Ahoy Captain!

  • 🙂 Just wanted to pop back in, haven't had much spare time....so decided to make some 🙂 Just wanted to say Thanks on the detachment thingy....yeah you were right, still trying to figure it out the right way? if that makes sense to you (If you even remember me?).

    I was able to get on sometime ago (It was awhile ago) I read something abt. a book you were trying to publish, my first thought then was the cover, out of balance? Did you ever get it published? What was the hang up?

    I know you are quite popular on here 🙂 So I won't take up time 🙂

    Thank you for all that you do!

    I am sure I mimic the words of many, You are truly a sweet soul! Thank You!

    Love & light

  • DL, I do remember you.

    I have not been trying to find a publisher for my book. I am trying to raise the money to publish it myself so I can cut out the big companies and not have to submit to their authority. Once you sign a contract, publishers own you and your work and can make any changes they want to it, even if you don't like it. Plus they take most of the profits for your work. So I would rather do it all myself.

    Thanks for asking!

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