Limit to 5 readings each~

  • I am very hardworking, it's all good. Take care!

  • Mikyo thank you i was a bit worried about my health as i have not been well the past 2 days iv had 2 nosebleeds one yesterday evening and one this evening :O) i use to have them a lot, but i thought it was starting to clear and stop but who knows.

    thank you for the readings and for the love thing, i was wondering what type of relationship do you see me in? i am a bit confused on my sexuality at the moment and do not know which way i am going to be heading, and ye am a little afraid thanks again and ill try with the happy thing 😃

  • Angelbee don worry things wilk come clear and when the time comes u know how to react~~ just be your normal self~~ =} aw I guess it is the heaty that cause you to have nose bleeding? Do take more care~~ =}

  • Okay Mikyo and yes it is the heat, its been so hot in the house, i hope i am not this bad when i want to travel to a hot country because if i am then there has to be ways of slowing them down or something. oh and it just i have waited a long time to find out and not sure how much patients i have left 🙂 thats all.

    Angel blessings Bee

  • Dear Mikyo,

    Thank you for the insight...that is so funny that you say younger, because of the two, the guy I did NOT go out with this weekend is the older one...Are you saying that is possibly a different guy...that is younger than both of these men? The only other man I know that is younger than me is actually interested in someone else right at the moment from what he told me...You were right though, that the one I went out with is a very fun, exciting kind of that might be the "dreamy" part...Could you tell me if one of these three sets of initials is the one you believe I should be with then? I am a little confused... Aaron N., Dutch W., or Jeff S.?

    Thank you again for all your insight and help,

    Hobbles 🙂

  • Hi hobbles76, hmm... The only thing I can say is watch out for the older ones~~ or those mindset which is quite mature~ I can't tell u which one to choose but just take note of it~

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Any thoughts on the men in my life and whether there will be any significant changes to my love life in the next month or so?


  • Dear Mikyo,

    Hahaha...Yah, that is too funny...Jeff has a very immature mindset although he is older, and Aaron has what seems to be a mature mindset, and is older than me...Dutch has a pretty mature mindset, but is quite a bit younger than me...Will have to watch for that...Haha. 🙂 Maybe the younger one will be a good idea even if he has said that he is interested in someone else for now...may have to wait... Thank you again. 🙂

    Hobbles. 🙂

  • Hi Mikyo

    Thanks for the reading, its just that he is with someone else and am trying to move on, just that its hard. But my gut feeling tells me he is someone special to me.

  • Dear Mikyo

    Can you do a reading for me if your still doing them and if you have the time regarding my career and finances. DOB 7/16/60 female thank you Star 49

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Mikyo,

    May I ask what future do you see with my career? DOB 9/22/83 Thanks

  • Leikelaa

    Mikyo's overseas now so she asked me to do this reading on her behalf

    Looks like in terms of love you have just started moving forward. You were in a situation wherein you were bound and unable to move. Now that the binds are gone however, you dont know where your life is heading and so you are not so sure whether or not you should proceed one way or another. You may encounter people in the next few months who may strike you as alright at first but it appears to me that these men will have one flaw or another. Most dominant would be being too free spirited that he can sometimes be rash and arrogant, or a much less direct flaw, he may be secretive and manipulative.

  • Khatie

    As i have mentioned with Leikelaa mikyo is overseas and asked me to help out with a few readings if you dont mind.

    Am i right to say you're unemployed? or that currently you feel work isnt all that good and it would be better to simply leave? It appears to me either way that you feel the need to change something in your professional life. It might be that something outside where you were is tempting you to change, this however is very different from what you are familiar with and also it may be something you might not want to pursue in the long run. My advice to you would be to stay where you are, stay on track. Dont move into anything different because it looks nice, in the long run, you may be the one ending up in trouble. Its choosing between 2 evils i would say.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi KushikamiKiba,

    Thank you for your time. Here are some info to answer your queries.

    I just resigned from my stressful corporate job last month and I'm currently doing a part-time work online which is entirely different from my previous job. Sometimes I feel exhausted and stressed out that I have thought of quitting and start applying again to different Companies. I just feel confused as to whether I should pursue on this. Are you suggesting that I should stay on this online work instead and not look for other opportunities? I just want to see myself happy and contented in terms of my career.

    Also, I have personally started my own blog and have been trying my best to promote it to a wider audience and possibly monetize from it in the future. Do you think this project is a good idea?

    Your advises are highly appreciated.

  • It might be safer where you are now khatie, The blog sounds like a good idea but just try to stay away from tempting illusions of instant good life, it will only lead to your downfall

  • Hello Kush 🙂

    Do you see any new job opportunities for me as well? If Yes, could you tell me in what month?

    Also, I will have to move in the next 2months, do you see any difficulty in me finding a new place to live?

    April 21,1973

  • Greetings, KushikamiKiba & Mikyo,

    hajimemashite! okagasamade...

    I will be most grateful for a reading...whether free, or whether I need to gift a donation to you. I've got a ton on my plate at the moment, and I really seek guidance for how to finish what I've every aspect of my life. I'm way below what the US government considers to be 'poverty level', yet because I have dedicated my life to raising the consciousness of humanity in 2003, the Universe(s) have provided for me enough for me to get by.

    8/15/1980 1:51AM Princeton, NJ USA

    Arigato gozaimas shita

  • An old post however, I thought I'd say hello and wondered if you have any idea what the future holds for me?

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