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  • Hello Mikyo, I agree that this new woman is not the one for him.... He has stated that and yet I have also discovered that he is physically involved with her, this of course makes the entire relationship with me much different ..For Me... I have been troubled and hurt for many months now,, and have finally come to the conclusion that I should just BOW-OUT, like you said he has some thinking to do, and I informed him 2 days ago that I no longer want to see him. I was kind and thoughtful in expressing this to him and I will set my energies elsewhere. Perhaps in time I will meet some one who is more genuine and has a better sense of what their feelings really are. Until then I have no choice but to live by my words and actions. I feel I have Humiliated myself, lost my self confidence which was already fragile. I will move on... open new doors and wish and meditate to the CREATOR to help me along the way. Thank you so much for answering my post .... Right Now This Is my logic ...... Any encouragement would be appreciated ... Leonida

  • hi nice to meet you

    if you have the time plz

    id be gratefull of a reading

    on whats coming in regards to my lovelife


  • Dear Mikyo,

    Hi, just wanted to update let me know that it was a good idea to go out with the guy I was talking to, and I realized I was kindof talking to two guys... I went and hung out with one of those guys this weekend, and had a great time. I really did not expect I was wondering if you could tell me any more about how things could turn out with this guy...d.o.b. 5-2-79...thanks again! 🙂

  • mikyo most of the time im felling depressed asking my self continuous questions all over with no answer, i miss him alot what should i due? does he love me still? think about me and will he come back?my day of birth is 8/10/86 his 09/25/87

  • Hi RubyRedLips, I say that between u and ur bf u both are undergoing a different kind of relationship.. I believe both of u does things different from each other too.. And to be seeing the fact that u doesn't have much of financial problem with him.. But there are times that u try to control the way as it is.. And making things complicated.. Sometime in a relationship one must learn how to give and take.. If not there is a possibilities that u might ended up alone. U can have everything but without care u would be lonely~

  • Hi poetic555, if u want a surprise or an unexpected cash.. I believe the first step is to start to communicate with ppl right? Without talking or speaking to someone and just day dreaming isn't going to work.. Also I believe that in order to get unexpected cash, u must work hard for it.. I don say u are thinking of stealing but just telling u to be more down to earth.. Hope this helps~

  • Hello Mikyo it's so wonderful to do readings for everyone. I was wondering if you could help me by answering a yes or no question. I was wondering if my money that I've been waiting for will be coming this week? If you can help me it'd be most appreciated.

  • Leonida, glad I could able to help u a little~ u have my support and don say that u humilated yourself.. He just doesn't deserve u.. At times there is much things can cause a changes in life.. I hope you will soon get out of ur situation soon~ do take care~

  • Hi cuteassme, in your current live life I believe this guy that came into your life doesn't want to risk in getting a relationship with u.. He is afraid that he might get hurt.. But for ur situation u don mind to wait a little longer for him as u believe love cannot be rush. Just to warn u that there is alot of things u cannot hold on too tight.. If it is yours it is.. If u hold on too tight u might get hurt~ hope it helps~

  • Hi hobbles76, I suggest u to wait a little longer rather than jumping into conclusion.. Because from the card that I pick for u.. I believe this one that u talking about might let u to a dead end a not happy scenario.. He may be dreamy but too much dreaming and unrealistic stuff can cause u getting out of hand very fast.. So I suggest u to look and observe more about this person.. And the other one I believe is a younger guy.. I see that he is quite a hardworking one and willing to learn.. so u might need to see how it goes first.. Get to know them more.. I believe u will see wat I meant~ =}

  • Hi luvmyluna, I would say that your believe are strong and u often think that he would be back for u.. But on wat I see is that alot of people might have been giving u some advise and tell u wat would happen between u and him~~ but since from the start there is hope.. I believe he would be back to you and do wat ppl have advise for u.. I would say things will start to come back to you fast~~ so do have a little patience.. Don't depressed.. Just keep your believe~

  • hey Mikyo its Angelbee here, my names was rebeccaAnn, thinking we have met earlier on the thread 🙂 i was curious do you see anything to do with love happening with me this month at all with anyone? like a relationship and perhaps my health too if thats possible.

    birthday is 9/11/1991 if that helps 🙂

    Angel blessings Bee X

  • Dear Mikyo

    I would greatly appreciate a reading from you.

    I am a 28 single year old female and would like to know what you see on my romantic path and so forth. Also any connection/develpments with a man named Daniel, ard 34 years or so, I am strongly drawn to him for a loooong time now and have strong feelings for him.


  • No Mikyo it's okay, quite often I do get windfalls of money in mysterious ways just was wondering if one was on the way and God is my supplier. Thanks anyway have a wonderful day! 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • hi LyricalGenius, if u ask me would your money coming in this week i woud say no.. to support my answering to your question I just pick 3 card to say why.. u see this week I believe u need to made some sacrifice in getting your money or waiting.. If i am not wrong u does have a little burden that's why u need it very urgently.. But after the long wait I would say that it is still on hold and it is not getting anywhere to get the money so soon.. Hope this helps~

  • hi AngelBee, yea we do met earlier.. 😃 ok I did a reading for u first i would tell u regard of your love life and next is health..

    for your love life I would say there might be a new relationship coming in and u are getting more and more closer to the relationship.. U are not so scattered and u know what u are looking for and wat u want.. also what is hidden is being revealed.. this hidden things i believe is someone going to confess to you.. 😃

    for your health, I would say u are at the top of a good health, but there might be some unhappiness around as u may felt that u doesn't do things so smoothly and success.. and the lack of caring might led to a little problem for u too.. mainly physical is ok only the emotional part might have some difficulties.. do take more care and be a little more open.. stay happy ok? do tell me how it goes~ 😃

  • hi Mia1982, I believe u have jus came out from a nightmare of a relaionship.. and right now u are recovering.. I beieve that u start on a new journey with this guy that u mention to me.. and i believe this path will have a good start from what u actually had before.. this is the path that u choose and u then to beware of thins happen too.. but the ultimate life that u wanted is to get a simple life and i believe that u know what u want and u think that he can fulfil the requirement.. hope this helps~

  • poetic555~ Ah i see.. just that sometime i felt that to get money better get down to earth better~ =D well I am an earth sign so ya mostly fall under that are quite hardworking type~ 😃

  • Woman922, ok to say the truth u are just not happy in the current position that u are in.. U want a stable and realistc relationship from him which i would say it is very hard.. At times I would suggest u to let it go rather than hanging on to it.. yes things may be working up and u may hope that he come back to u.. but he already stated that he is trying to amend the relationship with his wife.. so since that's hs words I rather u don hold on any hopes or u might just suffer.. hope i am clear about this~

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