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  • good morning Mikyo

    I was wondering if you can do a reading for me. My dob is 3-15-1963. My boyfriend years and I (his dob 11-25-1968) just split up because he became very confused on what he wanted. He started seeing someone else and I told him to never contact me again unless he knew what he wanted. I am just very sad and am having a hard time moving forward with my life. I still love him and think of him everyday. If you could tell me what you see for me for the future I would really appreciate it very much. Thank you

  • Do u still do readings? I see that there are more than 5 replies which is why I ask. Let me know.

  • I am still doing more readings~~ =}

  • Hi Mikyo!

    I'm also interested in a reading if you still have time...

    I have been seeing a guy for a bit over 3 months, but I'm not sure if I should continue with that as he's sending kind of mixed signals. One day he seems interested, the other day distant and so on.

    My DOB is 17.04.81, his 17.09.80.


    All the best!

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  • Dear Mikyo...

    Thank you so much for your insight and your time is much appreciated.

    God bless...


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  • Thank you for replying, sorry it took so long to get back to you. I have 2 jobs (nurse) and don't get much free time. I would like to do online readings and be able to quit my part time job, but I'm a bit hesatint because I don't want to quit my second job untill I'm sure about doing readings, which means I'll have 3 jobs at once < 😮 I have a friend that reads, she has about 20 regulars and that's all she does! She has been encouraging me to try it again.

  • I would like to have a reading done as I have never had one. Could you help me out with that?

  • I would love your insight again as well, anything you pick up is fine. TY

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  • I am struggling in a relationship right now and would like to know what his intentions are at this moment? My DOB is 7/05/1977 and his is 11/21/1972.

  • Hi Kuruts, i believe that this guy u mention about, is it u always making the first moves? This may seems that he is interested but somehow I felt that things are just trying to make you move towards the direction that he seems to be interested in you.. He may be just trying to open another path which seems promising.. But at the same time he may be wondering where do this path lead him to. I believe that wat both of u may afraid is a burden to each other.. Things can work out if you both are willing to. As from wat I see there may be too much of action going on and both may try to initiate the first move.. This also may cause leading to a burden too~

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  • Hi Mikyo,

    Whenever you have a moment! would love a reading.

    Im (25/8/70) and hubby (14/4/70) both finding life hard in all areas. Trying to move forward after a few hard years, yet nothing is happening. What is going on with him?

    kind regards


  • Hi quenkath, sorry that I make you wait~ >< this few days kinda busy~ tonight I will get back to all of u~ =} thanks for your patient~~

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  • Hello, I am new here and I was wondering if someone could tell me what is going to happen with my husband ?

  • =} Quenkath I did a reading for u and one of your friend~ hope this helps and would like to hear feedback from u~

    First i will give u the future 5 months of the love life that u are going through.. I will start from nov~

    Nov : in the month of nov, I would say that in your love life things that U wish for and those effort that u put in you will see the result that U want.. things wil be going smoothly for you.. in the positive of this month is u may have a certain doubt within yourself but this doubt will give u a clearer look into the love life but of course this may also cause u to be more indecisive and whether to trust yourself more or on the facts that u were thinking..

    dec : in month of dec, mostly it is trying to say that there is something u haven't really get over.. u are trying your best to but nothing seems to work.. good thing is u may go on a new path which u choose for your love life, but on the other hand this may be a difficult and rocky path for u to move on.. this month things may get really fast for you so do prepared~

    Jan : in month of jan, like i say previously u may not move on, but right now u are recovering from the hurt that u get.. truth may be cruel to you but it let u see the reality more.. you learn to let it go not to harp on it anymore but still U would never know what lies beyond the relationship.. u are still being keep from the dark to know every truth..

    Feb : In month of feb, right now U are getting to knnow what u really want in your life.. after the hurt which may cause ur life to break down right now u are trying to doing something for your life apart from your love life.. one thing always bear in mind that there is always a fair judge in everything.. whatever it happen there is always a consequences to bear and a price to pay for.. negative thing is u may seems to get out of the situation but it doesn't seems to have a promising future in love life~

    March : In month of march, I would say u are still getting yourself into a hearbreaking situation again~ there may be because of the choices that u choose and what u have done.. u always go for things that never change and this often makes u feel tha u are always in the same situation.. there might be this guy who hurts u often and do risky stuff, without much consideration keep revolving around your life..

    Basically after what I have seen, I would say that things are not going pretty well for the next few months for you.. there may have something u have not settle with and keep getting into a deeper situation that might led to this scenario.. I am not so sure about it but just let u know.. =}

    regard about the friend of yours, may I ask of he is trying to make something to happen or rather I say something is coming into his life? I believe that he is the type of guy who wanted more and more stuff.. in his current situation I believe that he has a new work or a new project coming in for him, good thing is that he knows what kind of advise he could use and what kind he shuldn't but there is times that he might miss a certain advise that ppl gave him especially those very expereince one.. one thing is that he might have a long break which doesn't seems to benefits him at the point of time.. he may fear that he couldn't accomplish what he wants to do, like being able to support, earn more money and have a stable income.. but from what I see now this situation he might not happy with what he is right now.. in the near future I believe he will learn how to appreciate things, learn that life is not about keep working rather he would understand work hard play hard~ my advise for him is try to maintain a balance even though it is hard.. it has never been easy to learn to balance leisure and work but at the most try to maintain.. if work too much this friend of yours may fall sick and ended up giving medication fee.. so at times try to relax~ I hope this helps your friend~ 😃

  • NeptunesDaughter, could u specify which area u want to know? =}

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