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  • Dear Sloan

    I am a 28 year old single female.

    Do you see any connection between me and a man named Daniel (ard 34 yrs old or so).

    Am strongly drawn to him for sometime now.

    Many Thanks


  • Twinsoul


    Abundantly, bountiful blessings

    I have been working with a new doctor since Spring. She has been running a gamut of tests, which all seem to come back within the normal range.

    Most of the perscriptions I seem to have to take, I become allergic to with major side effects. The prescriptions for high blood pressure have been changed a few times and the high cholestrol meds have also been changed.

    Edema (fluid retention) in the lower legs mostly is a concern. Also the pain in the spine affects various areas of the body.

    My quiry is, will there be something which can be tried which will produce some results.

    i am not looking for a cure. What I am trying to understand is, what is the cause-root, so the right medician can applied.

    Any assistance would be greatly apperciated.

    May the Universal guides and spirits be with you as you do this wonderful service.

    Julianna May 2, 1947

    Loving silver wings

  • Hello Twinsoul Sloan, with all that is going on in my life I am too afraid to ask what I really want to know...but I do need a distraction, so I will ask about what is probably my least pressing concern, but of course I would love to know:

    Will I find a lover/partner to share this life with?

  • Hi Twinsoul, thank you for your kind offer. My questions are, should I try to get in touch with my ex again? Does he still have any feelings for this relationship? Thank you for your time. Love and light 🙂

  • Hello Twinsoul,

    I was wondering if you can tell me if you see any career opportunities for me, in the next 3 months?

  • Oops, that was two questions, sorry. Maybe just go with the first one. Thanks 🙂

  • Good to have you back, hope you are doing well! , my question is ........will the court case go in my favour?............Have a good week dear sloan!

  • Hi Twin Soul, so nice to see you. Can you tell me about the future of the heath? I have lots of health problems, so would like to know. Thanks very much.


  • Wow twin soul, its been awhile i hope you are doing well, no question for you I just wanted to say hello....



  • I beleive tonib was #7

  • Hi Twinsoul... thanks for the opportunity to ask a question... I am wondering if my current love interest will finally be the man I marry and have a happy fulfilling marriage with? His name is James, 7-9-66, and I am Claire, 7-21-57. Thanks so much!!

  • Juliana

    My dear how is your weight?



  • Meher

    Yes, dont be so shy. He likes you too.



  • penancing

    life has its natural passages. we all must face what we know is true. as per your love life, yes you will find a partner in life.



  • hi there st. claire

    yes i have a good feeling about court case. however it is not going to be exactly what you want, but in your favor for sure.



  • Azure

    contact him in 6 mos



  • Hi Twin Soul! Do you see school getting approved for me shortly? Thanks!

  • twinsoul, I do hope you will response as you did ask the question, "My dear how is your weight?'


    Blessings for what you are doing.

    I do have a weight issue. It is not because i am eating, as dicovered through therapy. My disorder is like one who is "anorexia" The less I eat the more this body will retain in the way of body fat. Also, there is an issue of edema in the lower legs which will cause pain when out of control, thus making it difficult to walk. (I do attempt to walk daily.) The correct medician has not been found, yet, due to reactions to most prescriptions.

    Or the correct diagnosis.

    Also, this body's liver produces high levels of cholestrol, which has been increasing for some time. The prescription for cholestrol has just been changed so it will be a few months before there are any new results.

    At this time when I do attempt to eat more to increase the size of my stomach, I have a difficult time. I do push through. Most size portions are less than one cup. I was down to half a cup. When I do eat more, then I get the stuffed full feeling. The caloric intack is below 1,000 per day.

    My body has gone into the "survival mode". The doctor and surgrian have stated I have the active gene called "Hunter-gather".

    Twinsoul, I hope some of this information will assist with getting a reading from the "Spirits and Guides"

    I realize I have a ways to go with healing. At this time it is getting to the ROOT of the issues.

    Once the Root is known then the healing can begin.

    Again, bontiful, abundant, blessings


    loving silver wings

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