Limit to 5 readings each~

  • hi dmick59, just back from a short trip.. Ok regardless of quitting your job I would say very soon, I believe u have been working and develop a certain kind of bonding with this company but in order to open a new shop u need to gave either one up.. is either ur job or plan to open a shop.. but u rather choose to give it up on ur job.. ok another thing that where your finances will came by is within yourself.. There isn't anyone is out there able to give u any supports, but always bear in mind a thing.. before u even start opening a decor shop have u ever thought of how would it goes by and what will the future lies in selling decor stuff.. I may afraid that everything is just like a dream for u~ended up doing unrealistic stuff.. what i can suggest iis look on the market first check around before u plan to do anything.. cause to be frank it is not an easy one so i suggest u would on hold this idea instead of just quitting your job and ended up losing everything.. hope this helps~

  • hi DavidEP, just let u know that i am not so familiar with the us government as I am from an asian country.. so if my advise gets a little way off do let me know.. and quite surprise u do know a little of japanese.. don worry we both wouldn't accept any gift, as long our reading helps and appreciste we will be happy..

    ok as for what i see in your current situation U seems to be on the losing end.. there isn't any ways to turn the situation around.. I would say U will caught in a suspend in future.. this might be a major issue for u and i believe there is a certain thing that u wish to be done so u rather want to know what to do right now.. but from what i would say is things are hard to be picking up and if I'm not wrong ur situation is kind of having a dead end or there isn't really much solution or problems u can really solve it.. u might need to just wait.. sorry that I can't help much of it~

  • hi smokeyblue, your question was kind of general and i tried my best to know what u really want to know.. hmm.. Sorry to ask if you are on a new beginning or new journey of a risky path? i felt that u might be doing something which u never done before and everything was new and dangerous to u.. I would say that ur future u will break free from the original path that u are going to for some reason.. maybe u think that it doesn't suits u at all or too much of a risk.. I believe u don wish to go to an end.. my advise is if things aren't the way u thik, make some amend.. try to change what u are doing rather than forcing something to be on ur side.. Don know if this helps but that's what i got from the cards..

  • Mikyo can i ask you something else please if that's okay, id thought id ask first.

    Blessings Bee X

  • Hello, just wondering what sort of future there is for my current romance and what the outcome may be for he and I (as individuals and as a couple - if?). Thank you!

  • Angelbee, why not? Just ask anything u would like to ask~ =}

  • Okay i am planning to move home eventually do you see this happening?

    and job wise will i get what i am m looking for? 09/11/1991 is my bd.

    thanks again! 🙂 blessings Mikyo

  • Hi Mikyo! How are you? I was wondering if I could get a reading please. Do you me gettting in a serious relationship with my current love interest? Thanks

  • hi solarity sorry for the late reply.. For your romance wise, I believe the current situation u are in have past the risk of a relationship and the guy that u are with are much more stable.. pardon me if i get it wrong.. all this while that he is growing I felt that he might misuse his talent and may cause a certain unsercure to u.. looking into the near future I would say if ur current situation with him worsen things might not going to change for a better.. for u i would say u try all means to sustain whereas he is giving u a limited space to improve on the relationship~ in order to sustain u need to know why this guys become like that~ i believe that everything lies within the guy of yours but do stop him from getting worst~

  • hi AngelBee, hey that's a nice pic.. =D regard of moving house I wuold most likely say a no as this will cause u alot of burden and truble if u want to move.. mostly likely I would say it affects most of your life as this may be a nightmare if u wish to move.. there may be alot of unsettle thngs for u and this may cause a little hurts or damage to yourself..

    as for u will find ur ideal job, I rather saying u are totally lost right now.. U didn't know where to start from and it hasn't been a good beginning for u at all.. U have been walking on a rocky road to find which job that suits u.. and this point of time u may not have any suitable job that fits your citeria~ hope this helps and i know it is negative~ >< gomen nasai~

  • Good Morning:)

    Mikyo, my question is on page 30 when you are not busy.

    Thank You 🙂

  • hi onesta, i wonder if u have just gotten yourself out of love and u are still thinking of ur ex? pardon me if ask this question.. cause I felt that u have been waking up from dreams and face the harsh rality world.. and I believe this may affect your future on going relationship.. If i am not wrong u may meet something who is stable, quite hardworking and willing to learn from others.. more down to earth type and a logical person.. but just try not to complex any stuff that come by in your relationship~ things can be simple but thinking in a complex manner may only worsen the relationship~ Hope this helps~ 😃

  • Mikyo...How do you see my health? Do I have more than one thing going on? Do I need to be concerned? ~Blessings~

  • hi MorningGlow, Basically I see nothing in your health and I would say there might be a little things that u holding on to tight towards your health.. I know u are quite concerning about it but at times holding too tightly may cause another problem too.. might not be physicaly but emotionally.. and i see there isn't any sacrifice u have to be made about ur health so Should have nothing wrong with it.. if u ask me is there more than one thing going on I would say yes.. there is and infact this made u choose what u are doing right now.. U should be apprecating what u have but still U want to go for more stuff and ended up having more than one thing to do in your life.. the need to be concern yes because I believe u can be a very successful person but u are lonely.. i felt that u need much ppl to concern u and there is times when u need someone who can give U something simple rather than a complex feeling.. hope this helps~ =}

  • hi pilot007, if u asking about new job opportunities I would say yes.. there may be a new things for u to be venturing out.. I suspect that this new opportunities might be just round the corner.. I not really that good in estimate time though.. about next year i wuld say~ after the winter period~ for your moving of house I would say not possible in this 2 months as things are going alow for u and it is not that practical to move during this tme.. and it seems that u haven't forget something happen in your current location~ I believe is mostly memories that keep u not moving~ hope it helps~

  • Okay Mikyo but i am consfused as some people say i must move, home is not good at the moment, and i am looking to move as i am 18 and getting fed up of living with no space here and my family and that being too crowded and emotional.

    just thought you would have picked up something like that up :O) im just trying to find my way, and with the job think i do not think i am lost with that, but i have a possibilitiy of getting a job i really like, as i am in the are field of care work and thats what i enjoy doing, just trying to find a right way of getting their thats all. and perhaps in with writting as well as i am very creative.

    Can you give another go anything positive at all? if you can, it will be helpful. i will put my bd in full just so its easier, November 9th 1991, 12:10pm Uk Plymouth theres my birth details in case you need full. Sorry i just trying to pick up anything i can along the way, and looking for things that may help, thanks for helping.

    Blessings Bee X

  • Thank you Mikyo..I am not sure I totaly understand though. I have to have double bypass surgery on both femoral arteries in my legs and I have been putting it off for quites some time now.Yes, I am afraid is the reason but there is an underlining fear that I have been delaying because of another health issue I am not wanting to aknowledge. Perhaps it isn't anything and just fear holding me back. ~Blessings~

  • hi AngelBee, sorry to hear that all this happen to you~ wat i fellt that if u moves u don have any financial support and u may ended up stressing out yourself this~ about ur job maybe u have an ideal but u just need a right path only~

  • hi MorningGlow, just don worry that much i guess it would be fine~ =}

  • Okies, Mikyo i understand now 🙂 hehe, i know i will have trouble with money n that, but will figure it out in the end, its better than being here at the moment, im just putting up with it as best i can.

    I will get to the right path one day, thanks for your help, and blessings to you.

    Bee X 🙂

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