Limit to 5 readings each~

  • HI tonib3741, I don think u might need a reading but i can tell u part of a sagittarian works.. Just t flip through my book and happen to found this.. i believe that this guy that u talk to he loves to flirt around and love to have a thrill of a new love.. but those unusual women who can mirrored his free-spirited ways can tempt him into commitment.. mostly likely he would like to be single but maybe in his later years he will find that partners are important.. and between ur sign he is under a fire sign and u are an air sign which both element matches well.. this is only the basic thing I can say.. do hope it helps and would love to hear feedback from u~ =}

  • Hi Mikyo....I'm married and my wife and I have been having trust issues lately. She says she has never cheated, but I have my doubts. I haven't exactly been a saint either. A few co-workers have flirted over the past several months and I've reciprocated. I haven't cheated, but it's incredibly tempting. They know my situation, and all but one are marriend and experiencing the same issue(s). I guess what I'm looking for is - can I trust my wife? And can I trust my co-workers to be friends and help each other without going too far?

  • Dear mikyo,

    Could you please give me a reading about my future (career, school, love, family) if anything major and important might happen for the next 9 months? I feel so lost and alone because it's an important point of my life and i know that very well but everything seems to be disappearing and dark for me. Please give me someguidance. Thank you so much.

  • Ps: i'm a scorpio. Dob is 11/7/90

  • mikyo - i have already told him that i like him. he also said he likes me too but he is not ready for an exclusive relationship. he's seeing someone else too. i want to know if you see that he will return to me. if so, when?

  • Hi cappylove~ thanks for giving me feedback~ Ok now I see why it is~ if that's the case of it most likely it is hard for him to return to u~ ended up u maybe just revolving around the situation over and over again~~ most likely he is hard to give up another party~

  • Hi Mikyo,

    Could you do a reading for me please? I would like an insight on love-relationship area in my future. Currently I am seeing a guy and I do think of him a lot. I am not sure what he thinks of me as I can't tell. Do we have a chance to be together? I have dated so many guys this year and nothing have work out. Is it because timing is not right for me to be in a relationship this year?

    My DOB 6 March 1977

    His DOB 5 Nov 1976

    Thank you so much.

  • Thanks - I am waiting for some money and need to know if I should be expecting it anytime soon?

  • p.s. - I am a gemini if that makes any difference

  • Thank you Mikyo for your reading.

    I have been struggling with work and my kids for awhile. I am lucky to have a flexible schedule that allows me to be there for my kids, but I also have to be focused on my job when I am there.

    As for the guy, we are friends at the moment. He has been separated from his wife and has children of his own so he is family oriented. I can see by our discussions that he loves his kids dearly. As for a relationship, I do feel like he could be my soul mate. We connect on many levels and his life appears to be parallel to mine. Is this possible.

    Do you seen a man in my future? someone that I can trust and that will be the love of my life?

    I am happy with life right now and where I am at - just would like a love life again.

    Thanks again.

  • Thank u mikyo for your reading. I hope to find u in good health. I would like to know if I will ever get back to my husband. I don't want to hurt no one . But will my husband & i ever get back together? how long do i have with my boyfriend?

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  • Hi gmb1, from wat I see that trusting issue may have a little cause in wat u are~ I would understand that u need more communication more with ur wife.. Put it this way, as husband and wife wat both may lack is the communication.. Both of u may be living well but lack of some communication and fun in life is a major problem.. I would say that u have to keep clear out of the temptation.. Mostly likely I would think u are really unable to cope with those workers and if this continues it may worsen ur relationship with wife and everything may have a major changes.. Wat I would advise u is before u lost everything in ur life, do make ur stand clear of wat u want with ur worker and talk to ur wife understand her and she would understand u more too~ hope this helps u~~ do let me know how it goes~

  • Hi Ellexoxo, I try my best to give u roughly wat would happen but of course everything can change due to wat u are doing~

    For the first month, I would say that u need to use much of ur intellect to deal with ur stuff which mainly I would say is regard of ur work right now, and things are getting for a change to be better.. But there is something u need to watch out conflicts between money issue may arise and therefore u need to be careful and check everything before u confirm.

    For ur second month, I would say that there is some issue which is not complete and it might be because due to some delay.. But don worry this little issue u can handle and thing are just nicely cover for the mistakes that is being made..

    Now coming third week, u may lose ur hope and something u wish for isn't wat u expect.. But at times u need to learn to appreciate what u really have rather than being disappointed.. I believe this will eventually work out along ur way..

    Now the forth week, there may be issues which has been complicate in ur life and this month I personally felt that isn't a good month for u.. Someone older than u may make ur life difficult and cause u into a dead end.. But not to worry, u can try ur best to avoid this situation by thinking a positive way.. It might helps to pull u through..

    For ur fifth week, I believe that there is changes in ur life as u have gone through from the previous month, u get to learn a new things which may be helpful to ur life and get to know how to deal with it when it happens again~ I would say this month is quite a peaceful and reflection month for u..

    For ur sixth month, things that is being hidden and now uit is reveal to u.. It will be an important month for u and with this hidden information reveal to u, are able to handle it well and not to mention u get a hand of wat u can do in ur life..

    For ur seventh month, there might be a little conflict of changing.. I personally felt that it is personalities wise and it may be due to lack of creativity.. U may be someone who are quite logically and u think that don have much of creative is alright.. But still when time comes and need for a change u can't really resist it..

    For ur eighth month, u may be quite unstable due to the new project coming.. There may be because u are not use to the environment and might struggle a little bit.. U may be last min being call in for this project.. But don worry it would be fine and u will get a hand of it very fast..

    For ur ninth month, most of the time u might not be tied down to something and u love ur freedom very much.. U don like to hold responsible and hence u may be a playful one.. Sometime this may cause a little trouble for u.. Try to listen to ppl wise advise and learn to be a little more responsible..

    I hope this will helps and do love to hear feedback from u~~ let me know how it goes too~~ =}

  • Hi Mikyo are you still doing readings on this thread?

  • Hi Mikyo,

    If you have time, kindly check mine too on page 12. Thanks!

  • Hi prayers, I am still doing just that I am busy these few days~~ will be replying to all as soon as I can~ u can still ask any question u wish to~~ =}

  • Sorry khatie I am sorry that I over look ur question~~ I am very blur and thanks for reminding me~~ will get back to u as soon as possible~~ sorry about that~

  • Hi Mikyo. I am new to this site. I would love it if you wouldnt mind doing a reading for me. I am looking for direction in life and love. Thank you 🙂

  • Dear Mikyo,

    Thought that i better just in case , Thankyou so much for your offer to a reading for me ,when you can find the time as i understand that you are very busy i would love a reading on life in general please ,i was wondering whats in store for me in the near future . My dob 27/4/69

    ((Sending love and light 2u )) Thanks again Mags

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