Limit to 5 readings each~

  • Thank you for my reading Mikyo! So far you're right on the money =). I'll definitely let you know how it goes once I move 😃

  • Thank you Mikyo , You are right, i know we should part our own ways. Things are very different now i guess i wanted to hear the opposite of what i already knew. Im a romantic so i want to hear the happily ever after story. But thank you for the reading .

  • hi famous5724, I can see that you are new into this feild and have put alot of emotional effort into this bussiness.. Business needs intellect.. and I woud say that a start off isn't that simple and not stable either.. right now ur situation U seems to be hanging in a suspension.. maybe U have a decision to made or U don knnow how to go about it.. but lucky u know how to made a certain sacrifice for your career.. but U might not be as good as making full use of your resources.. U should do something about it rather than sitting around.. wat u fear of is this might affect the unhappiness in ur family~ right now what u are going through the traditional way.. in ur near future u might to do some things job.. my adivise for you is u might be struggling about yourself and U just need to sort out that. try to think of a goal and don be so scattered~

    regard about ur birth father.. I would say that it is hard to control whether he is going to be disappear or not.. he may have his own reason why he never contact u.. He may have to deal with something that's why he is unable to attend to u.. I would say that U do hope for his return and hope he would stay with u.. but one thing is he doesn't like to be tied down by things.. he loves his own freedom.. one thing I must say is that U have a concern for him, just that let him do what he wants I believe in this way he wil feel much more happier.. you fear that you might lose him again and get upset over the fact that he is not around.. but don worry right now would say u are in a situation of thinking nothing but pray for his safety and return.. in the future this thoughts of urs might not be just a thought but will eventually become a reality.. my advise is that U will still be happy and even ur birth father have return by ur side it doesn't affect anythig much but rather u wil be much happier.. I hope the best for u and would like to hear feedback from u~ 😃

  • hi aries79,

    About your marriage I would say there is stil hope between u and ur husband. there is a reason why he doesn't make a divorce as he knows someday u might be back with him again.. i would say that being with your husband u are not worries that U might be poor.. he can provide u a proper living.. one thing that ur husband can't accept is another person came into the picture.. He may not know how to handle and upset over the matter..

    For your currently bf i would say that there is no movement in ur current relationship.. U might be just ended up having as a gf of his only.. maybe he is not ready for marriage yet.. as for ur this bf Udon need to made any choices.. u can leave it up to him to decide an u don have any headache.. this bf of yours I would say that he coudn't give u a stable family and he doesn't hve a strong foundation..

    my advise is going with a unstablle guy U might still ended another failure again.. and I believe that U got a reason why U wanted to look back at your marriage.. It might be u realise that ur husband might have his flaws but at least he can give u acertain security.. to reached ur ultimate goals I beliieve u already have a mind of what u actualy want.. and I believe u can make a choice.. all the best and do gve some feedback~ 😃

  • hi YoungWisdom, sure why not.. and thanks for giving me feedback.. haha so from there i know how my reading goes.. do keep me update.. 😃 wuld love to hear from u again~ 😃

  • hi alice82, everyone does love to hear good things but often the things that ppl doesn't want to hear are the truth.. Even if I didn't say the truth eventually u will know so why not I say it and let u have a preparation of what it is.. 😃 but glad u do face the reality~ good luck to u~ 😃

  • Hi Mikyo, I hope you can help me. I just transfered to a new City with my company that I have been with, selling new homes, since beginning of 98'. Moving here, feels like I have "come home". I'm not doing well at all, where they have placed me. An old boss/mentor, has also relocated to this City. She has offered me a job with her new company. My question is should I take the chance and accept her offer? Your help is greatly appreciated. I'm scared.

  • thanks again mikyo do u see anything good for my love life since that phase is over

  • thanks again mikyo do u see anything good for my love life since that phase is over

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  • Sellstar again, ( about accepteng new job).. DOB is 12-01-59.. thought it would help, ha!

  • This post is deleted!

  • thank you soo much yeah right now im battleing addiction i do have to make a big decion i have basically been handed a very good job... im trying sooo dricken hard to not use agin i mean triggers are as bad as even smelling a cig the wrong way or having a dream about it... thank you i though i no what needs to be done no please pray for me.... that i wont use again uhhh i hate that monkey on my back im way too good for that`1!!!!!!

  • Hi famous5724, I will try to pray for you.. And hope u will get over it soon~~ 😃

  • Hi Mikyo. How have you been?

  • Hi Thor9 I am doing fine~~ haha alot of interesting things happening around~~ wat about u?

  • Good Morning Mikyo:)

    I love that pic of you and Kiba on the Faith and Love Forum. You guys make such a CUTE couple!!

    I was wondering if you see me getting engaged this year? If Yes, could you please tell me what month?


  • Mikyo:

    Things have been manageable. Had some trouble along the way, but I weathered those few storms. Now things are relatively peaceful.

  • Hi thor9 glad to hear that u do~~ well just beware this few days~~ it might be because mercury are going retrograde till 12 sep.. But lifes~ alway up and down~ =} hope that your days are peaceful for a long time~~ do take care too~~

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Do you mind giving me a reading regarding my relationship right now?

    Will our love last? or shd i just let go.....Thanks for the advices render in advance.

    Me: 5Mar1976

    Her: 4Nov1987

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