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  • Hi Mikyo Me again

    Met a nice guy on Fri and we hit it off. Saw him again on Sat. Do you see a future for me with this man? His DOB is 3/18/68. We have a lot of things in common and found out we have people we know in common too.

    Thanks again in advance for your insight.

  • Hi Mikyo,

    May I ask what future do you see with my career? What industry do you suggest I need to focus on to be successful. Thank you

  • hi MaryMel, I believe the burden is cause mainly by emotions.. I wonder if u hve bee doing alot of unrealistic stuff that could cause u to have a lot of burden lately~ and this issue have been coming back on and off I believe.. ok now for the life, what I can see if that U still feel incomplete and there is a certain things u have not done and hestitate.. U need to find the missing part in ur life.. As for ur job I would see that u have an important decision righ now to be made.. this decision is going to be a major changes once u decide.. ad for ur marrisge, I believe ur this husband is a wise person and able to give u much of advise to most of ur problem.. correct me if i am wrong.. at this point of time I believe all this is a major trouble and a big turning point of ur life.. u maybe angry is it because u are holding on to a past or something that upset u? if it is try to relax a little.. sometime u need to let it go.. I hope this helps and do love to hear feedback from u~ 😃

  • Mikyo,

    Sorry to say but you are dead wrong. I have received part of the money which I did not splurge - paid bills. The second half was received day before you posted your reading which was placed in a trust and divided into CDs, IRAs and money market - again did not splurge. You must have connected with someone else.

  • Hi roseyjetson, thanks for giving the feedback.. At least I know whether my method works a not.. =D

  • Hi Miyko or kush

    Can you help me out with the reading below that was giving to me on 8/29

    In terms of your life there's a need for stability, financial to be exact. What's more is that you are unable to do so alone, on your own progress is slowed. Expect more problems with those around you as well as possible failures in certain projects. The longer time passes the deeper the hole you get yourself into, jealousy is a strong emotion behind the problems. Your first reaction may be to panic and that is unwise. In a way your mind will play a crucial role in turning the tide. You will face tremendous obstacles and it is up to you to find a compromise for each one, you will need to be cold and tough at times but it is for the better. Things will begin to look up but the cards tell me not to go easy on it so soon. What lies in the future is unknown, fear will overwhelm you because there is no clarity but in time the way will be shown to you.

    With your love life, you seem to be getting more careful with who you choose as your partner. Play time is over and its time you look for that guy you'll grow old with. You wont exactly see eye to eye, as with any relationship balance is key but you wont be able to get that balance so easily, one or both parties will reject certain changes and this can affect the future of the relationship. Trust is key here, even though you are sure you've found the one, you still tread carefully, it would be best to open up again and commit to the relationship more. Kids will depend on how the relationship will go. The card of family came out but it also showed up in the obstacles position which means the part of your life involving kids depends on how you overcome the obstacle

  • Hi demmiee, do u mind to specific a question so we could help u~~ =}

  • Who is jealous of me? I don`t have alot of friends and I try not to reveal to much about myself. And when will the new guy come into my life and will we be compatible?


  • Hi demmiee, may I ask if u are a Pisces? If u ask me who is jealous of u, I don see anyone yet.. It might be just that things aren't going by the way u wanted it and u may have made a mistake from the beginning.. I suggest to review wat u have been doing~ also I can see that u are upset over it.. Sometime too much unhappiness isn't a way out for u.. Try to be more positive and test yourself more..

    Regardless of when the guy would come by, I believe that u have met one who is younger and u doesn't have a good experiences with him.. Also I can tell that u are getting out of your trap situation. And no longer looking back and feel so trouble.. The next one coming in for u would be someone who would care for u, have alot of ideas and imaginative one~~ this person I believe he would be able to give u happiness and direction in your life too~ hope this helps and do give me feedback~

  • I am a Gemini actually a true Gemini because my moon sign is Gemini. I only asked who was jealous of me because of the reading KushikamiKiba gave me. Otherwise I would have been clueless to the jealousy thing.

