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  • hi justakoolkat, no problem with that do hope for the best~ 😃



  • If you have the time and strength, I'd just like to know if theres any way to tell how the future might look for me, both near and far. I've just been through a rough patch, and am wondering when the sun's gonna come out again... any help appreciated.

  • Thank you so much Mikyo - Thanks for the positivity and hopefulness!


  • Hi Mikyo

    I'm dealing with a difficult breakup at the minute, any advice on how to heal, or if there is a chance of a reconciliation (difficult situation), kindest regards

  • Hi Mikyo,

    you are right.I have abusive marige behind me.After that I got invoved in a relationship, fall in love and he just used me, so its hard for me to trust again. I dont want to be hurt again.The person who is gona suit me must be the one I can trust, cuz trust play big role for me.

    Thank you


  • Hi Mikyo,

    I have been married for 6yrs. and it has been a lot of ups and downs. I have on child by my first marriage and he has three but one is adopted and the other one the mother is living out of state and he has not had any contact. But, we seem to make it through it all. But, lately it seems like we are not connected anymore. We talked the other day and we are going to try and make it work. But, he seems to acting very odd towards me.

    During our talk, he stated that on some days, he feels like leaving and moving on. That if he had the money then he would. That he wishes that he could have been a better father. Then he went on about he father (who commited suicide when he was 9yrs.) and he has gone to see a counselor but it didnt seem to help him so he didnt go anymore I have suggested that maybe he should to understand why he is feeling angry, lonely and unloved. he requires so much attention. I guess I just understand him anymore.

    I guess I am wondering is what is going on. I know that we financially are not doing all that well. That is why I am working two jobs. But, that doesnt seem to matter. Are we ever going to do get ahead of the game? Are we going to stay together or go our separate ways? I know in the past he has called his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and at times tries to hide stuff from me. But, I always find out or find it. He is very sneaky or tries to be. but, I know that he has either slept, called or is just being unfaithful. But, I cant prove this. I do love him very much but I guess I just don't know what direction to in anymore. I know that finanically I am unable to make it on my own right now. I have my son who is a senior in high school, which David (my husband) is so jealous of.

    I guess you must know where I am going with all of this. It is confusing I am sure to you but it is worst for me. I walk on egg shells inorder not to cause any upsets. I really need some insight. I know that this is alot to take in but if you could just help me out. PLEASE!!!!

  • Sorry I forgot to tell you, my birthday is 05/30/1964 and his is 02/10/1964.

  • Dear Mikyo,

    THANK YOU for your insight 🙂

    There have been some recent developments in my love life. My partner (of 8 years) and I had a mutual breakup early in May. I have not contacted him at all, but he has written me and just called yesterday.

    I love him and want it to all work out. I'm wondering what the future holds for us....

    Me: 12/27/59 (Capricorn) Him: 04/16/57 (Aries)

    Thank YOU for you help!

    Love and Light

    December Girl

  • hi. Id love a reading if at all posible. I really need to know where to go from the place im in now.. I am a single mum to 3 and own and run my business doing healing works. I have been very hurt in the past. Id like to know what you can see for me in my future and weather i will have my dream of getting married or atleast finding lasting love. Thank you so much for taking the time to do these sure it is very helpful for the people you read for. Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Hi Mikyo - well - I am not certain what you mean so I will see what I can pull from what you said.

    I do have strong emotions - yes. I am not good at keeping things bottled up. If I get angry - I get angry and if I am happy - I am happy. I unfortunately do let these things out and sometimes at inappropraite times. I am a very homest person - to the point that if I am angry, I do tend to let people know that I am angry. I do not pretend not to be angry, say things are okay when they are not. The person I am referring to does live a few miles away, but he does not travel that much. we both have our own families and our own issues to attend to. I was wondering if we would still be good friends and get to do some things together in the next year. We started out by having a very good connection, but people close to us did not understand and thought it was something else and sort of ruined our friendship. I am tired of others controlling what I do and who I talk to and such. That's pretty much it. But maybe this particular person is not really meant to be a friend afterall. Just someone I know. THANKS! I appreciate your help!

  • Will i be cheated on my inheritance? And can I travel independently abroad with a home in the future?

