Hi Twinsoul Here, week of august 14th

  • Hi Twinsoul, thanks for that. Love, light and many blessings to you 🙂

  • hi twinsoul,im from saitama japan,dob 3/4/68..im eager to know what is my future career.this time im jobless.thanks your help appereciated a lot..wheng of japan

  • Hi twinsoul, no questions, just wanted to say hi, haven't seen you around here for a while. So, hi!

  • Hi there,

    This is my first post ; ) I saw your concerns and was reminded of what I have learnt thru past experiences from elders.

    If you do not have excess gastro acids. You can try using Celery to lower your blood pressure. Juice it and add a small slice of ginger. Ginger will help to bring balance to the nature of celery being at the cooler scale.

    As with your water retention. Soak your feet in warm water bath. Add pure sea salt to help draw out toxins and aid circulation.

    Neem is also a fantastic herb. You can get them from health food store in capsule. Neem will help aid in cleansing our blood. When toxin is remove from your blood everything else will be easier to cure.

    Lastly try taking liquid magnesium before you go to bed. Lack of magnesium is the root of all sickness.

    Get well soon.

  • Hello not sure if i squeak in the ten or not ( i think i counted nine) if not no worries.

    If so will you tell me if i will be in a loving relationship with a guy this year?

    (details appreciated but no hounding will i do) Thank you very much! 🙂 🙂

  • Welcome back 🙂

  • I think I'm too late I can't tell so if not I can I please have a reading on if I can be friends with my ex we keep trying &he wants more .I don't want to hurt him as much as poible. If I'm late no worries! Thnks

  • Dear TwinSoul,

    If and when you decide to continue this thread, Please tell me what is ahead for me in Love...

    Thank You!

    Love and Light,

    December Girl

  • pilot007

    cant get a clear read on this . i am sorry.



  • aquagirl

    Hi, you are a funny lady. so many men have really liked you, but you have not liked them. A little picky are we dear. yes there is a good chance of love for you by the end of 2011.



  • gypsyprincess

    you are lucky i cant count

    your ex is still very much in love with you. So do the right thing

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  • twinsoul did you forget about meee? 🙂

  • Quenkath


    Adrenal = I am now on DHEA Keto 7, a low dose, which I have been on since May of this year.

    Ovarian syndoome-= I have not been tested for even though pap test has come be clean (also I an 63 and have been menapausal for years)

    Hypothyroidism= am on a very low dose which I started 2 months ago. There is some facial hair growth on the chin area, which has been there since my late teens.

    My new doctor has run a number of the regular tests. She has run a lot of the hormonal test (which have come back near normal), ulcer (as I have digestive issues) which also came back clear,

    I do not like taking pain -muslce relaxers as react on me. My spine is degenerating slowly and does cause some mild discomfort at times.

    I am just wondering if Universe through Spirits and Guides will reveal something which I can suggest to my doctor.

    I am just wondering what we may be missing.

    Thank you for your thoughts and input.

    I grately appeciate any and all thoughts and imput for allyu gifted souls.

    Abundant, bountiful blessings to all



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  • Quenkath


    Yes, the testosterone test has returned near normal.

    The liver is what is producing the excess Cholesterol and has been for years.

    The excess weight is due to the "HUNTER- SURVIVAL GENE", which is active in this body. What has occurred is the more I reduce my caloric intact to reduce any gained weight, the body will store all intake of food into fat. I am attempting to eat more to assist the body to think is is not starving. I am never hunger, therefor I forget to eat.

    I will mention the "the polycystic ovarian syndrome" to the doctor.

    Abundant, bountiful, blessings



  • Thank You very much TS lol your a very lovely lady 🙂

    Just hoping you meant 2010 rather then 2011 lol

    Many Blessings to you and thank you again! 🙂

  • Hello dearie, long time no see I have one question or statement please. HELP! When will l be out of this mess I'm in? 11/20/65.

    Thanks and have a blessed day! 🙂

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  • Quenkath


    My blood sugar levels are normal.

    Here in BC, Canada the health system does not allow for the Western medical doctors to look at the whole picture. My doctor, who is new to Canada, is working on part of the whole without getting her fingers rapped.

    I have been working with students from a local acadomy ofclassic school of chinese medicine, (accupuncture). These students have helped me a lot.over the past few years.

    abundant, bountiful blessings


    loving silver wings

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