Could i please have a reading? Please help

  • It's my first time in this forum. It has been 2 years since my last relationship. Life has been busy for me with work and trying to figure out where i'm at in my life. Many of my friends have always asked if it's lonely for me to be single and thought i should look for someone even if it's just casual dating. For me, i know that since i'm still young (11/7/1990) there's no need to rush when it comes to love so i never worried or afraid of being alone later on. However, recently, i became quite attracted to a customer who comes to my store quite often. But since it's a busy work place, and to top that off, i can't even imagine or think of a way to ask him out. There's something about him that seems very special and different even though i don't know him that well. Please tell me if you could see anything about his feelings and my chances. Thank you.

  • You should find out a bit more about this person before you act, like if he is actually single and looking. Ask him a bit about himself just casually as you serve him.

    And don't let other people talk you dating if you are happy being on your own for now. You're right that you have lots of time. It's best not to rush into love. Everyone needs to take some time to sort themselves out and figure out what they really want before getting involved in a relationship.

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