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  • hi Mikyo, thanks for your time, I will take your advice on board

  • Hi...I can see you have been very popular! If you have any insight as to my current relationship...its very high energy and a bit concerned about the prospects. I as well just left a 10yr marriage with trust violations so this is quite new waters for me. Thank you kindly

  • hi PolarityClarity, I would say that the person that U would meet will not met wat u expect and this person might always try other ways rather than the safer way of doing.. I would see that things are not really so optimistic for the future of who u will meet.. I know that U have been trying your best in fnding the right one and i think if u are patient and carefully look at the person u choose, U will meet someone wiser and the time that u put in will be pay off.. 😃 hope this helps~

  • hi mayfirst, if u ask me will u be cheated I would say things are going well and on the brighter side so u should be fine with the inheritance.. ad as for travelling with the family I would say there is a possibilities as I dn see any obstacles coming in ur way though.. moving on to what u think U wish to do.. but may I know if ur current situation U don feel comfortable and don feel happy that's why U have those thoughts on ur mind? in the positive that u will not be poor but ur thinking are just plain too simple.. I believe that right now there is a complicated senario tht u are going through.. what u fear of is the paths that open to u and u fear of the unknown path lies ahead of u.. right now I would see that certain things that aare happening are unsuccessful and U are kind of worried.. in ur near future there might be a risk that U are taking and u may need to use more intellect to deal with matters and things.. my advise is try to learn from ppl around u.. how they deal with things and matter.. thismay helps u to get thrrough thse difficult times.. hope this helps and do like to hear your feedback~ 😃

  • ok well im new to this so i hope im doing this right my question is will me and my ex ever get back togther and last

  • Hi it's my first time in the forum. Thanks for your offer and time. Could I please have a reading about what might be coming up for me in the near future. In love and light 🙂 I'm heartbroken and the man I love is no to good communicating his true feelings and I'm a little lost. My birthdate is 04/06/1963 and his is 07/06/1963. Your advice is pretty mch appreciated.

  • Dear Mikyo,

    THNAK YOU for taking the time to respond to all our requests here.

    I will take your advice and follow my instincts 🙂

    Love and Light,

    December Girl

  • Dear Mikyo, I am not sure if you have any more time for these posts, if not, no problem. If you do, it would be wonderful if you could let me know what you see happening for me over the next couple of months? It feels as though everything is changing, especially to do with my job and my love life, I am hoping the changes are good but am confused as to what to do. My DOB is 30/12/67. Thankyou so much.

  • Thank you, Mikyo.

    My husband 02/10/1964 and I 05/30/1964 had a long talk the other night. We were able to get a lot off our chest. We seem to becoming a lot closer but I know that it is a hard road ahead. As for the financial part, I have taken part in listening to what needs to paid and when. I turned it over to him a couple of years ago cause I was tried of doing it. I wanted him to see and realize where all the money goes.

    As for my son, he is very dear to my heart. You are right, he has given me that much trouble and when trouble did come, I helped him through it. He likes living with his step father (my present husband) but, just hates it when he lays down the law. I am sure we know how that is, lol.

    I know that I am not appreciated for all that I have done. But, in the long run there will be a day when my husband realizes just that. So, as to where our future holds I don't know. We (all of us) are looking for a new place to rent. I am hoping that it will workout for us. It will be better for us financially. I feel that we can over come all of this. But, I could be wrong.

    But, you did my read well. And hit it right on the head. You are amazing. Thank you for my reading. Just one more thing, when things arent right or I know that something is wrong. I get a strange feeling inside and if I am suppose to look for something that is hidden. I am lead to it. It is really werid. That is how, I have found out about everything. Always wondered if I have a gift but have not tuned into it. I have been told that I do and I need to let it come forth.

    Well, Thank you very much. Take care.

