Anyone like to read for me?? Please I'm super curious!! Thanks!

  • Hi, I'm new here and I saw that sometimes you answer people and try to help them out.I was hoping that you would consider me. Well, for the last 6 years I have been having a recurring dream about a guy from my past. The dreams will be diff. but the theme of the dream is the same. In my dreams I am always searching for him but i never find him. I can be driving, looking for his number, email etc. But never any contactWhen I wake up I am SAD the whole day. I was never able to reach out to this person because I was in a LTR. I am pretty sure why i have the dreams. The last time I saw this person I felt this intence attraction to him and wanted nothing more than to speak to him. I hardly got to do that because i was w/my ex. Shortly after my ex and I split for a while and I wanted to date this person but I refused to call him. Thinking I was doing the right thing by letting myself get over my ex. well, needless to say I got back w/my ex and have had those dreams ever since. Now I am FREEEEEE but this person is now living in Costa Rica and I can not a get a number for him. So I am actualy living out my dreams. Weird. Ok, sorry long....Do you see anything between this person and myself? Will we get back in contact soon? Thanks for any insight!

    Not sure what info you need but... I'm sarah hes Tim.. my dob is 9/2/80 and his is 01/11/1981 also I did date this person prev. so it wasn't a stranger kinda meeting thing.

  • Sarah, I feel like this is a case of 'the grass always being greener on the other side'. If things had been so great with the guy from the past, you would have found a way to stay together. What you are dreaming about is an ideal lover, not a real person. The guy in CostaRica has moved on with his life and is with someone he loves. I feel you dislike any sort of confrontation or conflict in your relationships and tend to cut and run at the first sign of it. You have trouble deciding who to be with or what you should do about your life. It is only from forming a solid longterm relationship that you will learn how to resolve conflicts and problems day by day. Wanting to start all over again just to get away from your personal problems won't work because you take them with you wherever you go. Better to stand and fight than run away - resolving conflict is a part of a close loving relationship. You will never find anyone who always agrees with you. You must learn the art of compromise and understanding that comes from communication and a willingness to see the other person's point of view. Arguments don't have to be emotional and stressful - you can stay calm and talk them through. Once you harden your resolve and accept the responsibility of commitment to a relationship, you will find you stop dreaming of a fantasy lover with whom you unrealistically never fight or disagree with. The reason you can't find him in your dreams is because deep down you know no one this perfect exists.

  • interseting POV. maybe I should give more detail. I am def. not a cut and run person. i have or was in my relationship for 9 years.this is the ex I am refering to now. The person who i have been having the same dream of for 6 Years is someone who i dated briefly as an 18 y/o. In that relationship we were going diff directions as we were kids. we stayed friends. and at times wanted to be together but were going in diff directions.I understand where my dreams are coming from I'm just curiuos to know if they hold a real meaning? we have both kept tabs on eachother over the years. thanks for your reply but i must say that i do not agree w/you 🙂

  • I feel your dreams are showing you the reality that you deny in waking moments - that you will search for this man but never really find what you are looking for. You have dreamed the same message for six years but aren't really 'getting' it.

    However, if you don't agree with me, there's not much point in my saying any more. Feel free to consult one of the other readers for a second opinion.

  • Hi, the only reason I didn't agree w/you is because you describe a person that is not me. Thats all 🙂

  • Dear Sdr1980:

    I sense that when you do cross his path, your feelings will have changed.

    Be prepared for an unexpected response. As you are longing to contact this man, you may find that he is not as eager as you to re-connect. Six years is a lifetime to some people and a blink of an eye to others. Perhaps, he has gotten married and has a family.

    Regret often plays itself out in recurring dreams of actions we wish we had taken when we had the opportunity. Often, relationships end when one or the other fails to provide support to the other person. My advice is to love enough to let go.

  • Thank you for your response. I do agree w/you in your interpitation of my dream. That is also the conclusion I have come too. Obv. we all want things to go our way. And be some fairytail etc. All I want from this person is a phone call and a chance to be friends again. It seems silly I know. Thank you for taking the time to answer. 🙂

  • Also Firefly01, I wonder if I would still be trying to contact this person if I was not having these dreams for 6 years? I do know I would still feel the regret but I have not been able to find the answer in myself as to would i still wanna contact him.? That is why I posted orig. The dreams make me believe that I have some purpose to live out w/this person. Not necessarily soule mate etc stuff.

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