Limit to 5 readings each~

  • hi taurusbaby22, sorry that misss u out.. >< too much readings..

    ok i would say about ur past with this guy first. i believe that things work out pretty fine in the first place and I believe U do get alot of love and care from him.. but if i offended u do let me know.. cause from what i see If i am not wrong u do gone through an abortion before and hence i believe this affect ur emotions and abortion do takes a high risking.. I believe the reason u do this is because U are trying to defend ur this relationship and u may think that it is too early to have children.. also I think that certain things that suppose to change but there is either one of u refuse to change.. I believe it is the point of view and this causes a little conflicting but I would see that it is still able to compenstae back as both of u are commited in this relationship

    in ur present, I would see that U try to get back in managing ur this relationship, but this relationship doesn't seems to keep moving and infact it slows down.. mainly I would say because of the emotions that being hurts and often situation keep changing in u and his life.. as earlier i said u may have an abortion and this can cause a bad karma for u and affected ur life.. even u sacrifice I would say that ur partner may not appreciate wat u have done either..

    in ur near future.. I would say things u and him will get a complex situation and there may be a third party coming in and cause u to have a nightmare.. I believe at this point of time u may not know what to do and can't get yourself out of the situation.. u might be lost and don know what to do and which path u can choose.. I would say u may have sleepless night due to the situaiton u are in and cause u emotional unstable.. my advise for u is that there is things u need to look out for and know him well before u want to commit into anything.. best if u know his background and that u know hw has nothing to hide.. i hope this helps and do give me some feedback~

  • kiba.. is not friend anymore.. hahah~ do u agree.. =}

  • True, true. Still, we wouldnt be the way we are if we were never friends to begin with... =P

  • Haha u are right.. There u got me again~~

  • Dont play words with me.

  • Hi KushikamiKiba,

    I don't mind at all - thank you!

    I have discovered a lot of ups and downs - we both have. I have also discovered ways I can work on them and minimize them, something I was previously not willing to do until I was able to let go of baggage from a past relationship.

    The stronger negativity is that he seems to have taken a break (without letting me know when and why) and although he still keeps me engaged by contacting me in many ways, it is not the intense relationship we once had and that I still desire

    I have a hard time believing that 3 yrs together were complete lies but I'm sure it happens sometimes!

    I find much of what he is doing now is similar to the early portion of our relationship before we were a couple. And I continually hope that this is his way of stepping back in as he regains trust (rumor has it I hurt him bad but no one will clarify that, and I can only guess). My dream is as you say, the relationship will become brigher and both parties will be content - hopefully with each other!

    Thank you again. 🙂

  • Hi KushikamiKiba,

    Thank you so much. I am just confused about the jealous thing because I dont even have a hand full of friends so I am wondering about money and jealousy thing because I don`t reveal much to anybody.

    As for a realationship when will he show up and will we at least be compatiable? I am a Gemini and I cannot stand over bearing and difficult things or people.

  • Hello Mikyo.

    I have not been in here for a long time. I saw that you were giving 5 readings & that you are well over that. I was hoping that if you still had the time & energy if you could do one for me.

    I have been going through a lot of disappointing things in my life for the last while. Can you see any positive coming for me in relationships, work or something new? d.o.b.05/17/67


    Sparkling soul

  • Hey Mikyo,

    Thankyou soooooooo much for the reading. You were very much on point and gave me a lot of insight. Funny thing is, a few weeks ago she told me that she could see herself falling in love with me and I didnt exactly respond how I feel shouldve now. I didnt know what to say at the time. So I decided to take ur advice, and I told her that I cared for her.. unfortunately all she said was "ok". I'm thinkin that she's having some mixed feelings about the situation. but i think i should be patient and give her time. what do you think?

  • Thank you Mikyo and i wanted to tell you that you did not offend me but you are wrong about the abortion thing because I am a single mother of two children from 2 different fathers. I am totally against abortion. I am not positive about the third person you said in the future but I think this could be that I have a friend in prison that I do write I think it could be him or maybe i am wrong about that. But he does know that i do write my friend in prison. And once again thank you for the reading

  • Hi kiddpisces, u should gave her sometime~~ and relationship u does need lots of patience in it..

    Hi taurusbaby22, thanks for the feedback.. Glad to hear that u are actually against abortion~~ about the third person maybe can look into that and wat it happens.. Hope ur friend are fine in jail~~ =}

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Thanks for your feedback. You are right that I'm still taking a break. My previous job was a stressful one and for now I'm enjoying the short freedom. It was not an easy decision but I felt happy. The only thing stressing my life is my ex-partner as I told you before since it is at this time that I really need the money.

    "May I ask if ur job is regards to do with trading stuff?" If you meant my previous job, I would say it's more on the service side related to telecommunication. I hope to find some income working from home. I hope to find one soon, pay off my bills and start saving again from scratch after what happened to my partnership investment.

    As for my ex-partner, I have totally lost my trust in him. If he cared enough, then he should have understood my situation now. It has been really hard.

  • Dear mikyo,

    Thank you so much for your kindness for taking out your time and efforts to do such a long reading for me. Honestly I was hoping there would be a guy coming along the way somewhere but looks like it's full of conflicts and complications like always. Once again, thank you so much.

  • Dear Mikyo,

    Thankyou so much for taking the time to do a reading for me there is something that i wish for and it is health and happiness, you are spot on about alot of things when you say high hopes, i am trying to be a better person and have a more positve outlook on life ,sometimes i dont feel that im appreaciated that is very true .as for being blinded by a situation im not sure what this is yet i am so glad that you say that there is good news on the way .

    once again many thanks

    Love and Blessings 2 u Mags

  • hi sparklingsoul, welcome back to this thread again~ haha.. ea i did a reading and Ishall start with your relationshp first..

    it seems that ur relationship part is turn for the worst.. I would say that all this may cause by hurting words and there is unstablities in the relationship.. mainy it is because both felt that not suitable for each other.. but what I can advise is that give each of u a free time.. for ur near future I would say u still need to make choices and decide what u want to do next..

    I can see that u have a little hope in ur work.. although U are still not really reaching to the high post of ur job, don forget that in working environment u still need to give and take.. not everyone revolves around u but at times u need to just get along and go by the flow.. my advise is if u don get along well u might not see ur future in the work place.. sometime u just being too narrow and couldn't see much.. as for ur future, I believe u need to make a certain sacrifice in ur work..

    I hope it does help and do love to hear feedback from u~ =}

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  • hi Woman922, sorry that i sometime miss out.. Getting blur and blur~ >< like u mention that u are going crazy and I cn see that U havent been stop thinking of him.. and he makes ur emotions feeling up and down.. I would say that the overwhelming emotions that u gotten from him might get closer but just to warn u that he is just looking for a partner only.. and also don hold this relation too tight.. u would never know what would happen and holding on tight ad control might not works all time.. but over all I felt that u both might be a good match.. =}

  • Thank you so much Mikyo, you are very correct! I am the one who feels like the leader...with ambitions and goals where he is more content just being. Guess my expectations of life and people need to be adjusted somewhat to accomodate a healthier...more real, simplistic lifestyle. No matter what I've been able to achieve, I've remain disappointed with the way my life has been going lately...maybe it's time for a change...

    Thank you again for the reading and blessings to you!!!!

  • This is the first time I am posting anywhere, so I wish to thank you for taking time to read this. I have been feeling so low lately, in most aspects of my life, my job & marriage. I wish for some insight on what to expect or why so many burdens have accumulated in

    y life. I am generally very optimistic, but have found myself drained & angry more recently. My birthday is dec.13/77, and my husbands is sept.13/77.

    Thank you again

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