Can someone please read for me about my son

  • you appear to have a very hectic past. Fast paced with passion, hope and no delays. Material things came quickly and you felt like you were sitting back watching your life hurlte towards your dreams and desires. You felt you had power as you could get the material things you wanted... but you made some mistakes. You need to reflect on those mistakes and learn from them.

    Right now you need to focus with-in yourself. Connect with your soul and have some alone time.

    Slow down and Deal with One Thing at a Time.

    There is a comming together in the near future. A union. You will have a Triumph, a liberation and a fulfilment.

    You will have to work hard to get him back, work on you own self and fix your mistakes of your past. Are you meeting the recomendations, are you ready to meet the needs of you son, are you willing to sacrifice some of yourself and who you've become to nurture the relationship you need with your son... answer these questions positively. Everything you have strived for is within reach... meet it halfway.

    You will need to stand your ground in the future and defend what you feel is right.

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