Falling for scorpio man...why is he so distant?

  • I'm all new to this so please help me understand and give me some insight with my current relationship with a scorpio man that i've met 2 months ago online. We met in beginning of June (he's 40, i'm 33) and we talked, chatted, texted consistantly everyday and i felt tremendously drawn to this scorpio man; we both felt a very deep connection and bonding between us. It was really sweet how we played crossword every morning together over the phone, and jeapardy together every night over the phone. He would always talk in future tense using a lot of US and WE and it made me feel like he was really into me and really wanted to know me more. Even times he said I MISS YOU and I LOVE YOU to me so intensely. We decided to meet up mid July, he flew me down to his city (we live in different country) and we had an amazing time together. I got to see how he live his life, got introduced to one of his family member, and our conversations were endless. He was shy to hold my hands at first but he did twice and just to be clear, we never slept together, but we enjoyed cuddling. Long story short, after i came home from the visit he stopped calling me for 2 weeks, stopped chatting with me, he would only text me but he was very blunt. Two weeks later, he called and we talked for 1 hour long, the second time he called we talked for 2 hours long, but yet his words are so cold and unemotional. I don't know what's happening...i felt like we had such a deep connection and suddenly he's gone. I texted him and told him that i'm waiting patiently for him and if he needs some alone time, i'm willing to give him the space he needs, but deep down i don't want to lose him either. I feel so strongly about him, we are like mirror images of each other. What is going on unless i did something wrong and made him withdrawn from moving the relationship forward.

  • stop all contact with him and WAIT patiently. If he is interested HE WILL come back to you.

    scorpios HATE clinginess/neediness they like to be the chaser! so let him do all the running now darling.

    e less interested you act the more he will want to bother...that is IF he is interested i mean.

    there may be other complications not to do with star signs such as his personal life maybe... remember to be understanding and patient and see what happens

    good luck


  • Dear Gemini,

    You did nothing wrong. I feel that this is a man with secrets and although he is charming and convincing, he is not truly honest, otherwise he could atleast tell you why he suddenly became distant. Focus on other things, I know it's hard but you have to try. You will be just fine.

    Best Wishes,


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