?

    Thank you

  • Thank You so much for your time in helping people with Tarot. I need a reading very bad. Last year I lost a job I had for over 15yrs. The same month my fiancee was treated and operated on for brain cancer. He survived but is a different and I can not seem to go on. Just when I feel things are getting better, my mind goes back to him and the way he use to be. Thank You for listening.

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