  • If I am not wrong is refer to u~~ maybe he can give u the answer or explain his reading~ but personally I think is more on yourself~~

  • Jealousy can manifest in any number of people, not just friends. i'm saying the emotion itself will cause trouble, the "who" in question is not you though.

  • Thank you KushikamiKiba because I knew it wasn`t me that was jealous because I am not a jealous person.

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Sorry that I don't have any updates. I couldn't ask him if I am just a friend or more than that. I didn't want to spoil the evening by asking such a question. Throughout the whole evening all I felt was just friends level and nothing more. Maybe my senses can be wrong. He is just trying to be nice to me every time I ask to meet up. He never initiates texting me or request to meet up. I so want to give up as to why I am putting so much effort for this and not getting the result I want. It takes forever for him to reply to me.

    Do you think there will be another guy coming along the way that I will meet who will care and love me?

  • hi anlisparkles, aww.. I guess either he's shy or just really want to be friend.. sometime guys just wouldn't admit it don't they? when they realise that things aren't the same then they start to regret.. just wondering why mustn't they cherish every moment.. I just did a reading for u..

    if u were to ask me is there any guys would come into ur life.. I would suggest u to forget the guy that u have been talking to and just wanna be friends with u.. as I see that u do like him and it is hard for u to forget about it.. not only that u might ended up struggling through the rest of the days thinking and trying ur best not to think so much.. and I would see that this matter doesn't get u anyway either.. so what I feel is that u need to sort out for urself first before u can proceed on to know another guy.. but still I believe the upcoming one might be someone who is dealing with artistic stuff or creative matter.. he might not be older than u and I would say at times he may be unrealistic too.. care and concern yes but if get over boarding may led to a protective situation.. hope this helps u~ =}

  • Good Afternoon Mikyo

    I was wondering where you see my love life going and my life in general im a single parent wondering if there's a change in that status in my near future. My initials are car and my dob is 10/14/1982. I recently met someone and would like to know if you see a future with us

  • Hi alice82, Kiba and me did a co-reading for you.. Do let us know how it goes~

    For wat u think of him I can say that this guy is just like any other guys u have met before.. There isn't any changes in it and most likely the attitude and character is about the same as wat u have met previously.. I believe there is a certain thing that u see doesn't change too..

    Then from what I feel is going on through his mind. He knows a relationship with you requires sacrifice of some sort but he is willing to make it for the sake of the relationship.

    As how u see this new guy relationship, I would say u are just afraid that all might ended up as your previous exs, and u would just withdraw urself getting into the relationship..

    He is aware of your feelings and your fears so he sees that he might end up walking away in defeat . He might still put in effort but he will hold back until your doubts are gone.

    In your near future we see that you may end up losing him and realize how valuable he really is to you. This will put you in a position wherein you will be filled with regret and you will make an effort to restore the relationship.

    Doing so will be futile, chasing a failed dream. If such a hing happens then you need to accept defeat and leave. Our personal advice is to try and change how you are. He's willing to commit and is waiting for you only. From the start choices is yours, if u make one wrong move then it is bounds to fail~

  • Hi Mikyo - thank you for your reading. My life has been feeling alot the same lately. Nothing is changing or moving forward as you say. I am stuck in a rut. I dont think Ive been trying to handle any situation though. In love I have but not in life. So Im not sure if that could be what you have seen. I do have a tendency to find it hard to let things go.

    Someone was on my mind alot when you initially did my reading. Not so much now and I was confused about how this person felt for me. I did feel insecure at the time. But sorry he does not revolve around my life at all and in fact he is now not even part of my life 😞 I gave him alot of thought and saw him in my future. But I guess he didnt feel the same.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Mikyo - my reading was Page 18.

  • hiii i would love a insight on my love life... jaffeebella

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