Limit to 5 readings each~

  • Hi everyone I just had a free time to do readings~ but just limit to 5 ppl only~ And please do respect the readers as we are taking our free time to do readings~ thanks for everyone cooperation~~ 😃

  • Hi thanks for your offer and time. Could I please have a reading about what might be coming up for me in the near future. In love and light 🙂

  • If you still have time I'd like to have a reading. After 2 divorces and 10 years of caring for my elderly parents I am on my own again. What can I expect in the upcoming year?

  • hello! i would appreciate a reading. what do see happening with a particular man? thankyou

  • hi azure2, may i know if recently u gotten into a heart broken situation? if i am not rong someone does gave u an advise on situation that u might not be listening to.. i believe that u do have a reason because U still believe in your own thinking and strongly trust yourself very much~ but at times U felt that u lost ur hope in watu have believe in.. the only thing u fear is that u are unable to protect wat u wanted to and somehow U have sacrifice certain things in ur life.. coming up for ur near future I believe that all this while might cause u ended up losing in life.. my advise is u may need to reconsider wiser ppl advise and start to reorganise your life again.. this may prevent u from getting into worsen situation~ hope it helps do give me some feedback~ 😃

  • This is my first time here in the forum. Thank you for your time. I was wondering if my financials will be working out to solve past debts. Thanks again.

  • hi sthrnlady, for the upcoming year u might still stick to the situation that u are in right now.. nothing will change and neither moving backward or forward.. this is so as you may be trying your best to strive for everything no matter wat it cost.. things is that u may be cruel and do anyhtin that no one would imagine but most ppl around u may not realise that u actually have a hard time of managing stuff~ I would say there is a hope for ur life.. and u will learn to be more realistic in life~ hope this helps~ do give some feedback~

  • hi stranger2, i believe that this particular guy of yours do have a serious unstable financial problem and he doesn't knwo how to handle his money well~ sometime it is good to know more about him before jumping in.. if not u may ended up hurting yourself.. I believe that most ppl do gave u some advise on this guy and i think u may want to tak in those advise and know more about him.. 😃 i hope this helps and do give some feedback~

  • hi Javier1, welcome to Hope u enjoy ur stay here.. I am honoured to be your first reader for now.. haha

    to say about your financial I believe that things are getting from bad to worse and ended up u have to make a major decision on it.. I believe that this problem always arise and u now tend to be careful with your money and wat u do with it.. but sometime using the nrmal way wouldn't works for u.. U fear that u might not have enough money and ended always wanted to have more.. also i believe this has been a problem fo a while for u.. but in ur near future I could say that u will eventually find ur way out and never be poor.. my advise for u is that wat is over is already over... u nee to plan for the future ahead and not looking back into the past~ I hope this helps and would like to hear from u again~ 😃

  • hello Mikyo,

    thanks so much for your offer to do a reading! I would like to know what you see in regards to my love life in the very near the next 2-4 weeks....?


  • Hi Mikyo, thank you for the reading. Yes you are right I have recently parted from long term partner and am trying to reorganise my own life now. It's the process of letting go that I'm struggling with, I want to and am moving on but can't seem to shake thoughts of him off sometimes, no matter how I try. Which makes me doubt and get confused about what I'm doing as sometimes I feel him strongly. If you get me 😉

    I am not quite understanding this part that you wrote:

    coming up for ur near future I believe that all this while might cause u ended up losing in life.. my advise is u may need to reconsider wiser ppl advise and start to reorganise your life again.. this may prevent u from getting into worsen situation

    Apart from that yuo were bang on! 🙂 So thank you. Love, light and many blessings 🙂

  • hi azure2, thanks for the feedback~ wat I meant is u can turn the situation from bad to a better situation by reconsider those wiser ppl who has give u advise and start to reorganise your life~ 😃 hope it is clear~

  • hi PlutoMoon, for the first week regardless abut ur love life.. I would say that nothing much will change and U will be in the same situation as what U are now.. and for the second week I would say that U would be learning something in ur love life.. perhaps it is a past that U have been through or someone who U have been waiting for.. in your third week, I would say that U may be emotionally stable and there might be a new beginning.. this week u might met someone who is stable and intellect..and for the forth week, I would say that the person u have met might not be suitable for u and both of u never branch out to become lover instead might be just friends as u may think that both are just not suitable fo each other.. u might think this relationship ight be a little complex for u~ my advise for u is U will still find the right person for u after wat u have gone through.. most likely ur love life will began after this month~ I hope this helps and glad to hear ur feedback~ 😃

  • Thanks Mikyo, once again, I understand now! It's very sweet of you to do these readings 🙂 Love and light 🙂

  • haha no worries Azure2~ it is nice to give ppl readings.. consider a passion for readings~ 😃

  • Hi Mikyo,

    I am sagittarius, he is taurus. We broke up. What does he fell about me? Will he contact me? Is there a future for us? Or is it over? Thanks.

  • Good Day Mikyo ~

    If you have some time, could you check out my thread as I would be interested if you may pick up anything as well. Thank you so much and have a beautiful day 🙂

    Love & Blessings

  • Oops! Sorry, my bad! Computer is running scans and I didn't realize it was running so slow! Lol! I see you already got your 5 requests so maybe another time. Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

  • hi Dan. It is ok~~ still available though~~ I would check it out and see I could add anything in~~ 😃

  • Good Afternoon Mikyo

    How are you today. Hope doing good. I would like to know you have your five for today but I was wondering when you do your next five can I be one of them. I am a student going to school for my BA in criminal justice I finish school in March 2011 and I want to start my own background check business online. I woud like to know what do you see about that for me. And what do you see for me in my love life in the last four months of this year 2010. My dob is July 12 1961. Illona

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