Pregnacy complicantions

  • my freind that ive known for a couple years is pregnet her husband and her have been trying for a very long time now. well the other day she went to the er becuse she was spotting. they couldnt find anything wrong though, but they have an appointment with a specalist in a week. they hade a misscarige a few years back and are affraid of haveing another one. i was wondering if anyone sees anything for my freind here. i dont want them to go through another loss.

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  • Sorry to hear about your friend loosing her baby,Hopefully the specialist can find the problem..

    As Blmoon also stated the number maybe the third time could be baby time... I hope you can let me know.It's so sad that when a woman and a man want so bad to have children, some times they can't..But yet there are so many children out there with no mommies or daddies to care for them.. and that breaks my heart

    Take care, you are a very special friend and I am sure she appreciates your support..

    I am truly blessed to have my three children...

    Peace,light and love


  • That is very sad to read, a miscarriage at whatever stage is devastating. She should get herself checked before trying again, for example hormone levels etc. A friend of mine had several miscarriages, she was told she was just unlucky, but she insisted that she felt there was something wrong. The doctor check her hormone levels and they were too low to maintain a pregnancy. High enough to get pregnant but too low to hold onto the baby.

    I miscarried and was devastated thinking there was something wrong with me, I went on to have 3 gorgeous children.

    Wishing your friend the best for the future.

    kind regards


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  • Hope your friend gets treated soon, getting pregnant and carrying full term is something I wish for every woman but nature can sometimes be cruel.

  • I am getting the number 3 as well but for a diffrent reason. I have a feeling that the thid time they try will be sucessfull. but i am not shure if the meathod they have been trying in the past to conceve is the right path to go with. I am getting a feeling that they may need to seek other help with this possibly, new doctor. And in a diffrent city and state that they are curently in if posible. I do not feel that they are getting as good of care as they could be. It is not that the Doctors they are curenly working with are incompatnt, it is that they have somewhat limited resorces and options where they curently are being treated.

    I am getting one of two things as well.. their is a possibility of them adopting at least one child in the future.

    also if their is indeed spotting at least in you're frfiends case it is deffently not a good sign welst she is pregnant and sould be not ignored in the future.

    I hope that helps. 🙂

    and all is not dire for them they will some day have a happy life with a healthy baby or babys. 🙂

    Many Blessings!


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