• Good Morning notshy2bme, thanks for the response. Yes, I was born in NY. small village not far from where I am now. In the bigger cities it is more expensive than it is here, but prices are still high and it is a struggle.

    Yes, I did have a chart done about 10 years ago, but it got lost in the moving, life changes, so I'm sure it would be quite different now anyway. As for "google". I've tried to get in the site, but when I do, I get a "stop" "warning" sign, and my computer shuts down. Having to reboot everytime.

    Yes, I am in a living relationship, and it would be better if I was on my own. But don't have the means to now. When I did, I was in the process of buying a vehicle, had to nix on it to have an operation. (cellulitis in my left leg). Now my resourses are gone. I am now disabled.

    Everytime I even get close to getting on my own, something happens to keep me from leaving, and it would be better financially, spiritually, and personally.

    I have to have an upbeat attitude to keep my sanity, always smiling, being positive (looking forward and not getting).

    Oh well, Thankfully he's not physically abusive. He is more with his friends drinking most of the time.

    I guess I'll have to settle with this life. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. Becoming a pattern.

    Thanks for your interest. Maybe someday I can move on. Take care God Bless.

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