My momma is slipping away

  • Hello Community...I am so conflicted, and am reaching out for love and prayers. My mom is on a respirator for a couple of days now and they are having trouble weening her off it (carbon dioxide levels going too high and becoming acidic) She is also on iv anti-biotics fight a drug resistant bacterial infection. I am her health care proxy but my sisters and I are trying to decide what is best for her. She is trying to communicate when she is wakefull, but I am unable to discern what she is trying to express. She had a stroke several months ago, but verily seemed to be on the mend. She has had no new incedent and it is a mystery what is causing this set back. If love could heal her she would live forever for she truly is beloved. I am trying not to be selfish and keep making her try to live and heal....but I am so afraid of quitting right before a miracle may happen. I know I am going to have to let go...but I really feel I need more time (as if I get to decide!)

    So I ask all to send thoughts and prayers for healinng to my momma. I appreciate greatly any thoughts or insights on this matter,and wish peace to us all.

  • I'm sorry you are going through this. I lost my mother in 2001, she spent two weeks in the hospital in a similar condition. It was heartbreaking.

    My suggestion is to pray for her well being, whatever that maybe. Pray for her comfort no matter what the outcome. Pray for strength to accept God's Will no matter what it maybe. This does not mean you are giving up. It means you are putting her needs above your own.

    Much love to you and your family.

  • much love and healing to your Mom. your mom is the only one that can decide to stay or go. the soul can only do this so many times, and depends on your soul work, and what is unfinished, etc.

    some of us are not so lucky..

    I lost my mom in 1999.. she was my best friend, and I wish she was still here. it was her time to go, and none of us are invincible.

    Love, prayers, and light.. Sunny

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  • Thank you all so much. It really helps at this time to feel and accept as much good will and acceptance as we can get. It was so hard leaving her side tonight...she was able to write

    a word down and it looked like stay...and she nodded yes that she wanted us to stay with her. We stayed as long as they let us and I promised I would be back to spend the whole day with her tomorrow. They have given her steroids and they will disconnect the respirator between 5am and 8am and check her blood gasses. She is not afraid she shook her head no clearly when asked. I know her wish is not to be kept alive by artificial means, but while she is responsive and clearly still with us, I think we are not being too drastic while giving her body the chance to heal a bit. Right now I think it is the flesh that is weak but her spirit is still willing. We will know more tomorrow. Again thanks for the sharing with me it helps gain hope and the courage to face what comes next (whatever will be) Peace to us all.

  • The hard-cold facts are that bacterial infections are becoming more and more resistant to antibioitics. Hold fast to the belief that your mother can beat this intruder in her body. Stroke victims can recover. The brain is constantly rewiring. The feeling of being responsible for your mother is going to be overwhelming. I have been through this situation and I find that if I close off the din of the world and meditate or pray I can reconcile my feelings with the facts. Never give up hope. I grieve not for the suffering. I grieve for the living who feel helpless in the face of adversity. My prayers are to give you peace of mind.

  • Dear Penancing,

    Im so sorry to hear that your Mom is ill , i will send healing energy and pray for her. I know that it is easy to say but try to take care of yourself during this difficult time ,my thoughts are with you. God bless sending love and whitelight 2u both Lilac

  • thanks upon thanksgiving! I have spent hours now reading through some of the threads tonight and I am filled with hope. I so appreciate you who have answerd my call seflessly an I pray my family and I can be open to receive the power of your wishes and kindness. I am feeling somewhat restored and optimistic and I am sending out love. Now I should get some sleep, but I will post updates tomorrow.

  • I am so sorry to hear of the turmoil you are going through, be strong. I will include you and your mom in my prayers. Sending you both lots of healing light. In love and light, azure

  • Dear Penancing

    I am praying for your mom, you & your family. I know this is a very rough time for you and your family. I just went thru this situation two years ago with an aunt who I am very close with. she was on a respirator & kidney machine for over a year (she also had a stroke) and most of the time she was in a coma. she has been recovering beautifully for the last year & she is at home. I just prayed for what was best for her & the strength to carry on for me & my family. I know mircles do happen. Please make sure you get some rest and take a little time for yourself son you can be there for her & your family may the gods bless you and your family and keep you in the healing light

  • My mother died in 2006. She had a super bug from a hospital. She had to be put on a respiratory after she had heart surgery. She couldn't get off the machine either. They sent her to a nursing home in Virginia. We lived in Tennessee. We made numerous trips to Virginia to see her. The doctor said she only had 6 months to live when she got there, and about six months later, she was not responding. We came for our final trip and I asked God for a sign for me to take the ventilator off. When we got there, my mother was blinking her eyes fast. As soon as we got there and touched her she stopped blinking. I think this was my sign, So we took her to a hospice part of the hospital. They took the vent out, it took her 24 hours to die. But what a beautiful death. We saw her angel take her. Crying now thinking about it.

  • Dear Penancing ,

    I hope that your Moms health is improving my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Sending love and whitelight 2u both Lilac

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  • Hi everybody! I have had some real progress it seems with my momma. They were able to wean her off the respirator and began her on steroids orally, she can eat swallow and talk most importantly. She is on board with treatment and I feel we at least have bought more time to prepare for what seems like end-stage care, though all is still uncertain. She is out of the intensive care unit, but still is in isolation for the super-bug iv antibiotics. I am on my way to go spend the night with her just to chat hold her hand and give her my love. Thank you so much for your wonderful healing thoughts and sharing your stories with me (please dont stop!) I will post again later. Peace to us all!

  • that isa wonderful news Penancing!!! you are still in myr thoughts & prayers. Enjoy your evening eith you mom many blessings

  • Dear Penancing,

    That is wonderful news still sending healing energy and prayers your moms way ,its great that you are going to spend some time with her ,i think that will really boost her morale as i feel that spending time with loved ones who are in need is the best medicine ever .

    Sending love , light and prayer 2u both


  • Keeping you and your Mom in my prayers, love and light x

  • Sending you love, energies and prayers to you and your mom and family. Love and blessings...

  • many prayers & blessing going out to you & your family

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