  • Hi slg64, thanks for the feedback and glad that things turns out well~~ life is always about obstacles and stuff~~ maybe somehow u can try listening to yourself~~ your inner self~~ u might have develop something~~ 😃

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  • Hi 2scorpio1sag, I could see that things are changing for the better and I pressume that it is both in ur career and love life.. Things may not be a better situation in the resent but I believe that in future it will be better.. It is the way of life wat goes will goes and what u do will give u a ending.. But regardless of the ex that u mention.. I guess she might be out to no good.. I can see that she's a very intellect person but somehow she used it on a wrong way.. I would say that this part of relation between u and his ex are just not on good terms.. I believe that she has done something.. Although at times u may be feeling a little unstable about ur partner but don worry someday we will see through everything and know who is the one in the right or wrong.. 😃 hope to hear ur feedback soon and take care~

  • Hi dmick59, no problem with that~~ hope u can do well in the future.. =D

  • Hi watergirlie, I would see that u might have done something which it doesn't worth u doing and I can see that u are trying to recovering yourself from the hurt that u get.. I can see that u have been stressing out yourself and not getting much of rest.. I believe it is the relationship problems that u are trying to sort out. Also u don wish to share any burden with anyone and ended up carrying all the burden by yourself.. Sometime u wish u can find someone who can share it with u.. Ur caring and not troubling ppl are what makes u a nice person.. But I would say that u will not satisfy with the answer until ur husband tell you personally.. U fear that things getting complex and there is no harmony in your this relationship.. From what I can see is that u need care from ur husband and the love that u long for.. In ur near future I can see that things might not be as per wat u want and u began to face the reality soon.. My advise is that there is certain things u can't do about it.. Wat u need to do is let it go by it's own.. The matter will soon reveal and u will know what u are going to do next.. Rather than u made it go by ur way which might worsen the whole situation~~

  • Hi alice82, I would say that even u and ur ex get back it will not be a happy situation.. Mostly likely I would say it is hard to get back.. I would see that things might not be the same anymore and once broken it will always leave a scar.. And getting back with him will only add a burden to both of u and I believe u know this long ago.. My advise is in this world nothing is unfair.. There is always a consequences of doing certain thing making certain choices.. It is the matter that u deserve or doesn't deserve.. Hope this is clear for u and do hope to hear feedback =D

  • Hi fantasia63, I would see that u alone are a successful person but is rather lonely~ u may have been trying ur best to search for something which u always wanted but ended with the person now who doesn't treat u really good. I would see that u have not learn from ur past experiences and have been very trouble lately.. U felt that u are just not making ur choices right and wish that u have not choose him from the start~ wat u fear of is things are not practical at all and this relationship doesn't move towards the better but instead it slow down and move to the unrealistic path.. I would say that ur relationship is on the risk right now.. Anytime the parties may broke off.. In ur near future I don see any progress going on and eventually either one will make the move of breaking.. My advise for u is to move on and hope for the better future~ do hope to hear feedback 😃

  • Hi LovedOne33, I could see that ur past are leading a simple lifestyle and I believe u are more of a simple person and don like complicate stuff.. If I am not wrong there is a certain situation u are in often left u in a losing end and things often don turns out good for u.. I would also say ur life are pretty much down to earth and things have been happening too fast for u..

    In ur present life I do see that things still remain as it was and still haven pick up, but I would see that u are going to start on something that deals with intellect.. Most likely I would say is more towards ur work.. I believe that all this happening u need someone who can standby u and care for u appreciate who u are.. But right now I don see any if them yet..

    In ur future, I can see that wat is happening is going to be resolve and remain back to the simple life that u use to be and lead a harmony life.. Then u can finally take a break from wat u have been doing all along.. But to reach ur ultimate goals it is still a little far from what u expect and there may have a certain things that u might be foolish about in work.. I would say that meeting another guy u might not be much of a possible.. If I am not wrong u doesn't have much guys friend and social circle is small.. not impossible but it is difficult to meet.. My advise is not all the time u will receive good news or things.. At times u need to be the giver.. When u give u will receive that's the circle of life.. Hope I am clear and do hope to hear feedback from u~~ 😃

  • hi there im very nervous i havnt i just turned 20 august 5th i just started my new buissness which i wonder if it will prosper it is a spray tanning buisness.... then i found my birth father a month ago i havnt heard from him in a week is something wrong should i be worried about him or did he just dissapear again can you help me please find some peace of mind in those 2 areas?

  • May i have a reading about my marriage? i live with my boyfriend for awhile now but im still married to my husband since 2002. i still see him every week . my question is . should i go bk to him or stay with my bf? where does my happiness lay?

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