I am drawn

  • to trying to create a web page for the rag dolls, historical fashion doll clothing, embroidered art and quilts i make but dont know how to start. can anyone give me ideas? i live in denver colo. contact me at celticquilter666@yahoo.com if you prefer

    thank you in advance for any suggestions

  • the rag dolls i make are patterns from my grandmother and great-grandmother---the patterns were orginally 1865-1890

    i have redrawn them more than once tho

    dolls all have clothing too

  • by the way EVERYTHING i make is completely done by hand----no sewing machine at all---even my quilts

  • sounds like a great idea. when i was a kid i had a friend whose mother made dolls( i think , ) like the ones your talking about. you know those would be easy to sell to retailers in cities like gatlinburg tn. or brown city in. i would imagine you would have a hard time keeping up. i made homemade potpourri. and dried flowers. and found more buyers then i could produce. oh and if i took my flowers to a area where the amish resided, they would buy everything i had. im sure they would appreciate your dolls , once again im sorry . this probably doesnt help with your question. i just feel drawn to your blog. would love to see a pic of your dolls. please.

  • i dont have a camera-when i get one tho i do intend to put pics up----my embroidery is from anicent petroglif drawings to 1910 art neaveu---including victorian floral,witchcraft and pagan,wm morris designs and illuminated 12 cnt manuscriot designs

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