Limit to 5 readings each~

  • Mikyo...Thank you and I will try not to worry~Blessings for you~

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Glad to hear your back from vacation. I am also grateful to KushikamiKiba who gave me advices too about my career. He/she told me to stay from where I currently work now because it will be better in the long run. However, there are still times that I feel tempted to apply again in different stable companies and try my luck, believing that better pay and benefits could be waiting somewhere. What do you think of this?

    Also, I would like what could be happening to my business partner as he did not even care to get in touch with me to return my partnership investment? Is he hiding from me?

  • Thanks Again Mikyo 🙂

  • Just a quick question. Should I start reading cards again professionally after many years not. ( doing reading for myself never worked well)

  • hello mikyo may i have a reading? would like to know about career and relationship matter if somethings going to come up in that part of my life. bd is 6/21/57 thanks so much if you can look for me. blessings to you.

  • Hello,

    I'm new here. I need a reading. I am in need of guidance at this time.

  • hi khatie, if u ask me wat do i think of it, I pick a card which is King of cups for u.. basically it shows that most of the time u do things may base on what u feel rather than logically.. I believe u know that another job is tempting but base on your own personalities U may went on for it but in the end u might regret about it and ended up losing both jobs.. things may seems to be that tempting but it is just the beginning only.. u wouldn't know what's going on for the long run.. I felt that u might want to hear out some ppl who are close to you knowing about your job so that u can actually decide again.. being someone who is creative, this creative can use on any kind of job as long as u know how to make good use of it.. 😃

    regard about ur business partner I wuld say most likely he might be very happy right now and might be totally forgetting about u.. if u were saying is he hiding mostly yes cause I believe u couldn't track him right now and no matter what u did he seems like totally disappearing from your life..whether is he trying to cheat on your moneey is still hard to say but I felt that he might not have the intention to return u.. in the near future I would say that U will caught up in a situation where u couldn't see much of a choices in getting back the investment.. either way it is risky for you to get it back from him.. what I can give u is is there is way for u not to know too much about it I would say try not to dig into matters.. sometime being in the dark is better than knowing everything.. being blind not able to see might be a blsssing to you.. hope this helps =}

  • hi MLAnanda, glad to know there is another reader again~ =} stress for me to do a reading for another reader.. haha.. well i personally felt that reading for self will never works at all..

    ok starting as a reader again might not be a bad idea as u no need to travel.. if I'm not wrong u plan to do as a online reader? this might works for u as I believe u might felt that U wanted to be a reader again.. not really a need but just that u wanted to.. with your current influence, it seems to be a brighter way for u and U are not bored down by just doing routine.. I think u choose this path because U wanted to expereince something different everyday, something new.. positive is that it seems that most ppl might be more open to this kind of reading concept and getting into readings are more and more.. so u might have opportunities that ppl are start to accept reader.. whereas the bad part is that there might be misuse of this career and the intellect.. there is a possibilities of misusing what u have learn and make it more commercialise.. I am not saying that but this might happen.. what u afraid is that u may not continue this for long as there is difficulties of being as a reader itsef.. u see there is so much readre out there giving readings and mainly customer don always go for a reader only.. some may went for one after another.. and looking at what u can see this might not be even a good start as a reader again. u may have previous customer contacting u but since there is so many readers around this might hinder u and cause the career to be unstabe.. if in the near future of your career I would say it is a beginning of a dead end.. not really a dead end but a risky path.. my advise is that can took it as a subline but actually career wise I don think u would even want to consider at all.. hope it helps~ do like to hear feedback from u~ =}

  • hi honnustee, regard about your job, I can see that in your current situation there might be new emotions that u are communicating with or that u have engage in your current career.. It may seems to be a good starrt but personally I felt that might let u to a destructive point.. iit has yet to come but prepared for something worst to come by.. what I can advise u is that to be careful of the person that u are mixing with and this person may seems to be good in career field and knowledgable but you wouldn't know that it may causing u into trouble~

    Pardon me if I am wrong.. it seems that there is a person u seems to feel that there is a possiblities to get further into a relationship.. it is good to have someone in mine but do always know this person better as I see that it might not be a so stable relationship wise.. maybe it is a rush decsion making for going into a relationship and this may just cause another repeats in your relationship life again~ just careful not to walk up another same path again~ hope it helps and do like to hear feedback from u~ 😃