  • hi turtledust, somehow I just felt that maybe both of u beig friends is better~ all the best to u and thanks for the feedback~=)

  • hi Anastazyah, regardless about ur future I would mainy say towards the career more than your family.. ok as from what I see is U have been holding tight to your current career and i pressume U know what U want from there.. but things might not turns out as perwhat u wish to and been going downwards.. there is acually a path for u to choose in between but U may be mislook about it and took the wrong path~ my advise is everything may fall but it doesn't matter.. treat as a learning experience for you and make full use of wat u have go through in order not to repeat the same mistake again~ hope i am clear~ 😃

  • hi Duke78, I believe that during this rough time u have been trying to bring your inner strength to help yourself in your current situation. I believe that this is a major issue for u and has been affecting much of your life regardless in any aspect of your life.. in your current situation U are trying your best to move to a better situation and u have made some sacrifice for yourself to do it.. but somehow rather things have not been judge fairly that's why U are trapped in this kind of situation.. you fear that u might have lose the hope in yourself and everything.. but right nw i see that there is actually a major transformation for u.. If i am not wrong this part of your life is a turning point for u.. in your near future I would say that things might be more and more complex for you and coming to the far future there might be a certain good news to hear and things are getting some good start.. my advise is try to learn to build a stable life for yourself.. do what's realistic for u and this support must be strong one.. hope this helps and do give me some feedback about it~ 😃

  • Duke78, to add on to your far future do be careful as u may act on implusive and rashness to situation~ 😃

  • hi temperance24, I could see that u are unable to break of the relationship bonding with him.. there might be a few reason as U still have the love and thoughts for him and it is really hard for u to shake it off.. I would say that being together u need alot of effort and element to make a relationship works.. of course not solely on a person but in fact is both of you.. if one person gave up then this relationship will go out of balance.. my advise for u is U can learn from this expereinces and try to maintain your emotional balance.. hope this helps.. I been through painful past too and one of them took me 1 year plus to forget.. all along I have been stupid to love him and make alot of mistake which is not worth it.. do hope u can get over it soon.. 😃 hope to hear ur feedback too~

  • Hi ida41, it is always hearbreaking when someone is being abuse and being hurt in relationship.. I wonder why can't they just treat we girls as part of what they treasure.. I don mind every guy but just hope for the best for u.. even there is 1% of good guys I believe that U will met him somedays.. keep your hope alive.. 😃

  • hi slg64, don worry it is not confusing at all.. haha.. there are even more complex stuff out there.. in yur past between u and him I believe that u have tried alot of methods to get together with him and trying all the impossible ways that U have realise.. all this while seems like a dream and imaginary event for both of u and both chooses their own path fro the beginning.

    in your present I believe that u have get alot of information from others advising u and I personally felt that he doesn't appreciate much of what U have been doing.. U tried to withdraw yourself from the situation without being getting really hurt and ended a dead situation for yourself.. but there are certain things U must learn and began with.. I am sure u can trust your son base on his performances and both of u can actually lead your own life.. I wowuld say your son is quite a stabe and hardworking guy which he don gve u any trouble.. 😃 if U said earlier in your message that both u and him doesn't have a good financial I guess U lead your own life rather than involve with him.. cause u will be unable to handle the situation and get yourself into much more trouble.. this relationship from the start with him, often U are being treated unfairly..

    in your fuure I would see that U are trying to convince yourself give up on this person and learn to look at things clearly as not to repeat what's goin on again.. I wouls say that there will be a new path opening up for u which will lead U to a major transormation in your life~ my advise is stick with your son and see how it goes first.. I believe U will get the answer soon from there.. Personally I don normally say this out but as I read your post I felt that this person unable to trust with.. I bet sooner or later he would try to do something out.. do be careful and hope to hear feedback from u~ 😃

  • hi DecemberGirl, for ur past relationship with him I would not mention again as I have already dnoe part of the reading for u earlier.. for your present I would say that situation are keep u going and u can see what is ahead of u.. there is not much sacrifice to make between u and him right now and I can see that I don need to protect anything till u get hurt. I would say that u are much more optimistic now and this partner of yours was once who get hold of situation often and he always do thigs unrealistic.. I would say that he might not know all tis while until the break up..

    in your future.. I believe he has sort out a certain things and came back to be more down to earth person and much of a stable person too.. he may know how to manage his own issue financial wise without letting u to worry much for him.. my advise is listen to your inner self~ and trust it.. often we girls have something call sixth sense.. trust that feeling of yours and go by it.. this might works for u~ and do hope to hear fom u again~ 😃

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