Limit to 5 readings each~

  • Mikyo - are you still doing readings please? Can you see a move in July for me? If that fails, a general reading would be very much appreciated. Thank you kindly.

  • hi hobbles76, in your current semester I would say that if u have been trying your best to study alone and i would say that this semester u would have some achievement in it.. I would say that u are taking an easy way in your studies which is good for you.. if i am not wrong u are quite passionate into books.. U make the effort to achieve what u really wants..

    according to wat i see whether u should go on a date.. mind if i ask if u have been hurt badly recently? i believe this person u are meeting with he may be kind of a boring person but he might be able to give u a sense of security.. I felt that he is a stable person who can willingly to do everything for you.. and I can see a hope to further in your relationship~ do let me know how it goes~ 😃

  • hi intrigued, i think the move in july is not likely to happen as there might be a finances difficulties at that time.. mostly that happen because u might need to clear debt or there is alot of money issue that u haven't settle and I would say the matter is quite serious.. all this doesn't happen in a day, in fact it is being accumulate up~ if u were to ask me i believe it also cause a certain emotionally stress which will cause u to breakdown and heartbreaking situation.. for advise I would recommend u to be careful of the outsoming new relation that u have with ppl~ I hope this helps u and do like to hear some feedback from u~ 😃

  • he best medicine-forgive and forget instantly all hurts done by both parties to each other/misunderstandings.the older should lead an example to the young.

    stop acting&dramas.go to him and love him, take care of him.stop neglecting him.NOW

    ask your lover personally wat to do..NOW!

    NEVER be apart from your lover EVER!


  • Dear Mikyo,

    Thank you for your info. I found out he was looking for something else recently and that is why I am not sure I really am ready to go on a date with him...or anyone for sure....but you are right...I have been through a lot in the last few years as far as relationships and am still very VERY cautious...

    As far as the school goes, I am glad to hear because I am at a new university and it is very different from what I have done previously...I am very unused to the relaxed atmosphere of this university... 🙂 Thank you again for your insight...

  • Hello Ryko, I have had a second time around relationship with a man I knew and dated for 6yrs, 35 yrs ago. We have been with each other again for appr. 15 months and somewhere along the line he met this woman at a dance, they have been seeing each other for appr. 3 months , he says he just wants her as a friend. I still see him at times and he calls me almost daily. My question is:::: Is he telling the truth or is he in love with her. and if he is why is he still wanting to see me and always communicate with me, We are all in our 60,s and I still love him and this is really bothering me. When we met again after 35yrs He told me he never married and was always in love with me Can you answer some of my question? I will humbly await your answers .THANK YOU SO MUCH ...... Leonida

  • hello, Mykyo, so sorry I got your name wrong, Please forgive , ............ Leonida

  • hello i would likea reading please concerning my children im going to be a grandma for the first time in a few weeks my son goes to college and they live with me will he get a good job when he get out ? and will they move into their house? i love them i just want tem to be settled for my granddaugtherand i would like to know if my daugther will go to college next fall ?

    thank you kathy

  • Hi there Mykyo, your reply is far too close to the bone!! Very freaky. Yes, we will encounter financial difficulties. We have a property overseas which at this present time we are praying will sell. At the same time we are desperate to settle our children back into life in the UK. July/August would be the perfect time for our children in particular. To do this we would have to bring our outgoings down, clear debts etc which we are in the process of doing and taking on a house that is within our means. I am already very concerned about what we are going to do and hope that it will not cause me to breakdown. I'm not sure that I understand the last few sentences Mykyo. To be careful of?.. I'm not sure. I really hope this is all wrong but I have a feeling that you have hit the nail on the head! We are treading very warily and carefully but we do need to do something. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your time.

  • Tonight I will do the two readings and thanks for the patience~ =} sorry have been busy for the past few days~

  • intrigued thanks for your updates and sorry that if I freak you out~ haha~~ wat I meant by my last few sentence is that maybe someone u have know recently u might want to monitor way they are up to~~ I may be wrong but personally I felt that u need a lookout.. Hope that u can manage to clear the debts and not to be stressful.. There is alot of times where we are going through the dark time in our life~ I believe u can pull it through~ =}

  • Hello Mikyo, ah, time and time again in my tarot spreads I do for myself -it comes up that I must look out for myself! Someone is up to mischief and I really do think it is my brother. We had a fall out and he seems to be underhand these days.

    We have dark times to appreciate the good thankfully! I appreciate your belief that we can pull through. I hope all is good in your world and I thank you for your kindness in taking time out to help me. Kind regards.

  • No worries~~ I believe wat comes around goes around~ hey you are a reader too~ everytime I read for a reader I have some pressure too~ maybe it is because u also know tarot too~ haha~ to be able to believe, and wish for the best, that's the least we can do as a reader.. At times I do pity myself that I am a reader.. As long as people appreciate us, I am happy. Every little counts~ =}

  • Bless you Mikyo. I find it hard to get going with tarot for other people. I don't know enough! Don't be pressurised, it's very kind of you to help people. You are very much appreciated Mikyo, remember that. Take care, as you say every little counts. Happy days to you and many, many thanks 😄

  • hi Leonida, sorry that i reply to you late.. I hope i am not late for the readings.. ok from wat I see in him.. if u ask me if he is speaking the truth most likely I would say a yes.. U see he doesn't want to break off all ties because of a women that he met at the dance.. and I believe this lady he met he knows that he does't have a good feelings for her.. U see he would rather choose someone who is more of a passionate, kind and a initiative ones rather than someone who might cause something out of mischieve..

    I can understand that u are in a painful waiting situation.. but somehow I can see a path coming out on your relationship.. maybe he may ask for a marriage propose or either to stay or move in with him.. I believe that this guy u have been dating will do some action soon..

    But whatever it happens, think carefully before u start acting.. this path I believe may led u to a path that U doesn't really hope to happen and make yourself in a painful situation where u have no choice but to stay on.. it wil be hard to turn back if u choose this paths.. my advise is always listen to your inner self.. don let it gets out of control.. sometime U need a bit of logic too.. i hope that helps 😃

  • hi kathy72, Sorry that I took long enough to reply on your post.. wow you are a wonderful grandmother who cares for grand children.. Just envy that your grandchild have u as their grandmother.. haha..

    for your grandson and u were asking that if he would be able to find a job after he gets out, I would most likely say he is quite a hardworking person.. a person who leave house in the early morning came back onlyy in the evening.. but pardon me for asking something, is he always one who doesn't work well with others? not say doubting his abilities but rather that he loves to do things alone.. hardly could cope with someone in a team.. it may due to that he doesn't know how to communicate well with people and if i'm not wrong this has been bothering him quite sometime.. the reason he may be like that is because of his past expereinces that he has been going through.. but I felt that he doesn't need to open up a little more for him to click and work well with people.. hope this helps 😃

  • Hi Mikyo, when ever you have time and you are all appreciated! Don't remember what you need. 11/20/65. Financial?

  • U wanna know about your financial? Mind specific which area?

  • Hi Mikyo I love this site. In my love life, what do you see for me and my BF? His dob 5/15/1953. Mine 8/5/1951. Thanks

  • Hi Mikyo like a surprise or unexpected influx of cash would be nice, happy dreaming to me. I believe, I believe. 🙂

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