  • hi Laara, I am not certain of what question U are asking but as for guidance I just pick a card for you and hope it helps.. From what I can see, I believe that U have been on a rocky and doesn't have a good start off from the beginning.. I am not certain of what it was but this might seems to affect u in most of the aspects in yur life.. there is a saying that when the start off isn't that good, it might be a point that u are leaning, as time goes u will get on the right track and gain something from it.. it may be your life.. but even u didn't have a good start it doesn't mean that's the end of the paths just tha u may be choosing something even harder and difficult but doesn't it train u to be a stronger person? don't know it helps a not if u want to specific do let me know~ glad to help u~ =}

  • Mikyo,

    May i have a reading please?

    My husband and i are taking a few days for his vacation and would like to know how things will go, will be able to gamble a little at casinos, sure hoping to win some.( Ha who wouldnt.)

    Thank you and may you stay blessed in all you do.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Mikyo,

    Hello, I know you're I was wondering if you can please do a reading for me when you have the chance.

    I have recently met someone, and i was wondering if you can tell me what you see - is there any potential with this man in my life?

    My DOB: 01/29/82

    Thank you so much...

  • Mikyo,

    Sorry think i jumped on your thread, and you already had your number. sorry again.

    Be Blessed.

  • I am pending court proceedings with my ex boyfriend of 10 years. We had purchased a home and had plans of getting married when I decided we needed time away from each other since we were beginning to lose respect from each other. However, now he has gone on and is seeing someone else. He has taken this person into what was going to be my house. His new girlfriend has attempted to get personal information of mine from websites that I happen to be a member of but I have found out about this. I filed to take him to court as I want him to pay me what I invested in this house. It breaks my heart since I continue to love him but I just dont think it is fair that I paid to remodel this home and someone else sleeps in it. I have informed him via text messaging that she is attempting to get into my personal information and provided him with her name as proof. This situation is driving me crazy and is now even affecting my job performance at work.

  • @Larra~ Sorry to hear about what happen to you~ But u do need to calm down first.. I may not be able to give u any advise but this is wat I think. If this pushes u too hard u can consider to take a few off from your work.. U may try to sort out yourself first before u try to settle things with your ex and his gf~ ok then u must think which one can be settle within that period of time first.. Settle those which is the easiest.. And also I think that having too much information on Internet isn't that safe.. Try to cut off everything before the girl gets too much information~ and also settle things one by one~ don get everything one shot u might ended stress again~ hope it helps

  • The good thing is that on the sites she has attempted to view information only my name is posted and not my personal information. I am very descreate about this. I just want to know why she wants to see my personal information and what he is thinking now that I have informed him about this? I really want to know and I guess this is what drives me crazy is what is in his plans?

  • hi witchywomen, for how would your vacation would goes, I would say that there might be a little of a small conflict as usual things would be happening.. what I mean is that both of u may just caught up in the situation where things would just be the samee old ways and nothing new in this vacation.. but somehow this time I would say U would expereince things that is unexpected to you~ =}

  • hi aquagrrl82, I would start with by telling u about what's this guy, I believe that he is someone who knows how to appreciate things that u did for him, and he knows how to see that who has put in effort and who doesn't.. He may seems to be an implusive person but at times he is passionate too.. u may often find him able to motivate, and there might be a certain good news that he would be able to bring.. considering he is partially a stable guy to be with too.. if u asking me whether is there any possibilities I would say there might have a chances to.. since u met him he may be a messenger, there is most likely u might have a chance to be with him.. and he can be someone giving u an advise on things that U are doing on.. basically U feel that u are comfortable which is most important.. but what lies for u although things may seems too good to be truth, most importantly he may treat everyone like that too.. I am nott certain but that might causes U to do something which U might not wish to in the near future.. U may be a careful and fast making decision but when come to relationship it might not be just plain easy.. still considering before getting into relationship is more impportant~ =}

  • Thanks Mikyo

    It may be same old, same old but we are going to try and enjoy the best we can with all the things that has happen lately, just time away will help, hopefully.

    Thanks again, stay blessed.

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